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Evadav & Voluum Integration

Bring the best out of both platforms with our API integration. Out-optimize the competition thanks to built-in automation.

What makes Evadav great?

Evadav is a rapidly growing ad network that offers quality push and pop-under traffic. This customer-oriented platform can make your business blossom with the right combination of their advanced targeting options and ad formats, all that backed by stellar customer care.

If you buy traffic from Evadav, you will work with professionals that know what works and how to scale a business.

Why track Evadav data with Voluum?

Voluum is the most established, feature-rich ad tracker on the market. Its decade-long existence was possible due to a forward-oriented approach that allows it to always be ahead of the advertising game.

The first cloud-hosted tracker, the first platform backed by AI, the first tracker offering Google-compliant direct tracking and now the first tracker allowing you to track even after 3rd party cookies are blocked.

Succeed now with Voluum Automizer + Evadav

Voluum gives you a set of easy-to-use tools that can improve all aspects of an advertising campaign: data gathering, analysis, optimization, automation.

Why connect Voluum and Evadav?

Voluum and Evadav can be integrated on an API level through Voluum’s Automizer module, which unlocks a whole new level of campaign control and automation. Thanks to the integration, you can:
  • Synchronize costs
  • Pause or resume Evadav campaigns from within Voluum
  • Fetch campaign status
  • Create sophisticated auto-rules that launch selected actions when set conditions are met: pause unprofitable campaigns, send alerts when an offer dies, mark placements with colorful icons, automatically create whitelists / blacklists & much more!

Start using the integration today!