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Full MGID And Voluum Integration

A Pro Solution For Affiliates That Simply Need More

Integrate both platforms to innovate your work. Let Voluum and MGID communicate with each other directly and focus on the money-making parts of your work.

What is MGID?

MGID is a global pioneer in native advertising. They offer tailored native ad solutions on premium entertainment and lifestyle websites for any advertiser that creates a campaign in MGID dashboard.

This Santa Monica-based ad network was founded in 2008 and now serves 165B recommendations per month to 850M unique visitors. This stream of traffic is available for any advertiser that follows MGID guidelines.

Being one of the oldest ad networks in the world, MGID has nicely adapted to new trends and now 70% of its traffic comes from mobiles. You can analyze this traffic using reporting and optimize it using advanced targeting and retargeting options. All these options are available immediately upon login.

The MGID minimum deposit is $100.

For pro affiliates, there is an option to automate some campaign management and optimization tasks with MGID API.

With MGID you can advertise in a wide range of verticals and MGID ad specs. Their performance-driven approach ensures relevant, engaged, and genuinely interested visitors that translate to higher ROI.

A new toy for an old affiliate game

While others are still playing with tracking tokens, use the full integration to regain control over how your campaigns are run.

The full integration gives you:

Cost information

synchronized on all levels.


over your campaigns from within a tracker.

Time savings

from allowing you to work from one platform.

What Tools The Integration Gives You:

  • Alerts on important events

    Custom-tailored notifications save you from failing unexpectedly.

  • Synchronized costs on all levels.

    Detailed reports allow you to identify what works.

  • Control over the run or bids of campaigns or single custom variables.

    Working from a single platform reduces the time needed for campaign maintenance.

  • Integrations with other traffic sources.

    The numerous integrations give you more options when it comes to running your campaigns.

Why Choose Voluum?


Full API integration

Reliable and automatic way to make MGID and Voluum talk with each other.

Templates with tracking tokens instead of full API integration.

This often does not support passing cost information.

Granular cost synchronization.

The full scope of information matched to the last detail.

Campaign level cost synchronization instead of cost synchronization on all levels.

This gives you only an overview of your campaigns’ performance.

Complete control

Fine-tune your campaigns with a watchmaker’s precision.

Limited control over campaigns instead of flexible control.

This restricts the number of ways to manage your campaigns.

Set up custom rules with Voluum Automizer

Integrate MGID with Voluum and automate campaign optimization with your own custom rules!

Automatically pause or resume campaigns or single custom variables when your conditions are met.

Get alerts when there are sudden changes in the performance of your campaigns or offers.

Mark custom variables with colorful icons automatically when they meet set criteria.

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How to integrate MGID with Voluum?

You can seamlessly integrate MGID or other popular traffic sources with Voluum in 4 easy steps:


Get the API key from MGID.


Submit it to Voluum.


Run MGID campaigns with Voluum as usual.


Enjoy the perks of integration

Benefit from the integration today!