Push traffic sources for beginners in 2020

Selecting a good push traffic source for a beginner in 2020 may feel overwhelming. Almost every platform offers this type of traffic. But it doesn’t mean that all of them are a good choice at the beginning.

Some may require a huge minimal deposit.

Some may ask about your past experience.

You don’t want to start your affiliate adventure in push with $500 debt and a fake screenshot of your past earnings.

The best way to start should be easy, with stable profits and a promising future. This article makes it possible.

The introduction to push traffic

Push traffic has made its debut in 2017 with a bang. It was on everybody’s lips back then, as “the next big thing” in advertising.

In 2020, it is a type of traffic like any other. Not new, not deprecated. Still very much engaging and profitable.

But how does it work exactly?

The state of the web in 2020

The web in 2020 is awesome and annoying at the same time.

  • Awesome, because you can watch 4k HDR videos with ease, work on documents or spreadsheets online, have a video chat with 50 people or play triple A games in the cloud.
  • Annoying, because of some misguided legislations and very heavy-handed marketing practices you must dig through several cookie-consent windows, exit pop-ups, and GDPR information that make you don’t want to watch any 4k videos anymore.

Push notifications

One of many pop-up windows that greet you on a new web page is often a notification permission window. If you choose to allow notifications, your browser will be added to this web page’s contact list. This web page will then be able to send you various notifications that include:



New offers


These notifications appear on your desktop and mobile devices. Web pages aren’t the only entity that can show you notifications. Mobile apps can do that as well. They will inform you about everything that is going on with a given app unless you disable notifications manually.

So webmasters have ended up with pages and mobile apps that gather people who opted in to see content-related messages. Think about the monetization options.

A new type of traffic

Can you see why this traffic has shaken the whole advertising market when it debuted? Marketers from 2010 would be quicker to believe that teleportation will be possible rather than people willingly accepting to receive custom-tailored marketing messages. 

Agreeing to notifications prequalifies the audience. Push traffic, apart from newsletters, is the only permission-based traffic. Every other traffic type, be that pops, natives, or video ads, are not welcomed by default. They have to be appealing enough to overcome the intrusion, interruption, the general being-out-of-place experience. Push notifications are welcomed.

Push traffic sources for beginners

Does it all mean that push traffic is a viable option for newbies or is it for seasoned affiliates only?

The true answer is that it’s for both. People start with it and either scale up or move to different formats.

You can reach the Jedi-knight levels of push traffic mastery or use it as a gateway to the whole affiliate marketing landscape.

If you are a complete beginner, we recommend reading the Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing first. If you already know how to pay for traffic and where you get offers from, keep reading to discover the best push traffic sources for beginners.

What makes a push traffic source good for a beginner?

Beginners like keeping everything simple. Their ideal push traffic source is a one with intuitive UI, low or reasonable minimal deposit, basic targeting options, and global traffic.

Newbies don’t need huge volumes of traffic. Most of them won’t target their traffic very narrowly and they won’t be running hundreds of campaigns.

Global reach, however, is important, as most of the beginners don’t specialize in any specific market yet. They will try different ones or their native one.

Build-in bot detection is a good add-on. More experienced affiliates are able to tell that something is fishy just by looking at their stats. Newbies need more visual clues.

Lastly, newbies want a hassle-free setup combined with powerful yet easy-to-use optimization options. This point is the reason why I’ve decided to divide the list of the best push traffic sources into two.

Integrated push traffic sources for beginners

This list contains newbie-friendly push traffic sources that are integrated with Voluum via the Automizer feature. If you want to learn more about what integrations can give you, read our article about the Automizer

On top of being reviewed and checked as a good platform to start with in push, integrated push traffic sources allow you to use state-of-the-art automatic rules, information exchange, and more.

To put it in another way: go modern. Seasoned affiliates are often stuck with old technologies. You, however, as a newbie, can start without any technological debt.


PropellerAds is one of the most established platforms on the market that offers something for everyone. Newbies can enjoy a low minimal deposit of $100 and the full integration with Voluum.

PropellersAds also supports an in-page push format, which is an alternative to regular push that is blocked on some devices and browsers. In-page push looks and feels like a standard notification but it is generated by the web page itself, not by a web browser, so it can bypass any restrictions put on the push traffic.

PropellerAds’ Insights section offers a lot of valuable resources on push and other traffic types.


Adsterra offer a special type of push notification – web push. They are actually standard display ads dress up to look like a standard push notification. The upside is that they are generated by the web page itself, not by a web browser, so no browser restrictions interfere with them.

I’m looking at you, iOS Safari.

Campaign setup in Adsterra is simple and integration with Voluum – a breeze.

Oh, and their minimum deposit is a modest $100.


Zeropark has entered the push market with a bang. Today, it is the biggest supplier of push traffic. 

Don’t need such high volumes?

You may then want their free resources to read, Traffic Insights, Traffic Calculator, two types of push traffic, and obviously, Voluum integration.

To put it in other words: Zeropark has everything its competition has to offer gathered in one place under one cool UI.

What else do you need?

Other push traffic sources for beginners

There is a whole world of other brilliant push traffic sources outside of the Voluum ecosystem. You can use them with Voluum as well, although you will miss out on rules: cost integration and in-app campaign control.

But all the tracking gimmicks will still be there for you.

So, without further ado, here’s the list of the best newbie-friendly push traffic sources that are not integrated with Voluum.


A relatively new contender but a very strong one. Richpush offers everything you could need from a push traffic platform. This includes: low minimum deposit ($100), micro-bidding for all those little tweakers out there, insights for those who need some help, and advanced targeting options.

On top of that, Richpush has the Automated rules feature that can blacklist or adjust bidding when set conditions are met (like Voluum’s Automizer).


This is yet another platform with “push” in its name. This tells you straight away what kind of traffic it specializes in.

What you need to know about Megapu.sh is that it is versatile. It offers you the option to put many types of destination links, including ones to Google Play Store, phone numbers, WhatsApp or Messenger contact details, etc.

The other thing you should know is that Megapu.sh allows you to work with external feeds, i.e. streams of traffic that come from publishers outside Megapu.sh network. Note that this option becomes available when you deposit at least $200, twice the amount of its minimum deposit.


Evadav also offers push traffic alongside other formats. What you may be interested in are automated rules that you can use to optimize your traffic automatically (again, like the Voluum Automizer). 

Evadav also predicts traffic volumes, which makes planning your strategy much easier. Combine it with a pleasant UI and you’ve got yourself a nice push traffic source.

You have 1 unread notification

Going with any of these push traffic source should get you up and running in no time. Every choice from this list will be either good or better.

Choosing Voluum as your trusted tracker will always be the best option.

Get Voluum now.

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  1. Good post Michal! Helped me to find an extra traffic source for push. Don’t forget Noviclick! They have some good push traffic too.

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