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Skyrocket your native ads' performance with Voluum - Outbrain integration

Track, optimize & automate your Outbrain campaigns with the tracking software recommended by digital marketers from around the globe! Integrate the two platforms and watch your profits grow.

What is Outbrain?

Outbrain is one of the biggest native-focused ad networks on the market. It is one of the few platforms that actually can challenge Google Ads in certain markets. Currently, they serve almost 300 billion daily impressions across over 55 countries.

Log in to Outbrain dashboard, learn community guidelines and ad specs, and start advertising without limits! The platform supports various types of ads: standard, video, carousel, smartfeed, and others. Whichever ad type you select, it will blend with the surrounding context to look more related and genuine thanks to Outbrain api’s smart-feed technology. Use Outbrain reporting and retargeting tools to optimize your ads even further!

With Outbrain, you can be certain that your campaigns will end up in a good place.

Why track Outbrain campaigns with Voluum?

Voluum is the leading cloud-based ad tracker on the market that enables you to control all your native ads from one single panel. Direct your traffic through Voluum and:
  • Track all your ad campaigns from various sources
  • Optimize your ad performance for maximum ROI
  • Automate your work using rules and alerts

Turn your good Outbrain campaigns into brilliant ones

Improve your native ads performance with the state-of-the-art features:

Automate your everyday work with AUTOMIZER

Automizer is our brand new automation tool. It allows you to integrate Voluum panel with all your traffic sources, thus giving you full control over all your ad campaigns from one single platform. With Automizer you can:
  • Automatically update costs on all levels
  • Pause/resume your campaigns from Voluum
  • Adjust your bids
  • Set up customizable alerts
  • Create automatic rules
  • Create whitelists or blacklists of various dimensions

Put your campaigns on auto-pilot with Rules

Use Automizer to create your own auto-rules & let Voluum take action whenever your performance changes.


No conversions within the last 3 hours

Send an ALERT


Cost higher than $10 and 0 conversions for the keyword within the last 12 hours

PAUSE this keyword in Outbrain


Campaign has more than 5000 visits within the last 24 hours but the ROI is lower than 25%

PAUSE the campaign in Outbrain

How can Voluum Automizer change the way you work?

Without Automizer

With Automizer

Without Automizer

Analyze data in Voluum but take actions in Outbrain

With Automizer

Analyze and take actions directly in Voluum

Without Automizer

Spend hours monitoring your campaigns manually

With Automizer

Create rules that supervise your campaigns 24/7

Without Automizer

Be glued to your monitor day and night to watch over your campaigns

With Automizer

Set up alerts to be up to date with your performance

Without Automizer

Set tracking tokens and postbacks

With Automizer

Pass all information automatically

Integrate Voluum with Outbrain for free!

You can benefit from the Voluum-Outbrain integration on any Voluum plan! No matter which subscription you choose, Automizer tool is free to use up to $1,000 of ad spend.

Start benefiting from the integration today!