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Aim for the higher profits with Voluum ad tracker

Track, optimize & automate your Zeropark campaigns using the leading tracking software for FREE. Integrate the two platforms and take your advertising to the next level.

What is Zeropark?

Zeropark is a commerce media and advertising solutions platform that provides incremental engagements for marketers looking to reach purchase-ready customers and for publishers looking to maximize their earnings with future-proof solutions.

With a wide portfolio of formats and audiences, vast targeting options, automatic rule-based optimization, and a sophisticated dashboard, Zeropark should be a go-to place for brands, agencies, media buyers, and advertisers. On top of that, Zeropark integrates seamlessly with Voluum, which allows controlling all campaigns from one place for free.

Zeropark makes advertising seamless and more efficient with the support of seasoned account managers and customer success teams to help brands reach new customers in all the touchpoints along their consumer journey.

Why track Zeropark campaigns with Voluum?

Voluum is a market-leading cloud-based tracking solution suitable for beginners experienced affiliates alike. Voluum and Zeropark share the same infrastructure which enables smooth communication between the platforms
  • Seamless tracking with an easy setup
  • Effective optimization using AI-powered features
  • Free automation tools for superior control

Better performance, less work.

Use Voluum’s unique features to optimize your campaigns and reach higher ROI:

Automate your work with Voluum AUTOMIZER

Automizer is our brand new automation tool that allows you to integrate Voluum with your traffic sources & control your campaigns from one single platform:
  • Pause/Activate your campaigns, keywords, targets, and more
  • Automatically update costs on all levels
  • Adjust your bidding strategy
  • Get alerts on desktop & mobile
  • Create auto-rules
  • Create blacklists & whitelists

Put your campaigns on auto-pilot with Rules

With Automizer you can create your own auto-rules and let Voluum take action whenever your performance changes.


No conversions within the last 3 hours

Send an ALERT


Cost higher than $10 and 0 conversions for the keyword within the last 12 hours

PAUSE this keyword in Zeropark


Campaign has more than 5000 visits within the last 24 hours but the ROI is lower than 25%

PAUSE the campaign in Zeropark

How can Voluum Automizer change the way you work?

Integrate Voluum with your traffic sources to save time, money, and struggle!

Without Automizer

With Automizer

Without Automizer

Analyze data in Voluum but take actions in Zeropark

With Automizer

Analyze and take actions directly in Voluum

Without Automizer

Spend hours monitoring your campaigns manually

With Automizer

Create rules that supervise your campaigns 24/7

Without Automizer

Be glued to your monitor day and night to watch over your campaigns

With Automizer

Set up alerts to be up to date with your performance

Without Automizer

Set tracking tokens and postbacks

With Automizer

Pass all information automatically

Benefit from Voluum and Zeropark integration for free!

Full Voluum and Zeropark integration is available on all pricing plans for free for up to $1000 ad spend limit. If you happen to exceed the limit - don’t stress, you can simply upgrade your Automizer plan later.

Start benefiting from the integration today!