corona virus impact on affiliate marketing

Covid-19 & Affiliate Marketing: What Works During Crisis

854 597 Kamila Łuksza

Coronavirus is shaking up businesses and consumer behavior on a massive scale. Both public and private sectors are fighting to slow the spread of the COVID-19 infection.  Where is affiliate marketing in all this? Well, opinions across the industry are mixed. Some don’t see many changes in their performance, some cut off…

Google Chrome colored cookies

Chrome 80 Update Is Taking a Swing At Cross-Site Cookie Tracking

1170 818 Michał Schindler

Cookies are bad for your health. Your girlfriend knows that, and now, after the Chrome 80 update, so does your web browser. It decided to…

an astronaut holding on to the Google logo

The Killer Google Ads Tutorial 2020 Part 2: How To Set Everything Up? 

1170 818 Michał Schindler

The first part of this Google Ads tutorial was focused on understanding how everything works. Now comes the time of clicking, doing, and seeing actual…

an astronaut holding the Google logo

The Killer Google Ads Tutorial 2020 Part 1: How Does It All Work?

1170 818 Michał Schindler

The following Google Ads tutorial tackles the biggest advertising platform in the world. In the whole digital ad landscape, there are two advertising giants ruling…

a woman thinking about the future

The Future of Advertising: The Next 10 Years

680 400 Michał Schindler

This article about the future of advertising has been written by a bot. [Insert a quote from William Gibson about an unevenly distributed future] [Complain…

Affiliate Marketing and Instagram: Ads Tracking Setup Guide

1170 818 Anna Kvasnevska

If there is one social media platform that’s all over the place today it’s Instagram. All these bugs, constantly changing algorithms, and don’t even get…

TikTok app Logo - mobile device

TikTok Ads for Affiliate Marketing: Now or Ever?

1170 818 Anna Kvasnevska

Who doesn’t like a proper goofy video? We all have our guilty pleasures. That’s probably why people are paying crazy money to feature their ads…

facebook logo in the clouds

A Facebook Campaign Worthy of Gods: The A-Z Guide

1170 818 Michał Schindler

To paraphrase the most famous introduction to a book ever: Successful Facebook campaigns are all alike. Each unsuccessful Facebook campaign is unsuccessful in its own…

a graphic of a connected cloud

Self-hosted vs Cloud: How To Choose The Right Affiliate Tracking Software

1170 818 Michał Schindler

While gamblers are usually advised to play their cards close to the chest, this philosophy is not easily transferable to the world of digital marketing.…

Codewise’s Executive Chairman and CEO Dr. John Malatesta at the WEF Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils in Dubai.

Codewise Participates in the WEF Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils

1170 818 Michał Schindler

This week, on November 3-4, 2019, Codewise’s Executive Chairman and CEO Dr. John Malatesta joined the Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils hosted by…

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