Automizer: The New Campaign Optimization Tool in Voluum

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This is a very important day for us: the most important Voluum upgrade this year has just arrived.

We have known for a long time that tracking alone is not enough for a modern-day affiliate marketer. The industry is dynamic and fast-paced. Affiliates can only try to keep up and never leave their computers or compromise their revenue stream. 

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We have seen that you needed a helping hand. We wanted to be the ones that gave you one.

Here it is: Automizer, a campaign automation tool unlike any other.

The following article will reveal how Automizer can change your affiliate work forever.

The problem: Struggles of an Affiliate

You track and analyze your campaigns in a tracker.

You optimize them in a tracker, a traffic source platform, and sometimes even in an external tool.

You often use spreadsheets to keep track of costs and upload them to a tracker manually as many traffic sources don’t pass this information.

You create campaigns, hundreds of them. In a traffic source platform, in a tracker, in an optimization tool. Hours pass on clicking.

Your optimization tool alerts you about the change in a campaign’s performance, so you log in to your traffic source to make adjustments and then go to the tracker to see the results.

The three monitors on your desk blind you with their shine.

An office worker sitting in front of three computer screens.

You dream of campaign automation.

Solution: The New Approach to Affiliate Marketing

Do all the things described above from one platform. Stop jumping between platforms and stay focused on your tasks. Forget for most of the time that other platforms even exist

Save money you spend on external optimization tools. Voluum becomes the all-in-one solution.

Automate several tasks or get alerts based on the conditions you set. Always be in the game by letting Voluum take care of your campaigns.

Introducing the Automizer

Automizer is a Voluum campaign automation module that goes far beyond what trackers usually offer. It uses Voluum’s full integrations that control your campaigns inside traffic sources and automates this control.

Automizer key features:

  • Pause or resume campaigns or single custom variables automatically when set conditions are met.
  • Get alerts when there are sudden changes in the performance of your campaigns or offers.
  • Assign markers to custom variables automatically when they meet set criteria.
  • Integrate with multiple traffic sources to get cost and conversion data with a reliable API connection.

How Does Campaign Automation Work?

Automizer has two foundations: Integrations and Rules.

The first one passes cost information and enables you to control your campaigns from the Voluum panel. The second one allows you to create rules.

With rules you can really do a lot:

  • There are 20 indicators, such as ROI, conversions, eCPA, and many others that are the basis of a rule.
  • You can include up to 20 campaigns or offers in one single rule.
  • You can create up to 10 conditions within one rule that will launch an action only if all of them are met.

 It’s like talking to Voluum directly in simple logical sentences:

If you work with a traffic source that is not integrated with Voluum you can still use rules to create alerts or mark custom variables.

In What Ways Can Automizer Make My Life Better?

Automizer is restless. It works when you sleep, eat, or exercise. Once you set your rules, your campaigns start to run autonomously.

Sample use cases include:

  • Stoping unprofitable campaigns;
  • Setting up alerts when an error occurs;
  • Automatically assign markers to profitable placements.

With these rules applied you have more time for the creative part: designing landing pages or figuring out new angles, while other affiliates are stuck monitoring their campaigns.

Why It Is Unique

Automizer is the first campaign automation solution that is incorporated in a place where work happens: a tracker.

We are not better than the competition, we have no competition.

We were the only ones that could pull this off successfully.

We didn’t cut any corners, didn’t settle for basic integrations.

We delivered.

For you, to get ahead of everybody else.

How Much Do I Have To Pay For This?

Automizer is free to use for a limited time. After that, it will still be free up to $1,000 ad spend. If you need more, you can always upgrade your Automizer plan.

Where Do I Sign?

Automizer is available as a part of the Voluum experience. You sign in to Voluum, you get the Automizer as well. 

Automized Affiliate Life

We are very glad that you are with us on that memorable day. We hope that you will find our effort and passion for Automizer while using it.

We didn’t develop it just to brag or simply charge you. We’ve built it so our affiliates can be the best affiliates. It is not only our desire but also our best interest. 

If you already use Voluum, go to the AUTOMIZER tab.

If you don’t use Voluum, get it with Automizer now.

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