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Traffic Distribution AI is a Voluum feature that analyzes all your offer and landing page performance in real time and automatically redistributes your traffic to what perform the best.

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Voluum Traffic Distribution AI is truthfully a money and time-saving feature for our business. It helps us in understanding in real time which offers and landers will be profitable for us using probabilistic analysis, which is a game changer. Pinpointing the profitable offers and effective landers is made super simple with this feature.

Akash Bhargava
Akash Bhargava
ClickByte Media Akash Bhargava

With Traffic Distribution AI turned on, gone are our days where we had to sit and manually figure out which offers and landers work better in each campaign, and continually change and allocate percentages accordingly. Also, it lets us rest peacefully during the weekend and not worry about an offer not working and eating up the traffic! It has definitely helped up increased our realization per click by 20-30% at least.

Mobility Performance Network Mobility Performance Network

Voluum contributed massively to my business growth from a $1m/year company to doing over $3m per year. Voluum's intuitive and user-friendly platform gave me both the ability to organize my data, and create automated rules to effectively manage much larger sets of advertising data, and grow my business by over 300% in a year.

John Crestani
John Crestani
john crestani John Crestani
Affliate Marketing Expert

Voluum gave us an opportunity to skip endless routine reporting job. With real time reporting, deep analytical data and API integration, we now can easily optimize our campaigns and keep increasing our ROI. Huge respect to Voluum team, who always quickly react to their users’ needs and implement new features in short terms.

Sergey Marinets
Sergey Marinets
mgid Sergey Marinets
Head of Affiliate Marketing dept.

We have been using Voluum for a while already to track our Mobile App UA campaigns. The Voluum tracking tools have helped us build and optimize campaigns with complex KPIs and large amounts of data. The platform has been very helpful for our UA efforts and without errors or downtimes.

Yuval Ron
Yuval Ron
volo Yuval Ron

Why turn on the Traffic Distribution AI in Voluum?


Get higher ROI

Unlike manual A/B offer and landing page testing, Voluum’s Traffic Distribution AI optimizes your campaigns in real time, all the time — guaranteeing you maximum ROI.


Save lots of time

Using multiple offers and landing pages means lots of adjusting and checking the stats every five minutes. Now, you can delegate time-consuming tasks to the AI and focus on more important tasks.


Scale effectively

You have limited capacity. But the AI doesn’t. With automated offer and landing page testing, you can verify the potential of more funnel variations than ever without any risk.


Get your life back

No more sleepless nights or worrying about sending paid traffic to offers and landing pages that don’t perform. Our AI works 24/7, so you don’t have to.

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Sending more traffic to the best performing offers and landing pages?

No magic,
pure mathematics.

Our Traffic Distribution AI feature is unique, but the main algorithm has been around since the 80s. It’s proven its worth in performance marketing, but you can also rely a human’s life on it — it’s widely used in medical research.

The Voluum AI is based on Bayesian Statistics and uses Beta Distribution along with our own solutions to find its way through your data and assess which offers and landing pages give the best results. It distributes the traffic to the offers and landing pages that return the highest ROI, but doesn’t completely cut off the least performing ones to keep an eye on them in case the trend changes. The algorithm can also choose which offer and lander performs the best together and pick the best offer-lander path. We’ve also ensured that your data is safe. The machine learning is applied separately for every account.

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