Not Just “Who Called”: Why You Should Use Ringba to Track Phone Calls

There are people who will gladly tell you that customers don’t like to call and that the future of interacting with businesses is AI-powered bots. These people have probably never run a business.

There are plenty of reasons why phone calls are better than chatbots. Given the current state of technology, people can call voice bots, so you get the best of both worlds.

In general, the notion is that you should have a functioning call line for customers, current or prospective, to reach your business. And you definitely should track these calls with a competent tool such as Ringba.

Why Do People Call at All?

The motivations that drive people to pick up a phone, find a number for your business, and dial it – which already sounds like a hassle – are varied and greatly depend on the type of business.

Let’s assume that you sell a rather innovative product, one that your prospective customers surely have never heard of. Think of revolutionary diet supplements, gadgets, or financial products. In such cases, it may take a lot of persuading before you nudge a person into taking your product.

Or you may have a product that is quite technical and has a complex installation process. Instead of dealing with returns and negative opinions, you could give people a helping hand during the product adoption process.

There might be cases when a product is limited in stock, or requires personalization, tailoring of the experience, or scheduling.

Sometimes people may not realize that they need a product, like young people thinking they don’t need life insurance or retirement plans. In these, and all other cases mentioned above, a direct conversation with a consultant may help solve a lot of problems, smoothen the experience, make your current customers happy, or get more customers.

Why Is Call Management Important?

You now know why having a phone line open for users is important. If you are a small business owner, running a local bookstore, one phone line may be enough. In such a case, you can forget about call management.

But in all other cases – bigger businesses that want to reach not only local customers but rather country-wide or even global audiences – call management is a must. Especially when you are actively searching for new markets or exploring existing ones with paid advertising. In such cases, you want to make sure that every call matters.

For customers, and for you.

And by that, we mean that every customer should bring you the highest return on investment that you have made into acquiring them.

Call Management with Ringba

This is where Ringba comes in, all dressed in dark blue. Ringba is so essential to most businesses and does so much to help them grow that it is actually hard to define in a few words what it does.

But let’s try.

Ringba is a call management platform. Under this bit unassuming name hides the perfect tool for all marketers who want to make sure that their phone line will serve its purpose. Ringba is a SaaS-type platform that offers call tracking, intelligent call re-routing, compliance, and other features that you can use to skyrocket your business.

That’s all nice, but how does Ringba actually achieve this?

Phone Call Tracking

Tracking phone calls is not different from tracking ads in a way that Voluum does it. The main goal of tracking is to learn about your audience: what types of people have the highest chances of purchasing a product. Once you learn that, you can focus your marketing efforts on this outlined group.

What Ringba proposes goes beyond just tracking. Ringba can also reroute calls based on performance to maximize the value of each caller. Everything you have grown accustomed to when using ad trackers like Voluum is available for phone call tracking – even AI-backed decision-making!

Last but not least, you may also track the performance of your salespeople or partners and see how efficient they are in monetizing incoming calls.

Call Management

Ringba also delivers the Interactive Voice Response service that you can use to prequalify the audience based on keywords, demographics, or other. Make sure that every caller gets to the right consultant or use your consultant’s time more effectively, sparing them from asking every caller the same questions.

Rule-based call routing with IVR is a great way to increase the efficiency of your customer service or technical support. You can even use it to solve some problems without engaging a consultant by providing links to online help for simple problems or by detailing your return policy.


When dealing with actual people, many things can go wrong. To keep your business compliant and your consultants safe, you can use Ringba’s compliance monitoring to catch behavioral patterns or other red flags.

Ringba and Voluum Cover All Angles

In today’s digital marketing landscape, marketers rarely limit themselves to just one channel and one means of attracting customers. Most businesses use paid advertising to advertise their offers and put a phone number on their web pages or directly inside ads. This reflects the often-convoluted ways people interact with businesses: they may see a digital ad on Facebook, find a phone number on a web page, call, talk with a consultant, and finish a purchase online later on another device. These interactions, called ‘touchpoints,’ need to be recorded, attributed to each other so they form a logical path that a customer went through, and finally – understood.

Voluum and Ringba together allow you to cover all touchpoints. The easy integration of the two platforms gives you a fighting chance for understanding the underlying motivations behind various conversion actions.

How Does Integration Work?

The way Ringba and Voluum talk with each other is simple: Voluum records initial interactions with ads and then directs to Ringba. The latter platform records interactions with a phone service and returns information about a conversion to Voluum via postback.

This unlocks new doors for businesses from all sorts of industries and with many use cases. Our Case Studies section presents companies and entrepreneurs.

Take Affimedia, which uses Voluum, Ringba, and Everflow (for partner management) to advertise their offers from the legal niche. It doesn’t take much to make all platforms work together – with outstanding results!

Let Ringba Take Care of Phone Call Tracking for You

There are simply no reasons for not having a phone line operational for customers to call. This is a whole new channel of getting and interacting with customers waiting to be harnessed. Apart from the example from before – a small business like a local bookstore – virtually any form of business activity should benefit from a stellar call experience.

And the quality of it can be ensured with Ringba.

Combine all your marketing efforts in one platform with Voluum and let Ringba take care of the phone call tracking for you. Once set, it will run like a well-oiled machine.

A money-making machine!

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