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Take your campaigns to another level

with Google Ads API integration in Voluum

Gather all necessary data in one place, and upgrade your Google Ads conversion tracking thanks to the most reliable Google Ads API s2s postback integration.

Optimize and automate campaigns using complex solutions recommended by respectable marketing agencies!

Why is advertising in Google Ads so popular?

Google Ads is an advertising platform created by Google that is based on the PPC (pay-per-click) model, where advertisers pay per click or ad impression.

This traffic source offers several types of ad campaigns: search, display, video, shopping, app, smart, local, discovery. Its targeting options empower advertisers to target very specific audiences, based on, for example individual keywords, age, location, interests, or earliest engagement with similar products or ads (remarketing).

Why choose Voluum for Google Ads campaign tracking?

Voluum is an extremely advanced tracker, with a number of custom features. You can use it as a Google Ads’ tracking software, to connect all your Google ad accounts, but also gather the data from other sources (Facebook Ads, Outbrain, Taboola, and more), and:
  • Track all your campaigns regardless of the source
  • Optimize your performance and maximize your ROI
  • Automate your process with rules and alerts

Voluum also provides you functionalities that are not available in Google Analytics: detailed, real-time reporting, cost integration for several sources, custom rules and notifications, tools for monitoring bots, traffic distribution AI and more!

Check out this blog post, and see why Voluum became a Google Analytics alternative.

Start using Voluum as a tracking software for your Google Ads campaigns to get the most out of optimizing and make sure that your ROI is maximized.

All-in-one solution for Google Ads tracking.

Track actual costs and simplify your work with Automizer

Use Voluum Automizer – a tool designed to speed up your everyday work and make your life easier. With this solution, you can gather data from several sources at the same time, track your conversions regardless of blocked cookies and:
  • Synchronize costs on Google Ads campaign level
  • Receive alerts for underperforming keywords or creatives
  • Mark placements that perform best in your reports
  • Set Google Ads Postback URL using API integration

Save time spent on optimizing with auto-rules

Add Automizer auto-rules for your campaigns, and get notified based on conditions you set. Always be informed about changes in campaign performance!


No conversions within last 6 hours

Send an ALERT


Cost higher than $50 and 0 conversions for the ad group within the last 48 hours

GET NOTIFIED and MARK ad group in the report


Placements have more than 5000 visits within the last 3 days but their ROI is lower than 25%

ADD TO LIST to easily copy all of them and pause in Google Ads later on

Case Study: 60K conversions per month with Voluum + Google Ads integration

See how Leedia, a Forex marketing agency, faced their everyday challenges, thanks to Voluum tracker and its built-in Automizer solution:

Without Automizer

With Automizer

Without Automizer

Jumping around several platforms to monitor data

With Automizer

Every piece of data needed for optimization gathered in one place

Without Automizer

Spending hours on manual optimization

With Automizer

Notifications sent on campaigns or dimensions performance with auto-rules

Without Automizer

A/B testing for landing pages requires a lot of manual work

With Automizer

Easy and automated A/B testing, with AI path optimization and Smart rotation

Without Automizer

Inaccurate costs in reports due to traffic sources that don’t support dynamic cost token

With Automizer

Automizer integrations available for Google Ads and other traffic sources

Without Automizer

Conversions missing on Google Ads side (due to blocked cookies by some OSs, browsers)

With Automizer

Custom Google Ads postback integration available in Voluum

Without Automizer

Setting parameters and tokens manually

With Automizer

All values passed automatically

Find out more about Leedia’s case on Voluum Blog.

Start benefiting from the integration today!