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Voluum Database

Unique Platform Architecture

Powered by multiple data centers on five continents and using the same technology that banks do, Voluum is stable, secure, and very fast. It routes your visitors via the nearest data center, which results in the fastest redirect speeds and no click loss.

Voluum DB

Voluum benefits from a unique, dedicated database built in-house: Voluum DB. It generates reports at lightning speeds, regardless of how much data is passing through. Unlike other solutions, Voluum never loses data. You don’t need to wait for long minutes to see your reports. It all happens in real time.

Tailored Solutions, Out of The Box

Voluum has been designed specifically for the tracking requirements of performance marketers, who are not all the same.

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Voluum contributed massively to my business growth from a $1m/year company to doing over $3m per year. Voluum's intuitive and user-friendly platform gave me both the ability to organize my data, and create automated rules to effectively manage much larger sets of advertising data, and grow my business by over 300% in a year.

John Crestani
John Crestani
john crestani John Crestani
Affliate Marketing Expert

Voluum gave us an opportunity to skip endless routine reporting job. With real time reporting, deep analytical data and API integration, we now can easily optimize our campaigns and keep increasing our ROI. Huge respect to Voluum team, who always quickly react to their users’ needs and implement new features in short terms.

Sergey Marinets
Sergey Marinets
mgid Sergey Marinets
Head of Affiliate Marketing dept.

With Voluum we are able to slice enormous amounts of our traffic data to help us make quick and smart optimization decisions. This has made significant difference to our business growth. Additionally, the super friendly lightweight user interface and support are excellent. To sum it up in two words: It Rocks!

Akash Bhargava
Akash Bhargava
ClickByte Media Akash Bhargava

Voluum has been the foundation of our tracking system across the company. We have grown tremendously over the last couple of years and Voluum has been there with us every step of the way. The platform provides us with all the data we need to optimize and grow our sales. We have had the chance to work closely with their tech and support teams and it's always been a very positive experience. We have major expectations for the coming years and we have no doubts that Voluum will be a very important partner for us.

Eric Jodoin
Eric Jodoin
Gameaddik Network Eric Jodoin

We have been using Voluum for a while already to track our Mobile App UA campaigns. The Voluum tracking tools have helped us build and optimize campaigns with complex KPIs and large amounts of data. The platform has been very helpful for our UA efforts and without errors or downtimes.

Yuval Ron
Yuval Ron
volo Yuval Ron

We are tracking
$ 2.5 bn
revenue annually and growing... fast!

Codewise - 2nd fastest growing company in Europe

2nd fastest-growing company in Europe

25 bnevents tracked
per month
4,000customers all around the world
170employees in offices in the USA, UK, and Poland
230kcampaigns running each month
100%server uptime
since 2015
85developers working on platform improvements

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