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Full PropellerAds And Voluum Integration

Do More By Doing Less.

Analyze and control your campaigns directly from Voluum. Save time by working from the single platform that can automatically optimize your campaigns.

What is PropellerAds?

PropellerAds is a giant Adtech platform that can match any offer with the right audience. Founded in 2011, it now allows advertisers that create a campaign in the PropellerAds dashboard to reach 1B users with top-performing ad formats such as push notifications, native ads, and onClick ads.

This all is available for any advertiser upon login and providing minimum deposit of $100.

PropellerAds guidelines include the following verticals: Mobile App Installs, Financial Services, Gaming, Technology, Dating, eCommerce, Entertainment.

PropellerAds ad specs allow for various cross-platform ad formats. The platform also provides real-time statistics thanks to advanced reporting and retargeting options. There is no minimum traffic requirement, which makes it a perfect platform for beginners

For seasoned affiliates, there is the PropellerAds API that allows to automate many tasks.

Affiliate marketing just got an upgrade

Meet the ONLY ad tracker fully integrated with PropellerAds. Voluum allows you to move all your marketing efforts to one intuitive platform. Let Voluum become the center of your affiliate universe.

The full integration:


you to fully synchronize information on all levels.


you to control campaigns directly from a tracker.


your time with an easy setup process.


that you never miss any data.

What the Two Integrated Platforms Can Do For You:

  • Be notified about your campaigns’ status.

    Displaying PropellerAds campaign status in Voluum gives you instant information on how your campaigns are running.

  • Synchronize cost information on all levels.

    Drilling down into your reports allows you to get a more detailed picture.

  • Pause or resume campaigns or single placements.

    Managing them from Voluum saves you from jumping between platforms.

  • Change bids for campaigns or custom variables.

    Refining your bidding strategy and using Voluum AI enables you to get more conversions.

Why Choose Voluum?



We link both platforms on all levels.

Other trackers often refer to templates with tokens as integrations.

Many traffic source platforms do not support sending cost information in a token.


We allow you to control your campaigns comfortably from one clear interface.

Other trackers frequently use basic API integration to synchronize cost information on a campaign-level only.

You only get a general picture of your campaigns' performance.


We developed integrations for lots of popular traffic sources.

Other trackers' basic integrations don’t allow you to fully control your campaigns

Basic integrations put several restrictions on rules you want to apply or alerts you want to set.

Set up custom rules with Voluum Automizer

Integrate PropellerAds with Voluum and automate campaign optimization with your own custom rules!

Automatically pause or resume campaigns or single custom variables when your conditions are met.

Get alerts when there are sudden changes in the performance of your campaigns or offers.

Mark custom variables with colorful icons automatically when they meet set criteria.

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How to integrate PropellerAds with Voluum?

You can seamlessly integrate PropellerAds or other popular traffic sources with Voluum in 4 easy steps:


Get the API key from PropellerAds.


Add it to Voluum to integrate your accounts


Run PropellerAds campaigns with Voluum as usual.


Enjoy the perks of integration

Benefit from the integration today!