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How To Build a (Profitable) Affiliate Network From Scratch

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Okay, I can see that you are a bit of an individual. You want to build your own affiliate network but aren’t sure how? There are some business and technical challenges that you’ll need to…

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A Facebook Campaign Worthy of Gods: The A-Z Guide

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To paraphrase the most famous introduction to a book ever: Successful Facebook campaigns are all alike. Each unsuccessful Facebook campaign is unsuccessful in its own way. The latter can be seen as too intrusive or…

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Self-hosted vs Cloud: How To Choose The Right Affiliate Tracking Software

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While gamblers are usually advised to play their cards close to the chest, this philosophy is not easily transferable to the world of digital marketing. Affiliate tracking software comes in two forms: it may be…

Codewise’s Executive Chairman and CEO Dr. John Malatesta at the WEF Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils in Dubai.

Codewise Participates in the WEF Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils

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This week, on November 3-4, 2019, Codewise’s Executive Chairman and CEO Dr. John Malatesta joined the Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils hosted by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.…

Best Types of Ads for Beginner Affiliates: What Works in 2019

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There are over a quarter of a billion search results for the term “How to start in affiliate marketing”. Most of them do not bother with listing the best types of ads for newbies. They…

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Codewise Joins the WEF Anti-Corruption Community Meeting in Geneva

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On October 17, Codewise’s Executive Chairman and CEO Dr. John Malatesta and Chief Compliance Officer Milosz Demczuk took part in the Bi-Annual Community Meeting hosted by the World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI)…

Codewise’s CEO and President John Malatesta and the mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio

Codewise Participates in the United Nations and World Economic Forum Meetings in New York

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This week, Codewise’s CEO and President Dr. John Malatesta took part in meetings at the United Nations and the World Economic Forum’s Global Sustainability Summit in New York (see the picture with the mayor of…

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What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Work?

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Record scratch, freeze frame. You’re probably wondering what is affiliate marketing and how a newbie can get into it? Well, it all starts with a person that wants to do things differently. Someone who takes…

Newbie Guide – How To Choose The Best Traffic Source in 2019

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“Select a traffic source” is what they simply say in every affiliate marketing tutorial. Like this is something easy to do: picking ice cream flavor or deciding which James Bond movie is the best (it’s…

How To Not Lose Faith And Achieve Success As an Affiliate Marketer?

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Every affiliate marketer has reached this stage at the beginning of their journey: the budget is running out, conversions are nonexistent, your faith is low and success in affiliate marketing seems to be unreachable. But…