Voluum allows for easy desktop and mobile ad tracking of all your campaigns in one place. Thanks to our legendary speed & reliability you won’t miss a single click or conversion.

Affiliate marketing dashboard

Easily monitor your ad campaign metrics such as visits, clicks, costs & profits. Manage all of your affiliate conversion tracking with just one platform.

Custom conversion tracking

Track different types of conversions throughout your visitor's journey without the need to use custom affiliate software.

Impression tracking

Track ad impressions (each time your ad is loaded on a page).

Organic traffic tracking

Track visits coming not from Direct Tracking URL, but from other web pages or search engines.

Redirect webhook

Override the defauly campaign flow if your condition is met. Your server will get a notification each time a visit occurs and will be able reply with a different lander/offer.

Mobile app

Stay updated on your campaigns' performance 24/7, even whey you are away from your computer. Available for iOS and Android.

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Different tracking modes

Track your campaigns in line with the newest browser privacy rules and specific requirements of some traffic sources.

Redirect tracking

Track with the HTTP redirect method with no use of third party cookies. Tracking scripts are available for more complex tracking solutions.

Direct tracking

Track paid and organic traffic with no redirects. Great for GEOs with slow connections. Compliant with Facebook’s ad-tracking requirements.

Landing page protection

Block access to your landing page from visitors or programs that didn't come through a campaign URL. Prevent your competitors from copying and using your lander.

Traffic source & affiliate network templates

Easily add 50+ different affiliate platforms to Voluum. Create new campaigns fast without the need for manual setup.

Manual cost update

Manually modify your campaign costs in Voluum if your traffic source doesn't send the cost automatically.

Multicurrency support

Easily compare traffic source costs and affiliate network payouts, even if they use different currencies.

Manual conversion upload

Manually upload conversions if your affiliate network didn't provide a valid postback to Voluum.

Traffic log

Download detailed data about every single visit. Easily find any data mismatches between your traffic source and Voluum.

Lander scanning tool

Easily discover if there are any errors with your landing page setup.


Accurate targeting and fine-tuning your campaign settings is the key to getting the most out of your ad traffic. With Voluum it’s simply faster and more effective.

Real-time reporting

See your campaign data as it flows in, real-time.

Data grouping & drill-down

Easily navigate through different levels of your data and get actionable insights.

Error log

Quickly detect faulty campaign funnel setups and discover issues connected with external platforms.

A/B split testing

Quickly find out which offers and landing pages perform best.

Rule-based traffic distribution

Retarget your traffic based on the conditions you set.

Create sets of rules based on which your traffic will be directed to different landing pages, offers, or entire paths.

Put these conditions in desired order and Voluum will apply them to the incoming traffic automatically - one after another.

This feature lets you target your campaigns more accurately, deliver a more persuasive message to your visitors, and increase your conversion rates!

Markers in reports

Use graphic icons to mark chosen variables and easily locate them in your reports.

Proxy reports

See if your traffic uses various proxy solutions to hide its origin. Stay complient with affiliate networks' regulations.

Trend analysis tools

Use Voluum affiliate analytics to see how your results change week after week. Monitor the results of your optimization efforts.


Organize work within your team. Create manageable working groups and grant specific access levels to your associates.

Traffic Distribution AI

Maximize your results by automatically sending more traffic to the offers, landing pages, and paths that perform the best.
Traffic Distribution AI analyses your data from the last 24h and adjusts the weights of each campaign element every minute, based on its performance (ROI, Earning per Visit, or Conversion Rate).
This feature will save you lots of time usually needed for manual optimization!
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Invite your partners to collaborate with you on your Voluum account. Customize their access to specific working groups.

Shared Reports

Create auto-updating reports for your partners or clients.


Affiliate marketing analytics & optimization is a 24/7 job. But you don’t have to do it all by yourself! Maximize your results with Voluum automation features, even when you are away from your affiliate dashboard.

API access

Integrate Voluum with other platforms thanks to REST-type API with JSON.

Bot filtering (IP/UA)

Filter out known bots from your reports. Set custom filtering rules based on IP or IP ranges and user agent values.


Get system notifications on your mobile or desktop: first conversion, reaching a conversion cap, the status of your payment and more!


Fully integrate your traffic sources with Voluum and control all your campaigns from one platform.

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Cost integration

Update the costs of your traffic sources in Voluum automatically.

Automation rules

Set if/then rules to let Voluum auto-optimize your campaign setup.

Bid changing

Change your traffic source bid values straight from the ad tracker.

Campaign pausing

Pause and resume entire campaigns or their elements from Voluum.

Blacklists & whitelists

Create blacklists & whitelists of creatives, sites, widgets, zones, etc.

Custom alerts

Know immediately when something changes in your campaigns.

Anti–Fraud Kit

Automatically detect suspicious clicks & visits and easily spot sources of bad traffic.

Bot traffic can distort your data, damage your reputation with an affiliate network, and make you lose money.

Voluum will help you prevent that by automatically flagging suspicious traffic in your reports, so you can block non-human activity or even get a refund from your traffic source.

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Turn your points into rewards!

Collect hundreds of points just by tracking with us. Exchange your points for: premium Voluum features, free add-ons, and perks from our partners.

These rewards are added to your plan forever!

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