Best Traffic Sources in 2021: Top Traffic Sources in Voluum

The perfect affiliate Holy Trinity is: a profitable offer, a stable tracker, and the best traffic sources.

But do you need that perfect trio?

👉 A stable tracker is a must, otherwise the whole campaign funnel may get disrupted.

👉 Regarding the offer, the common understanding is that a good marketer can make any offer fly. That is not entirely true, some offers are so bad that even bots won’t take them.

👉 As for a traffic source, a good or even mediocre affiliate marketer can get some income out of a high-quality traffic stream.

Therefore, finding the best traffic sources is the step one on every affiliate’s journey.

What Is a Traffic Source?

As the name suggests, it is a place your visitors come from. Although there are other methods of getting visitors, affiliates choose to pay for traffic of a concrete type. It’s easier, quicker, and more honest.

So, bear in mind that all traffic sources mentioned here are paid traffic sources.

Such platforms connect publishers (people who have websites) with advertisers (people that want to advertise offers). The last one refers to you.

You come, log in, buy, and hope that the payout for an offer will be higher than the cost of the traffic.

What Makes the Best Traffic Sources?

When you are on the hunt for your next source of traffic, you often don’t know how to go past neatly-designed landing pages and assess the source’s true merit.

If you are a beginner, we have a helpful guide that should assist you with picking up the best traffic source for a beginner.

More experienced affiliates can judge the source’s quality just by looking at its base characteristics. Still, honest reviews are always welcomed. For that occasion, we have prepared concrete lists of the best adult traffic sources and the best push traffic sources.

The following ranking is not divided by category. It will work great if you haven’t selected any niche yet.

It is the answer to the “which traffic source is the most profitable one” question without limiting oneself to a single vertical or traffic type.

The Wisdom of the Crowd

Voluum is the biggest affiliate ad tracker on the market and it tracks over $4 millions of ad spend each month. It stands to reason that the collective wisdom of all Voluum users can reveal the best traffic sources.

Our users know what works, they constantly test it themselves. They do not follow the simplest trend of going with the biggest player there is.

It’s not the size that matters, it’s profitability.

Following the choice of the majority of users of the most popular ad tracker on the market is a good strategy if you don’t want to test everything yourself. Many lists of the best traffic sources are skewed or sponsored in some way. Not here. 

For our ranking, we have selected traffic sources that are used by more than one hundred users and ranked them by the number of campaigns they are used in. We also look at the number of visits and other factors outside Voluum.

Best Traffic Sources in Voluum

Presenting you now is the ranking of the top traffic sources in Voluum, as selected by its users, in a descending order by the number of campaigns:

#1 PropellerAds

Hardly a surprise, PropellerAds has established its brand a long time ago. It is used by most users that also run the biggest number of campaigns. 

‘Big’ is a word that is often used when describing PropellerAds. It was and still is, one of the biggest sources of pop traffic.

In fact, PropellerAds has made its name in the affiliate world by offering pop traffic, later expanding into push and native traffic as well. PropellerAds has all the traffic you need and all the quality you want.

As a cherry on top. PropellerAds is fully integrated with Voluum. This means that you can control your campaign with rules, synchronize costs and get alerts.

#2 Zeropark

A close second, Zeropark is well-known for high quality traffic and huge volumes that may even be overwhelming for a newbie but will feel just right for a more experienced affiliate.

Zeropark offers traffic in a wide variety of verticals, including adult. It is tightly integrated with Voluum, which means that Voluum can become your affiliate dashboard that does both sides of affiliate work: analytical and managerial.

Voluum users employ Zeropark in almost 3,000 campaigns, as of the middle of December. 

  • Ad formats: Pop, Domain, Push, In-page push
  • Reach: 3.5 billion impressions daily
  • Avg. daily number of tracked visits in Voluum: 13.6 mln
  • Min. deposit: $200
  • Voluum documentation: Zeropark Full Integration

#3 Taboola

Taboola is used by the biggest number of Voluum users, which is an outstanding result, given the fact that it is a more brand-oriented website. The number of campaigns puts it in third place on our list. A relatively small number of visits is to be expected with a native-only traffic source.

Taboola is a native advertising giant that is best suited for leadgen or ecommerce. As such, Taboola may not be for everyone. It is a platform for big players that don’t mind their strict content policy.

Voluum users benefit also from the full integration that allows them to control and create rules for their Taboola campaigns from within the Voluum dashboard.

#4 ExoClick

ExoClick wins in terms of the total number of daily ads served, which is over 8.5 billion. The number of visits that Voluum users get puts it in the third place, ahead of Taboola. The number of campaigns, roughly 1,700, has guaranteed fourth place.

Another impressive thing about ExoClick is its number of ad formats that covers most of the existing ones. This number is surpassed only by the number of verticals ExoClick supports.

Overall, it is a very versatile platform.

Voluum and ExoClick are also connected fully via the API connection, which allows Voluum to handle ExoClick’s traffic volumes with ease. By creating automatic rules, you can delegate most of your affiliate work to algorithms.

#5 TrafficStars

TrafficStars is the first traffic source on our list that doesn’t use full integration with Voluum. It doesn’t mean that you have to set everything up manually – Voluum provides you a TrafficStars template that will set all tracking tokens for you.

TrafficStars is a close fifth in terms of the number of campaigns but surpasses Taboola with its number of visits.

  • Ad formats: Display (banner), Native, Video, Push, Interstitial, Pop (Pop-under)
  • Reach: 3 billion impressions daily
  • Avg. daily number of tracked visits in Voluum: 2 mln
  • Min. deposit: $100
  • Voluum documentation: TrafficStars as a Traffic Source

#6 Facebook

Admit it, you are also surprised that Facebook does not occupy the top spot. Affiliates from Voluum must see that while it is a truly gigantic source of visitors and it is foolish not to even think about tapping into it, at the same time it’s not the most suited platform for affiliates.

Facebook is very restrictive when it comes to certain verticals and its support uses the “ban first ask questions later” policy.

This said, remember about the fact that one-third of the world’ population has a Facebook account. Voluum users run just over 1,000 campaigns with Facebook. 

Many of them use Facebook integration which enables fetching costs automatically and track 3rd party conversions with postback URL – something that is not natively supported by Facebook.

#7 Outbrain

What do BBC, CNN and Washington Post have in common? They employ Outbrain as their ad supplier. 

Outbrain is another, after Taboola, native ad source that can rival Facebook. It is a feature-packed platform that also works best for brands and will work equally well for leadgen and ecommerce.

Like most of the traffic sources on this list, it is integrated with Voluum thanks to the Automizer feature. This unlocks the full set of controlling your Outbrain campaigns from Voluum, creating auto-rules that pause campaigns or send notifications, and synchronizing costs.

#8 EvaDav

EvaDav meets the definition of an ideal traffic source for affiliate marketers. Lots of traffic in many verticals and GEOs? Check. Fast campaign approval? Check. Bot protection and other features? Check.

Voluum template for easy configuration? Big check.

EvaDav is a relatively new traffic source but that shouldn’t lessen its importance. EvaDav’s friendly UI beats most of its bigger rivals and makes EvaDav one of the best traffic sources for beginners.

  • Ad formats: Pop (pop-under), push, native
  • Reach: 2 billion impressions daily
  • Avg. daily number of tracked visits in Voluum: 0.4 mln
  • Min. deposit: $100
  • Voluum documentation: EvaDav as a Traffic Source

#9 TrafficFactory

As any regular factory, TrafficFactory comes with a huge panel of knobs and dials that allow you to fine-tune your targeting options and utilize many options that this network is packed with. You can custom tailor the way your ads are served with features such as custom display rate or custom frequency cap or squeeze the most out of the traffic with re-impressions.

And it’s not like you have little traffic to work with. TrafficFactory claims to serve 6 billion ad impressions. That puts it near the top of the list of the biggest traffic sources on the market.

You can easily set up TrafficFactory as your traffic source in Voluum using a dedicated template.

  • Ad formats: Pops (pop-under), banner
  • Reach: 6 bln
  • Avg. daily number of tracked visits in Voluum: 0.8 mln
  • Min. deposit: $150
  • Voluum documentation: TrafficFactory as a Traffic Source

#10 Adsterra

Although Adsterra offers a couple of various ad formats, it is best known for pop-unders. They are Adsterra’s specialty.

Adsterra puts a lot of effort into making sure that no malicious or shady content goes on their publisher’s websites. They want their pop-unders to be clean. If you can respect that, Adsterra will be an excellent choice for you.

Adsterra also benefits from the full integration with Voluum that brings the usual elements: cost synchronization, campaign control, rules.

#11 Google

The search giant and advertising behemoth is usually not considered to be a typical affiliate marketing source, but it works well for some types of offers. If you have a well-defined audience and a legit product, Google is definitely worth considering.

Voluum gives you the option to fetch cost via the API connection, which is especially useful, as Google doesn’t send costs in a token, like most ad networks. With Voluum, you can track 3rd party conversions using postbacks (something that Google Ads or even Google Analytics doesn’t support) or direct traffic to different offers (again, no such option in Google).

So, if you want to appear at the top of the search results page, try Google.

#12 MGID

Yet another native ad platform on the list, a true advertising giant. MGID offers everything for brand-oriented marketers, from a straightforward way to create ad images, through detailed targeting options, to friendly account managers. Although it is a newbie-friendly platform, the ad format itself is not necessarily suited for them.

MGID uses the full integration with Voluum via the Automizer feature. The synergistic effects are time savings and the much-needed automation for MGID campaigns that Voluum provides.

#13 Revcontent

What if I told you that there is a traffic source that reaches 97% of US households and it is not Facebook? Interested?

Revcontent is yet another heavy-weight champion on our lists. It’s not only about volume, but also about detailed targeting options. Revcontent can target more categories than Facebook, allows for local targeting, and, as you might have guessed it, is fully integrated with Voluum.

Campaign control and the much-needed automation allow you to tame the advertising giant’s potential.

The Best Traffic Sources Are Integrated

It’s no coincidence that most traffic sources on this list are integrated. It is a feedback loop: we have chosen the most popular sources in Voluum to integrate and the integration has amplified their popularity and profitability.

Since the introduction of integration, the usage of these traffic sources has increased. And why wouldn’t it: integration makes the affiliate work easier and more efficient. Check out more on Automizer and integrations.

Once you do so, go with one of the traffic sources mentioned above and while at it, get Voluum to use them fully. Join the smartest users in the industry and work using the best tools.

Check Voluum

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