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Integrate all your traffic sources with Voluum. Auto-optimize ad campaigns with custom rules.

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Integrated traffic sources

Control Everything From One Dashboard

Stop jumping between platforms thanks to Voluum’s full traffic source integrations:

  • Pause/activate your campaigns
  • Bid up or down based on sites, zones & campaigns
  • Exclude non-converting sites or zones
  • Auto-update your traffic-source costs

...without the need to leave Voluum!

Set Up Rules for Campaign Automation

Create your own rules to let Voluum act fast when something suddenly changes, e.g:

  • If your performance goes down, Voluum can pause the non-converting campaigns.
  • If it goes up, it can automatically raise your bid to help you win even more traffic & boost your conversion rate!

How Will You Benefit From Voluum Automizer?

  • Get the whole picture

    See directly in Voluum if your campaigns are approved, out of budget, or inactive

  • Stop jumping between the platforms

    Pause sources / targets / widgets without having to leave your tracker

  • Know everything about your costs

    Automatically sync your costs from traffic sources with Voluum, even on site/target/widget level

  • Auto-optimize your campaigns

    Set up custom rules & let Voluum take action when your performance suddenly changes

Access Automizer on Any Voluum Plan!

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Why Choose Us?

Other trackers


Other trackers

Give you standard templates and sell them as “integrations”


Uses templates to enable automation features for you

Other trackers

Let you sync costs only on a campaign level


Offers full transparency with synced costs on the most granular levels

Other trackers

Have difficult integration setup and lots of restrictions


Lets you easily set up integrations

Other trackers

Have automation rules that require technical skills to make them work


Allows you to easily set rules for automatic campaign optimization

Our Most Popular Integrations

Full API Integrations

Different API functionalities are available for each of the traffic sources listed above.
Please contact us to check the current integration level for the given traffic source.

Basic Manual Integrations

Access Automizer
on Any Voluum Plan!

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