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Ad Trackers Comparison

Top media buyers agree that an ad tracking software is one of the most important tools for fast campaign optimization and scaling. Learn why they choose Voluum over other alternatives to boost their profits.

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Cloud-Based vs. Self-Hosted Ad Trackers Comparison

Reliability, setup, & costs. Learn the pros and cons of different tracking solutions. Find out how you will benefit from choosing Voluum over other cloud-based or self-hosted ad trackers.

I don’t use a tracker

Without a tracker, you’re burning money and wasting time. Get Voluum to target your campaigns precisely and optimize for efficiency.

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I use a self-hosted tracker

Self-hosted trackers equal hidden costs: complex setup, constant updates, security breaches. Focus on scaling. Save on infrastructure.

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I use a cloud-based tracker

Does it offer you custom notifications, bot detection, AI-based features or individual onboarding? We do. Get one solution. Solve many problems.

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Comparison based on publicly available data as of December 29, 2020
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