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Full Revcontent And Voluum Integration

The Affiliate Work Of The Future

Leave jumping between platforms and manual cost updates to your competition. The future-centric affiliates work with full integrations.

What is Revcontent?

Revcontent is one of the leading advertising networks in the world. Once you follow Revcontent guidelines, it will allow you to connect people with personalized content. For advertisers, this means engaging and growing profitable audiences.

The company was founded in 2013 to be soon ranked among 500 fastest-growing companies in the US.

Via Revcontent dashboard you can start a campaign that will put reviewed ads in sections such as “you may like” and “recommended content” on partner publishers’ websites. In this case, your campaign only needs to follow Revcontent guidelines. The platform ensures that every visitor’s unique preferences are met while maintaining high ad quality and you don’t have to worry about publishers’ specifics.

With flexible optimization and management options, you can easily check the performance of your ads with Revcontent reporting or use the retargeting options to market to the previously engaged audience.

If you want to scale up, Revcontent API enables you to automate many tasks to make your work easier.

Their unique selling points are a user-friendly price and a wide reach, encompassing 97% of the United States. This translates to 250B monthly impressions, 2,300 publishers, and 1,500 advertisers. All of this is available for you immediately upon login and topping up. The Revcontent minimum deposit is not stated, however the minimum campaign daily budget is $100.

The year 2020 requires a new approach

Full integration brings the campaign control directly to affiliates. No intermediating platforms, no clicks-in-the-middle.

Full integration:


information on all levels.


campaigns from within a tracker.


you from switching between a tracker and a traffic source platform.


for very granular control of your campaigns.

What You Gain With The Integration:

  • Campaigns’ status on desktop and mobile.

    Know right away what is going on with your campaigns.

  • Costs synchronized on all levels.

    Create detailed reports to get better insights into what’s happening.

  • Control over campaigns or single placements.

    Keep your campaigns optimized and running without leaving Voluum.

  • Bid adjustments for campaigns or custom variables.

    Refine your bidding strategy on the most granular level.

Why Choose Voluum?


Integration is integration:

It connects Revcontent and other traffic source platforms with Voluum on all levels.

Misname templates with tokens for integrations.

Template integration often does not support sending cost information.

Synchronization is synchronization.

It passes accurate information even on the level of a single custom variable.

Restrict cost synchronization to a campaign level only.

The campaign level provides only an overview of your performance.

Control is control

It allows you to do with your campaigns whatever you require.

Limit the control you have over your campaigns.

Basic integration impedes the number of use cases you may have.

Set up custom rules with Voluum Automizer

Integrate Revcontent with Voluum and automate campaign optimization with your own custom rules!

Automatically pause or resume campaigns or single custom variables when your conditions are met.

Get alerts when there are sudden changes in the performance of your campaigns or offers.

Mark custom variables with colorful icons automatically when they meet set criteria.

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How to integrate Revcontent with Voluum?

You can seamlessly integrate Revcontent or other popular traffic sources with Voluum in 4 easy steps:


Get the API key from Revcontent.


Submit it to Voluum.


Run Revcontent campaigns with Voluum as usual.


Enjoy the perks of integration

Benefit from the integration today!