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Take your TikTok advertising to the next level

with the Voluum API integration

Do everything from one panel with Voluum: cost updates, tracking and optimizing campaigns, and more. Make the most of your TikTok advertising budget by tracking every parameter.

Why go with TikTok Ads?

The benefits of TikTok Ads don’t need to be elaborated all that much… we all know several people addicted to the platform and there isn’t a week that goes by without a new viral TikTok trend.

Utilize any of these ad formats: In feed ads (image and video), carousel ads, TopView ads, and more depending on the size of your budget.

The majority of TikTok’s users are young adults and teenagers; what’s more, their audience is markedly engaged.

And why track TikTok Ads with Voluum?

Voluum is the leading cloud-based ad tracking software. By collecting every parameter of campaign data in one place and with our API connection, our tracker lets you control & optimize your advertising from one place!
  • Track all campaign parameters: device type/model/brand, region/city, language, Browser version, OS and over 40 more!
  • Optimize performance to maximize your ROI
  • Automate ads with rules / alerts in Automizer

In your toolkit with Voluum:

By optimizing your campaigns, you’ll reach higher ROIs. And that’s what Voluum can help you do:

Try before you buy!

See for yourself why Voluum beats Hyros.

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  • No payment details required
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Optimize with minimal effort

Automizer is the Voluum powerhouse innovation for optimization and automation: integrate traffic sources like TikTok and pass info about conversions from Voluum to TikTok with postback for 3rd party offers. As TikTok does not provide a postback solution for users, just pixel, tracking 3rd party offers is only possible through Voluum’s custom integration.

But there’s much more! You can also:
  • Adjust your bids on advertising
  • Pause / activate campaigns
  • Create alerts to know if ads/ placements are underperforming
  • Set up if / then Auto Rules based on trackable parameters
  • Make useful whitelists and blacklists
  • Transfer cost data from TikTok to Voluum
Learn more about our Automizer tool in this Voluum's blog post.

Advertise with confidence!