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Voluum in 2018

Voluum: 2018 In The Rearview Mirror

1170 818 Kamila Łuksza

As the New Year is on its way, it’s a perfect time to summarize the last 365 days. For us, 2018 was a year full of seizing opportunities and facing challenges. Our goal was to focus on further…

7 Tips To Drive Sales On Black Friday & Cyber Monday

1170 818 Kamila Łuksza

If shopping is like sport, Holiday Season is like the Super Bowl. You might not be into it, but when it’s happening, you participate either way. The Shopping Holy Trinity, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and…

Someone checking his Voluum account and taking notes.

7 of the Best Hacks to Organize Your Work in Voluum

1024 712 Jola Cinal

We’re all busy nowadays and looking for ways to save the precious time. Here, I am giving you a list of Voluum hacks that will speed up and help organize your work.  Ready? 1. Meet…

Google Analytics and Voluum - an alternative?

When Google Analytics Is Not Enough?

1170 818 Mateusz Raczynski

Google Analytics is a great tool for digital marketing. Especially for website optimization. But sometimes, it just isn’t enough. In what cases Voluum can be the perfect alternative to Google Analytics? Let’s look at the…

All You Need to Know About the GDPR and Voluum

All You Need to Know About the GDPR and Voluum

858 600 Bartosz Bielecki

May 25, 2018, is a much anticipated deadline in countless companies around the world. When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect, all companies and institutions within the European Union (EU), or dealing…

Welcome to Voluum Blog!

Welcome to Voluum Blog!

858 600 Mateusz Raczynski

We are excited to launch a new platform where you’ll get all the knowledge to help you grow as a performance marketer. Performance marketing has changed It’s not 2010 anymore and performance marketing has changed…