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Case study: Save time and nerves with the ClickBank integration – the Colin Dijs story

1170 818 Michał Schindler

Colin Dijs is a well-known persona in the affiliate marketing world. He has his own affiliate university and forum, as well as a successful YouTube channel, podcast, and many other platforms. In short, if you…

We Have Put Our Tracker To An Honest Redirect Speed Test

1170 818 Michał Schindler

Do you know the phrase ‘to put the money where the mouth is’? Yeah, we are putting the money and the reputation of our tracker with the following case study. In short, we have not…

Case study

How Alugha Said “Goodbye” to Manual Ad Optimization – Case Study

1170 818 Kamila Łuksza

If you work with ads, you know that testing & optimization processes are incredibly demanding.  The never-ending combinations of variables: from placements, devices, and campaign types, to objectives, creatives, even CTAs. A ridiculous amount of…

Jaybot affiliate marketing case study

Best Affiliate Tracking Tricks 😏 Case Study by Jaybot

1170 818 Kamila Łuksza

This week, we have something really special. A great piece of affiliate writing by Jaybot, the author of the most popular follow along published this year on STM forum. These are his best tracking tips…

Case Study by CrakRevenue: BlueChew Campaigns – The Only Chewable ED Tab

1170 818 guest

For more than a decade now, CrakRevenue has provided adult affiliates with hundreds of high-quality offers (SOI, DOI, PPS, RevShare). We cover a wide variety of profitable verticals including cams, VOD and Dating. As part…

Case Study: Why Adextrem Moved From a Self-Hosted Tracker to Voluum

1170 818 Chris Wilson

In this case study, you’ll Learn about AdExtrem, and their business needs Discover how they instantly saved money and gained time by switching from a self-hosted tracker to Voluum Find out the advanced features they…

Case Study: How to Get 400% More Conversions with SSL

The ‘S’ Stands for ‘Sales’: How to Get 400% More Conversions with SSL

1170 818 Mateusz Raczynski

One of our clients saw a massive increase in their conversions. It was just a small tweak involving SSL that made it happen.  Sometimes, answers are staring us right in the face. Advanced performance marketers…

Google Analytics and Voluum - an alternative?

Ad Tracker or Google Analytics – Which Is Better For Affiliate Marketing?

1170 818 Mateusz Raczynski

Google Analytics is a great tool for digital marketing. Especially for website optimization. But sometimes, it just isn’t enough. In what cases Voluum can be the perfect alternative to Google Analytics? Let’s look at the…