Unlocking Success: Harnessing the Combined Powers of Voluum and MGID for Profitable Campaigns

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, success hinges on a blend of the right tools and strategies. This is true when you remember that good strategies come after great tools: in this case, after MGID delivers great traffic and Voluum enables deep analysis.

Having these tools integrated with each other unlocks a wealth of opportunities for enhanced campaigns and boosted returns on investment (ROI).

Before diving into how the synergy between Voluum and MGID can transform your digital marketing game, let’s take a moment to explore each platform’s unique strengths.

Voluum: Precision in Tracking and Optimization

Voluum is an advanced ad tracking platform that has been marketers’ first choice for a decade. With Voluum, you gain the capability to efficiently track, analyze, and optimize your advertising campaigns. It offers a plethora of features, including real-time reporting, in-depth analytics, precise tracking, and automation tools, designed to supercharge your campaign’s performance.

One of Voluum’s key advantages is its user-friendly interface, catering to the diverse needs of both affiliate marketers and media buyers. Voluum equips you with the insights needed to make data-driven decisions, turning your campaigns into ROI powerhouses.

MGID: Content Discovery and Audience Engagement

MGID, on the other hand, is a prominent native advertising network that excels in content discovery and distribution. This platform is your gateway to reaching your target audience with compelling and relevant content. MGID specializes in driving high-quality traffic to your websites, enhancing brand visibility, and boosting audience engagement.

The Benefits of Uniting Voluum and MGID

  • Total Integration and Command: The API integration of Voluum and MGID empowers marketers with complete control over their MGID campaigns right within the Voluum platform. This synchronization offers an all-encompassing view of campaign performance, including costs, publishers, sections, and ads.
  • Enhanced Reporting and Optimization: Voluum’s robust reporting and optimization tools unlock a greater insight into MGID’s native ad campaigns. This combination allows marketers to fine-tune campaigns for maximum ROI.
  • Bid Management and Campaign Control: Marketers can effortlessly adjust bids for MGID campaigns directly through the Voluum dashboard, streamlining campaign management and saving precious time.
  • Automated Rules and Alerts: Voluum’s automation module seamlessly integrates with MGID campaigns. Marketers can set up automatic rules and alerts to respond to campaign performance parameters, ensuring campaigns are always optimized for success.
  • Traffic Distribution AI: Voluum’s Traffic Distribution AI automatically directs MGID traffic to the best-performing offers, landing pages, and paths, boosting conversions and payouts.
  • Anti-Fraud Protection: Voluum’s Anti-Fraud Kit can be applied to MGID campaigns to safeguard against fraudulent activity, ensuring your campaign data accurately reflects genuine audience engagement and upholding your reputation in the affiliate network.
  • Whitelists/Blacklists: With Voluum’s whitelists and blacklists, you can exercise control over where your ads are displayed, guaranteeing they appear on high-quality websites and avoiding low-quality sites.

In Conclusion

The marriage of Voluum and MGID offers digital marketers a potent arsenal for optimizing their native ad campaigns, gaining invaluable insights, and automating campaign execution. By leveraging the strengths of both platforms, you’ll find that success in the digital marketing landscape is not just a possibility but a guarantee.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to supercharge your campaigns; get started with Voluum and MGID today!

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