10 best landing page builders for affiliate marketing in 2023

best landing page builders for affiliates

Years pass but a good landing page is still a key ingredient of a successfull digital marketing campaign. The thing that changed is that the task of designing and setting up a new landing page is no loger reserved to web designers and developers. All marketers can make beatiful landing pages come to life with ease with a help of landing page builders.

Which is why today we’re looking into the best 10 lander building tools on the market.

For those of you who recognize the virtue of patience, first things first. If you’re new to affiliate marketing you may be wondering if adding an extra step to your funnel won’t do more harm than good. Short answer: it won’t.

And for the longer answer – bare with me for a couple of paragraphs. 

Why you need a lander and how to get it

Customers rarely take your banners’ word and convert right after seeing the ad. It’s sad, but it’s true. Usually, it takes a bit more information for people to commit to a purchase. Your landing page can offer that information and help persuade a prospect to convert.

Here’s what you need to know about landing pages:

Now that we’re on the same page, you probably wonder how to get access to all that galore of profits a landing page can bring you without having to code a single word.

Enter landing page builders! 

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Why use landing page builders

I’ll go ahead and assume you already know what a landing page builder (LPB) is. Instead, let’s see why using a landing page builder for affiliate marketing is a good idea:

  • You don’t need to know how to code.
  • You don’t need to know design.  
  • You can save a lot of time thanks to premade templates.
  • You can adapt proven templates instead of guessing what works. 
  • You don’t have to worry about click loss thanks to LPBs’ content delivery systems. 
  • Designs will be responsive and work no matter the device type.
  • Most LPBs include some basic analytics by default. 
  • Most plans include A/B testing features to help you optimize your pages. 
  • You can instantly duplicate landing pages.
  • Many LPBs support integrated services so you can add a tool or a plugin in a few clicks. 
  • Some provide premium groups and training sessions.

Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? Makes you want to go ahead and get one straight away. Hold your horses. We’ve got one more topic to get out of our way first. 

Free vs paid landing page builders

You will soon notice that all tools suggested in this list are paid. Some are cheap, some are pricey, yet none offers their services for free. That’s a real bummer, I know. 

Let me explain! Free stuff is great! And maybe there is a really good landing page builder somewhere deep down the Internet which will do every single thing these platforms are capable of completely free of charge. I just simply haven’t found it. Maybe, maybe…

On a more realistic note, quality stuff costs money. In the next section, I’ll briefly explain how quality LPB differs from an average one. The ugly truth is that to cover as many of these points as possible people need to put in tons of working hours and resources. Quality stuff costs money. Repeat it after me and prepare to adjust your budgets. 

How to choose the best landing page builder

Here are the main aspects of a good landing page builder I tried to take into consideration while working on this list:

  • Ease of use
  • Templates & design freedom
  • Loading speed 
  • Integrations & add-ons
  • Value for money

I should also warn you that it’s a list, not a ranking. So the positioning of the programs is pretty random. Maybe with a small exception, but more on that later. Just sit back, search for the features you need in your affiliate campaigns, and let the best landing page builder win!


+ Very fast & intuitive editor– A/B testing is limited for
higher plans
+ Design match– The editor is not always flexible
+ Real-time analytics & heatmaps– Only one basic plan – custom
price for the rest
+ Dynamic text replacement– No pop-up options
+ Pixel tracking

I’ve already mentioned Instapage as one of the essential tools for affiliate marketers in my recent post, so don’t be surprised it appears as number one on this list as well. 

Instapage is fully dedicated to creating landing pages, except for they took it a step further and stacked their solution with a wide range of useful tools to help you out in your (affiliate) marketing efforts. 

Like the rest of the tools you’ll read about today, Instapage allows you to work with either a premade template best suited for your needs or opt for a blank canvas. On top of that, the editor can automatically match elements to the selected color-scheme, so you don’t have to struggle with the design too much. The price starts at $149/mo for an annual subscription.


+ Conversion-oriented templates– Not beginner-friendly
+ Flexible editor– One of the most expensive tools
+ AdWords & WordPress integration– A limited number of LPs per plan
+ SSL encryption & A/B testing for all plans
+ Dynamic keyword replacement for PPC

The founders of Unbounce where marketers far too familiar with the frustrating wait for developers to code the project. So they created a tool that would help launch landing pages faster and for them to convert better. 

Unbounce has a wide selection of premade templates that emphasize landing page conversion. The editor is more advanced than that of many other LPBs mentioned here. At the same time, it makes it more challenging to master Unbounce fast. As long as you’re not in a hurry and can dedicate a week or two to get used to a slightly complex interface – Unbounce should be the tool for you. 

The solution is stacked with the bonus features, such as A/B testing, Google Ads integration, visitor stats, and more. Unlike most of the landing page builders on this list, Unbounce gives all pricing plans access to these services. 

It doesn’t come cheap, though, as the Essential plan will cost you $79/mo and give access to only 75 landing pages. Enterprise plans can go up to $399/mo. 


+ API, tracking multivariate testing, and integration– The editor may require a slight learning curve
+ Ready templates, URL import or file upload system– Limited LPs for the starter plan
+ One platform for domains, websites, landing pages– Core features available only for higher plans
+ Universal page importer
+ SSL encryption
+ Optimized loading speed

LanderBolt is the first 1k multivariate landing-page generator. It treats affiliate marketing professionally and wants to offer you everything you may ever need in one tool

While most of the landing page builders here focus on the design aspects of their product, Landerbolt is bold enough to go after the tech aspects of the industry. Specializing in multivariate testing and integrated with the best affiliate ad tracker (Yours truly), Landerbolt is an analytics-oriented hi-tech landing page builder. 

One of the less common features is the ability to upload .zip website files via their universal page importer. This means that if you’ve been working on your landing page elsewhere – nothing is stopping you from migrating to Landerbolt without losing any progress!

The starter pricing plan starts at $77/mo with an annual subscription ($97/mo with an ability to cancel anytime), but it is really worth it to upgrade for a Professional Landerbolt for $237/mo, as it comes with their unique automated multivariate page generation system, unlimited landing pages and domains, and more. 


+ Mobile-optimized templates– The tool is only available for HubSpot customers
+ Access to other HubSpot products– Limited templates compared to other platforms
+ Integration with all major tools & platforms– LP builder is not available for all plans
+ Powerful A/B testing
+ Customized SEO suggestions
+ Built-in analytics dashboard

Hubspot is a solution every digital marketer eventually needs to work with. From there you can either love it or hate it – there’s no middle ground. 

The platform generally specialized in inbound marketing, which is why it may not necessarily be the first thing you think of while choosing the best landing page builder for affiliate marketing. But this fella will yet impress you. 

Hubspot comes fully stacked with an easy-to-use flexible lander builder available for some of its higher pricing plans. That said, you won’t be able to create your precious LPs if you only sign up for the cheapest option. 

However, this investment will definitely be worth it, as together with the subscription you’re going to get not only a very good landing page builder, but also a bunch of other HubSpot tools and services, like CRM dashboard, extensive analytics, SEO optimization, and more. 

If you’re using Voluum (if not, you really should!) you know how important it is to be able to do multiple marketing tasks from one panel. Well, with HubSpot you can have your entire digital marketing agenda done in one tab! 
So it’s really worth the money. The Starter plan with 1000 contacts is available for €49/mo, but the next plan upgrade will charge you  €740/mo.


+ User-friendly minimal UI– Limited customization
+ Low starting price– Some templates are paid
+ A/B testing & analytics – A/B is only for higher plans
+ Advanced pop-ups & alert bars– Analytics tool is limited

Leadpages started off as a simple lander builder but soon grew to host entire websites. Yet, it still remains one of the easiest – and the cheapest – landing page builders for affiliates to use. 

One of the key sales points for Leadpages is its minimal and distraction-free interface. It’s incredibly easy to use and it offers a bunch of stylish customizable templates. Leadpages wants you to create more landing pages in less time and with ease. 

The Standard plan starts at $25/mo with an annual subscription but offers significantly fewer features than Pro, which comes in for $48/mo. 


+ Complete digital marketing solution– Automatic plan upgrade after 1K pageviews
+ Internal stock of images– Editor can occasionally lag
+ A/B testing
+ Mobile workspace
+ Social media integrations
+ Dynamic templates
+ Unlimited landing pages

GetResponse is more than a landing page builder – it’s a full digital marketing platform. With it, not only can you set up your dream lander, but also hype it up with lead-generation forms, marketing automation, and cross-platform optimization. 

The drag-and-drop editor offers a variety of dynamic templates optimized for maximized convertibility, yet all this meat causes it to lag from time to time.

GetResponse has a special place on this list, as it basically provides you with unlimited landing pages and a full marketing solution for as little s $15 per month on the cheapest plan. However, as soon as any of your LPs get 1,000+ pageviews, your plan will be automatically upgraded to a more expensive one. Success can get bittersweet. 


+ Easy-to-navigate drag & drop editor– Limited number of active LPs per plan
+ Free plan available– Landingi branding on free plan
+ Plenty of integrations with CRMs & Email marketing services

Landingi is a landing page builder set on speed. It allows you to quickly create many landing pages with the help of visual editor. With focus set on sales landing pages, Landingi is a great choice for marketers that like to work at scale and create huge number of pages without spending an arm and a leg.

Landingi is integrated with many CRMs and email marketing services, which will make runing your pages easy. It also offers plenty of options to optimize your page for conversions. If you are still unsure about trying Landingi, you give a chance its free plan. You will have to pay a little extra to take full advantage of the tool’s potential, though: proper A/B testing, automation, and integration are not available for the cheapest plan ($29/mo).


+ Unlimited landing pages– Limited customization
+ Pop-ups & social contests– Not a dedicated LP builder
+ Lead-driven pricing
+Basic automation

Wishpond grants you conversions via user engagement. That’s why it is slightly different from the other tools listed here. 

The editor may be a bit less advanced than that of Instapages or Unbounce, yet it’s definitely sufficient enough for you to get your LP up and running. The solution makes up for its limited customization capabilities with a number of lead-generation forms and engagement tools, like social contests. 

Another interesting difference is that unlike most of LPBs, Wishpond doesn’t charge you for its features. Instead, pricing plans depend on the number of leads you will be able to generate thanks to their services. 

The Starting Out plan is available for $49/mo, but in order to unlock A/B testing, custom Javascript, API access, and more leads you will need to upgrade to the next plan for $99/mo.


+ Free forever plan up to 500 contacts– Limited customization
+ Integrated autoresponder– Not a dedicated LP builder

AWeber is not a landing page builder per se, it is an email marketing service with a landing page builder built-in. This may not be so perfect if you wish to design a stunning and highly customized website. But if you want to create several pages quickly to grab leads from your email marketing campaigns, AWeber is the tool for you.

It has some automation features that will help you grow your customer list. And being an email autoresponder, you get two tools at the price of one.

What about WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and other website hosting services?

I see why you’re concerned. We’re talking about website development and hosting here, yet I still haven’t mentioned the golden trio. 

WordPress-based websites are everywhere, Wix commercials attack you from every corner, and Squarespace is forever in our hearts. And each of them is awesome in its own unique way. 

However, we’re talking about landers here – a one-deal thing, not a full-stack website. While nothing is keeping you from setting everything up via WordPress editor, stop for a second and ask yourself this: why bother

Which landing page builder should you go for?

I know, I said it’s not a ranking. But we all can have our favorites, right? So, personally, I’d say that InstaPage, Outbounce, and LanderBolt are the best. 

Yet, affiliate marketing is tricky and our approaches to it are unique. So, really, it’s up to you and you alone to decide which landing page builder is the best. 

Just search for the set of features you need for the price that won’t eat up on your budget. 

Just keep in mind that simply having a good landing page won’t get you very far. We use landers to collect data and optimize our campaigns accordingly. And the best way to get it done? You know where this is going, don’t you? 

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