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ExoClick and Voluum: Integration for Automation.

Enhance your ad tracking and automate your affiliate tasks with Voluum. Bring all information in one place to get the full picture and full control.

What is ExoClick?

ExoClick is one of the biggest ad networks in the world. Its innovative targeting and retargeting mechanisms allow advertisers to find the best audiences on the premium entertainment sites.

Founded as early as 2006, it now serves 7B geo-targeted ads per day to a global network of 65.000 publishers. The company provides online advertising services globally via web, mobile, tablet, and smart TV for any entrepreneur that creates a campaign in the ExoClick dashboard and follows the ExoClick guidelines.

The minimum deposit for ExoClick is 200€.

ExoClick self-serve, user-friendly, and mainly adult-oriented platform offers exclusive high-quality traffic sources (free sites & members area), advanced reporting and access to big data statistics.

On top of that, ExoClick API allows veteran affiliates to automate some tasks for more efficient work.

With its wide selection of ExoClick ad specs to choose from, it’s a go-to place for any affiliate that needs high-quality adult traffic.

The right of every affiliate: backend integration done right.

Track and optimize your campaigns automatically directly from Voluum with the ExoClick integration.

The integrations gives you:


of information on campaign and custom variable levels


of your campaigns from Voluum interface


of the setup process


that all your data is accurate

What You Get with the Two Integrated Platforms:

  • Campaign status

    Be aware if your campaign is active or paused

  • Cost information on keyword, placements, or campaign levels

    Create in-depth reports with 30+ data points

  • Pausing and resuming whole campaigns or single placements

    Control them from one unified dashboard

  • Bid control on all levels

    Employ Voluum AI to get more conversions

Why Choose Voluum?



Our integration fully connects both platforms.

More often than not integrations mean templates with tokens

Templates frequently don’t pass costs information so you can’t fully control your campaigns.


The integration is actionable and allows you to fully manage your campaigns.

Sometimes it is only a basic integration that doesn’t synchronize costs on all levels.

This doesn’t allow you to perform in-depth analysis and make informed decisions.


We integrated Voluum with the most popular traffic sources.

Integrating with a traffic source only on a basic level lacks reliability.

Basic integrations often fail without any warning or don’t pass complete information.

Set up custom rules with Voluum Automizer

Integrate ExoClick with Voluum and automate campaign optimization with your own custom rules!

Automatically pause or resume campaigns or single custom variables when your conditions are met.

Get alerts when there are sudden changes in the performance of your campaigns or offers.

Mark custom variables with colorful icons automatically when they meet set criteria.

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How to integrate ExoClick with Voluum?

You can seamlessly integrate ExoClick or other popular traffic sources with Voluum in 4 easy steps:


Get the API key from ExoClick.


Add it to Voluum to integrate your accounts


Run ExoClick campaigns with Voluum as usual.


Enjoy the perks of integration

Benefit from the integration today!