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Pushground Integration

Streamline & boost your advertising with Voluum

Manage all your campaigns in one place. Plus, get the insights you need to optimize your advertising to perfection with Voluum Tracker.

What is Pushground?

Pushground is a performance ad network specializing in push ads. Scale globally with over 1 billion daily impressions available throughout 200 countries. Take advantage of cost-effective pricing with their CPC (cost per click) model and a minimum of only $0.001.

Incorporate premium Pushground ad traffic into your advertising with their 3 effective ad formats: push ads, in-page push ads, and calendar ads.

  • Push ads are a highly engaging format, appearing on a users screen as a notification, even when their device is locked! Since they are relatively non-intrusive, showing up as any other notification does, users are more receptive making push ads one of the best performing ad formats.
  • In-page push ads are another very engaging format, with an even bigger audience and more targeting options available through Pushground.
  • Calendar ads are one of the newer formats, but the most engaging and non-intrusive for iOS and macOS traffic. Send ads through the Calendar app’s notifications straight to user devices with optimal visibility.

With high-performing traffic across all verticals and advanced targeting options, you can’t go wrong with Pushground’s engaged traffic that will deliver the profitable results you’re looking for.

Why track Pushground campaigns with Voluum?

Voluum tracker will collect every piece of your campaign data in one place. As the leading cloud-based ad tracker on the market, it allows you to manage & optimize all your advertising from one place!
  • Track all aspects of your campaign with actionable reports
  • Optimize with AI-powered tools and maximize ROI
  • Automate campaigns with rules and alerts

Better performance, less work.

Voluum offers you a big toolkit. Utilize it all to make sure your advertising is as profitable as possible:

Save time on campaign management with Voluum AUTOMIZER

Automizer is the key to our integrations: automate and optimize campaigns from all traffic sources in the Voluum panel. Have full control over all your ad campaigns from one platform. Automizer enables you to:
  • Update costs automatically & frequent cost transfers (every 30 min) to keep you up-to-date
  • Manage your bidding strategy
  • Get notified with push alerts on desktop & mobile
  • Create auto-rules
  • Assemble blacklists & whitelists
  • Pause and Activate campaigns on custom variable levels too like a specific site/publisher

Let auto-rules take care of your campaigns

Create unique automatic rules with Automizer that direct Voluum to take a certain action when campaign performance changes:


My offer got no conversions within the last 3 hours.

Send an ALERT


A keyword cost more than $10 but generated no conversions in the last 12 hours.

PAUSE this keyword only


My campaign got over 5000 visits within the last 24 hours but the ROI is below 25%.

PAUSE the whole campaign

Condense hours of work into minutes with Voluum’s integration solutions!

Without Automizer

With Automizer

Without Automizer

Analyze data in Voluum but make changes in Pushground

With Automizer

Analyze and take actions directly in Voluum

Without Automizer

Spend hours monitoring your campaigns manually

With Automizer

Create rules to run your campaigns automatically 24/7

Without Automizer

Stay glued to your monitor day and night keeping track of your campaigns

With Automizer

Set up alerts to always be on top of your performance

Without Automizer

Set tracking tokens and postbacks yourself

With Automizer

Pass all information automatically

The best part: the Voluum and Pushground integration is free!

The Pushground integration is accessible on any Voluum plan! No matter the subscription you go with, Automizer is free to use up to $1,000 of ad spend. If you require more, just upgrade your Automizer plan.

Start benefiting from the integration today!