Voluum: The Premium Tracking Service 

Voluum is an ad tracking service designed as an enterprise-grade solution. Each mechanism in Voluum is developed with such levels of reliability, security and speed in mind that they may be an overkill for sole advertisers and smaller companies.

We wanted to take this opportunity to explain what exactly makes Voluum a premium platform, what are the high-quality solutions that ensure its flawless operations and why the people behind Voluum are the secret ingredient of Voluum’s success.

Voluum is designed and run as a foolproof solution

In digital marketing, downtimes and slowdowns add up to the point where investing money in a premium tracking service is a must. Consider this: if your ad spend is $1 million per month, then a 1-hour downtime would cost you over $1,200—more than the monthly cost of Voluum.

There weren’t and won’t be any downtimes in Voluum. Every part of our infrastructure has been built with redundancy in mind, so when one part fails, others take over and continue.

But sure, all trackers can boast reliability in their marketing materials. Here are concrete reasons why Voluum is a better option worth its price.

Flexible Infrastructure

The Voluum environment can be seen as two parallel data streams: one responsible for recording events and the other for processing them. This design means that events will be tracked even if processing of events takes more time than usual—usually in the case of sudden traffic influx. The only result of flooding our system with events that may happen is a slight delay (measured in minutes) before events are visible in the platform.

No event is ever lost. Your precious data is always safe.

Responsive campaigns

Each change to the campaign setup in Voluum is propagated instantly through all our servers. If you add or remove landers or offers from a campaign, the result will be almost immediate.

There are ad networks in which pausing a campaign may take up to several minutes. DNS changes in most domain providers take 24 hours to propagate. That’s not the case in Voluum, which has been built to cater to the needs of the most demanding performance marketers.

The responsive design allows for:

When you use Voluum, you tend to take some things for granted. For example, instant access to live data is not so prevalent in the industry. After all, mighty Google Ads usually displays data with a 24-hour delay. Trying to cross-reference data using a few data points on a typical ad network? Forget about it.

Voluum puts you in a comfortable bubble where everything works without hiccups. The world outside is not that nice. With Voluum, you can work faster than your competition. Improve upon your marketing efforts while other marketers are waiting for changes to take effect.

Robust domains

Voluum has introduced CloudFront as its default domain handling mechanism. Most tracking services uses a  couple of servers exposed to the Internet. The domains they assign often come from one pool of IPs, which eventually can be linked to a tracking service.

CloudFront improved on this logic in many ways:

  • CloudFront domain names are unique and come from a different IP every time—there’s no way an ad-blocking service connects it to a tracker. 
  • CloudFront relies on a vast network of over 550 Edge nodes, putting them closer to the final user than ever before—this means even faster redirects. 
  • CloudFront offers premium anti-DDoS (distributed denial of service) protection mechanisms—no downtime even in the case of a deliberate attack.

Overall, new domains ensure that your campaigns will run smoothly and keep earning you money. No downtimes that cost money, no delays caused by slow servers that deter users from taking an offer.

External databases

Voluum pulls some additional data from several external databases. They are paid premium solutions for ad tech companies. For example, take Digital Elements—a geolocation service that Voluum uses to append country and city data to an event. The same service is used by the likes of Microsoft, Apple, or Meta.

There are many services:

All of them are used to make Voluum reports more detailed, and any optimization effort—more effective. In performance marketing, information is key, and accurate information—the right key.

Constant development & support

The fact that Voluum is able to operate through day and night, through turmoils, malicious activities, changing tech requirements, and overdelivering marketers pumping record-high numbers of events is ensured also by dedicated team. They, on par with stellar tech, are the true reason we position Voluum as an enterprise-grade service.

For starters: know that there’s always someone watching. There are people on call on nights and holidays whose sole responsibility is to make sure that Voluum is working smoothly—and react swiftly in case of problems.

Secondly, Voluum adopted the proactive approach to any challenge looming in the horizon: be that phasing out 3rd party cookies or user agent string reduction. In both cases, we developed a solution months or years before it was actually needed.

Thirdly, we are always looking for things to improve. The best example is the adoption of CloudFront. The previous proprietary domain handling mechanism was working well. But if something can be improved, we do it. We even redesigned our mobile app, changing both the technology and the interface. We didn’t have to. But ‘premium’ is an obligation for us.

Fourthly, we keep on expanding the feature set of Voluum. Just look at the API integrations: there was a time when there was a new integration added each month. Now once we’ve covered the most popular ad network, we listed to our users to know which platform to integrate next.

Guaranteed stability

Voluum is made by an EU-based company, which is a part of a bigger group. This means that it will not disappear overnight, that we have reserves to keep investing in Voluum’s growth and stability.

Voluum by Commerce Media Tech, part of the Team Internet group’ carries a certain weight. We are not a hobby project, not a quick cash grab. We’ve been in a volatile market for over 10 years—and we plan to stay the next 100 years.

Lastly, the legal reality also means that we take data security very seriously. Voluum is a GDPR-compliant platform, something that is not achieved even by Google Analytics.

We know that your tracked data is your livelihood—we want to keep it secure, stable, and compliant.

Voluum as a business hub

The added value comes in the form of the business side of the Voluum team. We have people whose sole job is to nurture existing and new partnerships with various industry’s stakeholders that in turn benefit Voluum users. Think of special deals or industry insights.

We have Go To Market specialists, whose aim is to help you with your ad campaigns. They may guide you through a technical part of a complex setup or assist with the business side of it.

This is really a matter of ‘your success is our success’ because no one will use Voluum if they are not making any money. We want you to use Voluum so we need you to make money. And we’re gonna help you with that.

Voluum is a tool that helps you make money

We understand perfectly well that there’s no place for downtimes and slowdowns in a tool that brings you money. We want to convince you that by allowing us to be a top-tier platform by choosing us over the competition, it will benefit you in return.

You can even try to calculate it by yourself using some assumptions:


potential money lost on visitors deterred by slow redirects + money lost on downtimes + money lost on ad blockers + money lost because of 3rd party cookie block + money not earned because of inaccurate reports or lost events + money not earned on campaigns not run because of GDPR issues

are greater than

money spent on Voluum subscription


you should get Voluum

Pure math.

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