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50 min

Native Ads Mastery with Baidu Global MediaGo & Voluum: Offbeat Verticals for The Season

  • Unlock exclusive expert insights from Baidu Global MediaGo, Voluum & Xevio 🚀
  • Explore overlooked verticals for year-round success & outsmart your competition.
  • Implement immediate hands-on strategies for maximum impact from setup to optimization.
50 min

How to Scale Your Shopify Store to the Next Level

  • how to run profitable ecommerce campaigns on Taboola,
  • why Taboola is essential for ecommerce store owners,
  • efficiently leveraging affiliates through Clickbank,
45 min

Profitable & scalable: Running native ads as an alternative to Facebook

  • Best Practices for your first native ad
  • How to find a solid campaign
  • Ensuring bullet-proof tracking
45 min

Avoid Cookie Block: Set Your Campaign Up for First Party Cookies

  • How problems with cookies can affect your campaigns;
  • What you need to combat those problems;
  • How to set up this solution in minutes;
30 min

Track Facebook conversions without Facebook Pixel

  • How does conversion tracking on Facebook work?
  • What are the benefits of Postback Server2Server tracking?
  • How to track Facebook campaigns with 3rd party offers?
30 min

Black Friday Marketing Tips for 2020

  • What the impact of Covid-19 on Black Friday this year will be
  • How to use this unusual circumstances for your benefit
  • How to stand out amongst thousands of other offers online
45 min

How to Pay Less for Traffic?

  • What the most common traffic types are
  • How to choose the best cost model
  • 5 ways to pay less & optimize your traffic effectively
45 min

How to leverage AI in your ad campaigns

  • Tips on using AI to create your campaigns easier
  • Capabilities of the AI-based optimisation at Voluum
  • AI-based targeting, buying models and other features at Outbrain
45 min

From social to native: How to repurpose your ads to maximize your ROI

  • Why it makes sense to diversify your marketing channels
  • How to choose the right product to promote
  • How to leverage the 500 million daily user-reach on native
45 min

Industry trends & strategies for Black Friday 2022

Webinar with Zeropark
  • most searched e-commerce brands & products this season
  • brand-safe and efficient advertising solutions
  • best tools to improve your performance
45 min

From $50K to $3M – How to Scale Native Ads

  • effective media buying strategies
  • native ads optimization
  • techniques features and functionalities to make your life easier
45 min

Meet Automizer! Integrate Traffic Sources & Set Up Rules

  • What traffic source integrations are & how they work
  • How to integrate Voluum with your traffic source
  • What automation rules are & how to create them
30 min

Protect Your Ad Budget from Bot Traffic

  • What Voluum Anti-Fraud Kit is.
  • How to effectively use it to protect your traffic from bots.
  • How to get evidence for chargeback procedures.
50 min

Maximize Your Ad Spend with Traffic Distribution Ai

  • What Traffic Distribution AI is.
  • How the auto-optimization works.
  • What the benefits of using it on your campaigns are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch the webinar later?
Yes, you can. If you register for the webinar and you miss it, we will share the recording with you right after the webinar to learn more about affiliate marketing at your own pace.
It says registration is closed. How to rewatch the webinar?
If the registration is closed, it usually means that you can find this webinar recording in our recorded webinars section. However, if you can’t find this specific webinar there, it means we will be repeating it live soon. You can subscribe to the upcoming webinars to always be up-to-date with our upcoming webinars.
Can I get a copy of the slides used in the webinar?
If you registered for the webinar, you will receive the presentation after the webinar (even if you couldn’t attend the webinar).
How can I enter the webinar?
After the registration, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the broadcast, for you to access it when the time comes. You will also receive email reminders before the webinar that will also include a broadcast link.
Where can I submit my webinar preferences/feedback?
We welcome all sorts of feedback at the end of every affiliate marketing webinar, but also you can always write to [email protected] and share your opinion with our customer support team. Every thought counts, so don’t be shy!
Do I need to mute myself on the webinar?
No, you don’t need to, all training attendees are muted automatically.
What time is the webinar? What time zone is "ET"?
ET stands for Eastern Time (UTC -5). So 12 PM ET will be 6 PM CET (Central European Time).

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