corona virus impact on affiliate marketing

Covid-19 & Affiliate Marketing: What Works During Crisis

854 597 Kamila Łuksza

Coronavirus is shaking up businesses and consumer behavior on a massive scale. Both public and private sectors are fighting to slow the spread of the COVID-19 infection.  Where is affiliate marketing in all this? Well, opinions across the industry are mixed. Some don’t see many changes in their performance, some cut off…

Best Types of Ads for Beginner Affiliates: What Works in 2020

758 530 Michał Schindler

Updated on: February 2020 There are over a quarter of a billion search results for the term “How to start in affiliate marketing”. Most of…

Milosz Demczuk at the WEF PACI meeting

Codewise Joins the WEF Anti-Corruption Community Meeting in Geneva

1170 631 Michał Schindler

On October 17, Codewise’s Executive Chairman and CEO Dr. John Malatesta and Chief Compliance Officer Milosz Demczuk took part in the Bi-Annual Community Meeting hosted…

How to make your first dollar with affiliate marketing

How to Make Your First Dollar in Affiliate Marketing

1170 818 Chris Wilson

So you made the decision. It’s time to make money online with affiliate marketing. The only issue remaining is to work out exactly how to…

Codewise’s CEO and President John Malatesta and the mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio

Codewise Participates in the United Nations and World Economic Forum Meetings in New York

1170 818 Michał Schindler

This week, Codewise’s CEO and President Dr. John Malatesta took part in meetings at the United Nations and the World Economic Forum’s Global Sustainability Summit…

Why You Aren’t Making Money With Affiliate Marketing Yet (And What to Do Instead)

1170 818 Chris Wilson

Have you tried affiliate marketing but not seen any results so far? Perhaps you’ve been wondering why you aren’t making money online with affiliate marketing…

Why Email Traffic? Interview with Nelson Montouchet from LiveIntent

2397 1552 Kamila Łuksza

Voluum DSP collaborates with 30+ high-quality supply partners to fulfill the clients’ inventory needs. One of our trusted partners is LiveIntent, one of the top…

A business plan to become an affiliate marketer

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer: Business plan

1170 818 Chris Wilson

No one person follows the same path. So answering the question “how to become an affiliate marketer” will be different for each person. Some people…

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