Maximize Your ROI with Traffic Distribution AI

Save time & easily increase the performance of your affiliate marketing campaigns with Voluum’s automated traffic distribution!

Forget manual optimization!

A/B testing different campaign setups is the key to success.

But constantly checking your performance & correctly optimizing your setups can be hard & very time-consuming.

Unless you’re using Traffic Distribution AI!

How does it work?

With the Traffic Distribution AI feature on, Voluum analyzes your offer & landing page performance in real time.

Based on the earnings, conversion, or ROI analysis, it automatically re-adjusts your traffic flow – sending the most visitors to where they convert the best!

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Just flip the switch!

Using Traffic Distribution AI couldn’t be easier. Simply turn on the toggle next to the campaign element you want Voluum to auto-optimize.

You can use our affiliate marketing AI for each campaign element separately, or switch it on for entire paths!

Why should you use automated traffic distribution?

Get higher ROI

Traffic Distribution AI optimizes your campaigns in real time for maximum ad performance.

Save your time

Delegate time-consuming tasks to Voluum AI and focus on growing your business.

Test quickly & safely

Verify the potential of multiple traffic sources and funnel variations without the risk of losing money.

Optimize everything

Choose different AI calculation methods (ROI, EPV, CV) to get the best results from your traffic and offers.

Mobility Performance Network reported that Traffic Optimization AI increased their conversion rates by at least 20-30%.

Alugha has significantly simplified their optimization process, lowered their ad cost ($0.57 to $0.11 CPM), and increased the number of clicks from 4M to almost 12M!

ClickByteMedia reported that Voluum’s automated traffic distribution was a game changer for them, because of its time- and money-saving features.

Pro marketers love our affiliate marketing AI

Top affiliates, performance marketers, and media buyers use Traffic Distribution AI to spend their time & money in the most effective way possible. Join them!

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