Voluum: 2018 In The Rearview Mirror

Voluum in 2018

As the New Year is on its way, it’s a perfect time to summarize the last 365 days.

For us, 2018 was a year full of seizing opportunities and facing challenges. Our goal was to focus on further enriching our solution, empowering thousands of digital marketers to reach higher goals and to increase the profitability of their businesses. These are the results of our work.

Our favorite Voluum’s Superpowers developed in 2018: 

Extensive Reporting allowing you to drill down to every single data point, unlocking the new levels of optimization.

Traffic Distribution AI to automatically distribute your traffic to the best performing offers and/or landers in real-time for the best ROI.

SSL Domains Support to make your visitors feel secure and guarantee that you won’t miss out on any conversions.

Direct Tracking Pixel enabling you to track the performance of your campaigns from networks which don’t allow redirects and collect data from organic visits.          

Collaboration Tools ensuring the effective work within a team and safe sharing with your partners.

Traffic log with the raw visit data enabling you to discover all data mismatches between the traffic source and Voluum.          

Notifications enabling you to react instantly to the changes happening in your campaigns.

Redesigned Voluum Mobile App allowing you to access your reports easily, wherever you are.

Voluum Blog offering you the best content, covering the hottest industry topics and trends.

New Website giving you a better digital experience and the ease in finding the most convenient solutions for your business.


2018 in numbers

  • 208,800,000,000  Impressions Tracked
  • 12,097,200,000 Clicks Reported
  • 940,000,000 Conversions Recorded
  • 600,000 Voluum Mobile App Sessions Registered
  • 4500 Code Deployments to production
  • 100% Traffic Uptime
  • 15,000 Tickets Resolved  
  • 50 Video Tutorials created with 180,590 views  
  • 130 Knowledge Base Articles with 20,000 views
  • 41 Blog Articles written with 70,000 views

 Voluum in 2018

At Voluum, 2019 will start with a bang, as we will be introducing Anti-Fraud Kit for fraud traffic detection and Customized Notifications for the constant performance monitoring pretty soon. 

Thank you for being with us!

Let’s dare to succeed together in 2019

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