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Who's behind Voluum?

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The Codewise team is an amalgamation of geeks, scientists, creative wizards, digital marketers and all around crafty human beings. We're a mischievous bunch that enjoys disrupting and redefining industries with serious technology.

Robert Gryn
Robert Gryn CEO and owner

Robert defines the overall strategy of Codewise. Self-funded and profitable, Robert turned Codewise in one of Europe's fastest-growing companies, with a 290% average annual revenue growth rate since the beginning of operations in 2012. His vision empowered the creation of Voluum, the industry-standard ads analytics and optimization SaaS adopted by thousands of digital and performance marketers. Robert holds a BSc in Technology Entrepreneurship and is a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

Dr. John Malatesta
Dr. John Malatesta President, CRO and CMO

John manages Codewise’s business and operational strategy and execution, and, as president of the company, he is responsible for the direction, general management and governance of all the departments at Codewise. John has 22 years of experience in the software and the broader IT industry, where he held senior executive roles at IBM, Accenture, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Kaspersky Lab, and Socialbakers. John is a Doctor in Economics and a member of the Forbes Agency Council.

Piotr Małecki
Piotr Małecki CFO

Piotr manages Codewise’s finance and legal operations. He has 16 years of experience in finance and controlling that he has build in private companies and international corporations such as RR Donnelley. He has designed Codewise’s financial and accounting operations and processes from scratch. Piotr holds an MSc in Economics and a PhD in Finance & Controlling and is a member of the Forbes Finance Council.

Maciej Szlachta
Maciej Szlachta CTO

Maciej manages the design and the delivery of Codewise’s portfolio of technical solutions. He has 15 years of experience in delivering software products, from complex industry systems, to MarTech and AdTech, across prestigious companies such as Sabre Holdings. He helped Codewise develop Voluum, a first-of-a-kind integrated advertising platform that has revolutionized the AdTech industry. Maciej holds an MSc in Computer Science and is a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

4,000customers from 190 countries
170employees in offices in the USA, UK, and Poland
85developers working on platform improvements
2nd fastest-growing company in Europe

2nd fastest-growing
company in Europe

Member of Internet Advertising Bureau UK
3rd fastest growing company across all of EMEA

3rd fastest growing
company across all of EMEA