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Gather all your campaign data in one place, and watch your profit grow. Facebook Ads (now Meta Ads) tracking & optimizing has never been this easy!

Why do marketers choose Facebook Ads? (now Meta Ads)

Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads) is a brand traffic source that allows you to run different ad formats such as image, video, carousel, fullscreen, and collection ads. Use UTM tracking and dynamic tokens to pass data in the campaign funnel.

One of the main reasons why Facebook is the most popular source in affiliate marketing is because it allows you to target an exact audience and serve ads only to highly qualified leads or people who were interested in similar products in the past (retargeting).

Based on the latest Facebook data, this traffic source’s ads can reach 2.1 billion people overall – and this number is still growing!

Why track Facebook campaigns in Voluum?

Voluum is the leading cloud-based ad tracker on the market with lots of advanced features. It enables you to fully control your campaigns from all Facebook and other sources’ accounts (Google Ads, Outbrain, Taboola, and many more), to have data within one dashboard and:
  • Track all sources’ campaigns and conversion types in one place
  • Optimize your campaigns and maximize ROI
  • Automate processes with markers and Auto-Rules

Use Voluum for tracking Facebook campaigns to make them more organized and profitable. Don’t miss a single conversion from the traffic source’s dashboard thanks to Facebook S2S postback API integration through Automizer!

Be smart, not exhausted.

Faster optimization and precise tracking with Automizer

Automizer is a unique optimization and automation solution powered by Voluum: integrate multiple sources and pass the exact data for campaigns, even if the source does not support a dynamic cost token, and see Voluum - Facebook API integration in action! This feature will allow you to:
  • Automatically synchronize costs on Facebook campaign, ad set and ad level
  • Get notified on underperforming placements or ads
  • Use Auto-Rules to pause, change bid, mark or add to list campaigns, ad sets or ads automatically
  • Synchronize status of campaigns, ad sets or ads
  • Use custom Facebook S2S postback API integration
  • Pause and activate campaigns, ad sets and ads from your panel
Find out more about the Automizer feature in one of Voluum’s blog posts.

Set auto-rules for easier optimization

Create auto-rules, and let Automizer keep you up to date with your campaigns’ performance.


No conversions within last 3 hours



Cost higher than $20 and 0 conversions for the placement within the last 12 hours

GET NOTIFIED and MARK placement in the report


Campaign has more than 5000 visits within the last 24 hours but the ROI is lower than 25%

PAUSE the campaign in Facebook

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