45 min

Free online webinar

Meet Automizer! Integrate Traffic Sources & Set Up Rules

Are you tired of jumping between all your affiliate platforms? Then stop – thanks to Automizer, Voluum’s new game-changing feature! Join our webinar and learn step by step how to integrate Voluum with your traffic sources & set up custom rules to auto-optimize your ad campaigns.

By the end of this free webinar, you will know:

  • What traffic source integrations are & how they work
  • How to integrate Voluum with your traffic source
  • What automation rules are & how to create them
  • Which traffic sources are integrated with Voluum
  • Why use automation rules (3 real-life cases)

About Our Hosts

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Senior Customer Success Manager

6-years in customer service, 3 years at Voluum. Strongly contributes to product development by translating clients’ feedback into new ideas. Provides valuable insights for the Automizer project.

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Customer Success Manager

Voluum clients’ favourite expert in solving tracking-related mysteries. Paulina is positive that Automizer is a real breakthrough in tracking automization. After all, she helped to create it!

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