Work From Home During Coronavirus: 5 Foolproof Ideas

The coronavirus crisis took away many things from us: our sense of independence and control, our public space and social contacts, and very often, our jobs and financial security.

But it didn’t take away the Internet.

With it, you can regain most of the things you have lost, at least to some degree. Most importantly, you can find a stable and reliable work that you will be able to do from home even during coronavirus.

Remember, you are not the only one glued to the computer because of the pandemic: everyone else is as well.

There is now a global community of stay-at-home people connected to the Internet that can become your customers.

But first, let’s talk about how the coronavirus pandemic affects the economy and employment.

Coronavirus Impact on The Economy

Let’s be frank: It won’t be easy. Many economists believe that the coronavirus-generated economic downturn has already begun.

China is already dealing with the first GDP decrease in almost half of the century. With them, the rest of the world will surely follow.

But the global lockdown may be a reviving shock necessary to put the world into new tracks and reorganize the way we travel, leisure, and work in a more sustainable way.

Coronavirus Impact on Jobs

The analysts are unanimous: people that have the ability to work from home during coronavirus are the new global elite. From freelancer to executives, being independent of brick-and-mortar locations trumps all previous traditional work benefits.

In pandemic times and right after them, a teleconference will not be a substitute for a business meeting – it will be the first choice.

The world moves indoors and will stay that way for some time. You may as well reimagine yourself as a worker to fit new times.

Work From Home During Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

This article is aimed to give advice and ideas for people who are searching for new business opportunities because they have lost their main source of income. It should also be relevant for people who want to use this time to earn extra cash or explore new possibilities.

Before you jump to our propositions, you may have some questions:

Do I need any special skills or degrees to work from home?

Most of the suggestions on our list don’t require special skillsets but rather character traits: persistence and a willingness to learn. There’s room for gardeners, barbers, and news reporters. 

If you already had run a business, you will fit right in. Otherwise, the only shock will come from the fact that from now on, you are your own boss.

Do I have to invest some money into my new online job?

Any new venture requires some investments but online jobs need only so much. You don’t have to rent any office space or pay for cleaning services. You are already in your office. 

If you have a working computer, a decent internet connection, and a small amount of savings, you can start right now.

Will I be able to do my new work from home under the government’s restrictions?

The beauty of the work-from-home job ideas we provide here is that you can do them without the need for outside contact, even when dealing with physical products.

Unless your government has frozen all non-essential activity, you will be able to work in any of the proposed positions.

Will I be able to work from home after the coronavirus crisis passes?

All the work-from-home ideas listed below can be profitable during the coronavirus crisis and even more so during the normal or semi-normal times that are ahead of us.

The point is that work from home jobs are more flexible and more resilient to the everchanging situation brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Work from Home Jobs Ideas

1. Affiliate Marketer

How can you sell and make money when you have nothing to sell? Well, you become a salesperson for someone else. And that’s what affiliate marketing is. 

Affiliate marketing is where you promote other companies’ products online and get paid a commission for each sale. Unlike a door-to-door salesperson, you aren’t limited to selling to one person at one time. Instead, you can sell multiple products to millions of people at once and all while you work from home. 

There are many ways you can go about this, including setting up a review site where you publish articles reviewing and comparing products or buying advertising space and creating ad campaigns for affiliate offers. 

The first can take some time to get going as you compete in SEO battling to climb Google page rank. At the same time, you keep improving your content to make more people click on your affiliate links

The second can bring greater results and faster. By paying for online ads you don’t have to play the SEO game. Instead, you get instant traffic and can focus on improving your advertising strategy.

Wondering how to do that? Affiliate marketing starts with a good tracker. It tells you where the money is and how to get more. The best tracker in the affiliate industry is Voluum: easy to master, powerful to get the job done.

The affiliate work offers the ultimate flexibility. As you do it online, you can work when you like, where you like. Set up once, optimize later, and make money while you sleep.   

Learn more about affiliate marketing. 

2. Dropshipping

Dropshipping, like affiliate marketing, is where someone sells a product without ever possessing the items they sell. BUT the difference is that you set up your own brand to sell these products.  This has become a lot easier with companies that offer white-label products and website creators which give you the tools to create your own storefront.

When combined, you can automatically send sales data to a third party who ships from their location under your custom brand. You won’t have to deal with any products directly.

Services like Shopify can help you rapidly set up your dropshipping service. You can focus on marketing, building your brand and generating more sales as you work from home, while the third-party handles the fulfillment of orders.   

3. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Have you seen these three letters and wondered “What is FBA?” Well, it stands for Fulfillment by Amazon and it does exactly what it sounds like. Amazon will store your products in its warehouses and then deliver them to clients who buy using Amazon. In a way, you become a supplier for Amazon and Amazon takes care of the rest. 

You could use this to sell your own products using their infrastructure, but you can also use FBA even when you don’t make your own product. 

White-label products

One option is to find a white-label product seller, via Alibaba or a similar site, and then send your now-branded products to the Amazon fulfillment center and let Amazon take care of the rest. Unlike drop shipping, this requires investing in some inventory upfront, but still doesn’t require any physical commodities.  

Selling clearance items

Another option is to find clearance items in local shops and then flip them on Amazon for a profit. Finding clearance items shouldn’t be that hard during the time of crisis. Your items will appear in the same listing as those provided by the company and other wholesalers. So as long as you sell it for more on Amazon than you paid in the store – you make a profit. 

4. SEO expert

“If you ain’t first, you’re last,” said Ricky Bobby, Will Ferrell’s character in the comedy Talladega Nights. Although it might have been a joke comment, it’s practically true when it comes to search engine rank. That’s why companies will pay good money to help get their websites higher on the search engine results page. 

Good money that you can intercept.

As an SEO expert, you can offer your services to various companies to help improve their ranking position for keywords that are important for them. 

It is not esoterics. You just need to invest some time into understanding how search algorithms work and how to take advantage of this knowledge. Many people and companies simply don’t want to learn SEO by themselves and would be happy to delegate this task to an expert.

5. Graphic designer / content writer

Affiliates, online merchants, various advertisers require special websites that are used to entice customers into taking their offers. These websites are called landing pages.

There are many free and paid platforms where you can create your own landing page in minutes without knowing how to code.

You would only have to think of design and a convincing copy. 

Most of the people mentioned at the beginning don’t want to do this by themselves. As a landing page designer, you can supply them with custom-tailored landing pages for money.

As more and more traditional businesses try to connect with their customers through the Internet, the need for having a company web page will grow. Even that one small barbershop right next to you that never even had a Facebook page will want to have a website of their own. The same goes for a grocery store or a car mechanic. 

The most beautiful landing page is nothing without a convincing copy. If you have ever been good with words, here’s your chance to shine and put this skill to good use.

They still want and need to sell their products. Help them with that with the aforementioned Shopify that allows you to set up an online store in just a few clicks.

Jobs in Times of the Pandemic 

Imagine for a second that all this happened 20 years ago:

  • A dial-up Internet connection was prevalent among the minority group of Internet users. 
  • Ecommerce was a curiosity.
  • Payments on the Internet were a challenge.

Imagine being stuck indoors without work in such conditions.

Be thankful for the options and tools you have at your disposal today. It’s up to you to make the best use of them. The coronavirus crisis has truly taken a lot from us but it could never take away what we are made of. 

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