Case study: Save time and nerves with the ClickBank integration – the Colin Dijs story

Colin Dijs is a well-known persona in the affiliate marketing world. He has his own affiliate university and forum, as well as a successful YouTube channel, podcast, and many other platforms. In short, if you had at least a brush with affiliate marketing, you must have heard about him.

For a long time, Colin has been using Voluum in his affiliate campaigns. So he was a natural choice for us to be one of the first testers of the ClickBank integration feature.

1. The problem

Exchanging information between platforms has always been a weak link in an affiliate marketing chain. This also includes affiliate network platforms, such as ClickBank.

ClickBank is a popular choice among beginner affiliates. The platform offers a selection of digital lifestyle products. Even today, a good ClickBank offer, a tracker, and a newbie-friendly traffic source are in every beginner affiliate’s starting kit.

And every affiliate – not only the beginners – eventually face the issue of tracking ClickBank conversions correctly.

For some time, passing data from ClickBank to a tracker was a gamble. One had to constantly check if conversions were recorded correctly. That’s not a task an affiliate marketer should focus on. 

As Colin put it himself:

So the problem for me and for everybody else in a similar situation was time wasted. All the time I spent comparing data on different platforms trying to make sense out of it could have been spent on creating more campaigns.

Translation: Poor information flow means lost profits. This had to stop.

2. Solution: Voluum with the ClickBank integration

The integration feature replaces the standard methods of tracking conversions. No messy, prone to errors tokens, no conversions lost. Pure backend communication between ClickBank and its only certified partner – Voluum.

What can this ClickBank integration give to you?

  • Fast and reliable information flow
  • Accurate sales tracking
  • Easy setup
  • No need for tracking tokens

How does the integration work?

By authenticating your ClickBank account in Voluum, you allow the latter platform to periodically ask ClickBank about conversions that occurred. All new conversions are fetched automatically along with:

  • Payout value
  • Conversion type
  • Conversion time (a time when a conversion actually happened, not the time it was fetched to Voluum)

Can you imagine how excited Colin was when we asked him to test the integration feature? Colin told us that typically each round of optimization of his ClickBank campaigns took him 20 minutes. He usually repeats this process four times a day. That’s 80 minutes of poorly used time.

With the integration feature, things started to look differently:

Now, when I’m using Voluum with the ClickBank integration, all the data comes nicely together. Seriously, right now a round of optimization takes me 5 minutes max. That’s a 400% time gain! This gives me one more hour per day I can spend doing things that are actually important and bring me money.

3. Voluum makes advertising more profitable

The ripples of the ClickBank integration go beyond simply knowing that someone has converted on your offer. There are so many features and tools that become available when you have correct conversion information available.

Information about conversions can feed our proprietary Auto-Optimization solution that will manage your traffic better. This works great with ClickBank offers.

More from Colin:

I always advise that if you can automate something, you should do it. Time gains are almost equally as important as money gains. With ClickBank conversions in Voluum, I can use Voluum’s AI to optimize traffic.

Also, did we mention that we have similar integrations with traffic sources? We’ve certainly mentioned this to Colin! 

Interested in working with many fully integrated traffic sources such as Taboola, PropellerAds, Exoclick, and others?

Go with Voluum and you will never see a tracking token or a lost click ever again!

4. A minute saved is a minute earned 

So what did Colin have to say to us after testing the integration? If a picture is worth a thousand words, think about how many words a picture with nice green numbers is worth.

All nice and green for Colin. And it may also be green for you if only you get Voluum with the ClickBank integration!

  1. What about some training for Clickbank vendors on this? I see most of the docutmentation is focused on working with clickbnak as an affiliate.

    Id love to see some more examples of setting up tracking correctly for a clickbank vendor + facebook ads as a traffic source.

    Thanks guys,

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