Are Bots Eating Your Ad Budget? Here’s a Solution.

We’ve all been there. The campaign is set up and we feel pretty optimistic. The offer was chosen carefully and targeted through a promising audience. We wait impatiently for the results, as more and more impressions and clicks are coming our way. We take a look into the stats, feeling excited and then… nothing.

No conversions. No profits. Big fat nothing.

What happened?

Your ads might have been hidden or not shown, you might have received traffic which doesn’t match your targeting, traffic source crawlers or Google’s bots might have altered your number or… you’ve just been hit by one of the biggest bastards in the ad-tech industry – Ad Fraud.

Ad Fraud is any deliberate activity that prevents the proper delivery of ads to the right people, at the right time, in the right place, aiming to generate revenue.

Ad Fraud is taking its toll

Advertisers waste $51 M to Ad Fraud every single day. This means that during the 365 days in 2018 over $ 18 B was lost to fraudulent activities. This figure is supposed to rise and reach $44 B by 2022 (Juniper Research).  

Fraudsters might be using various techniques to burn budgets and payouts, but still, most cases are connected with bot traffic. Bots account for almost 52% of all web traffic and can heavily influence your performance and lead to wasted money, time and effort (read more).

What’s more, invalid traffic will not only make you struggle to understand the effectiveness of your advertising efforts but also disturb the optimization process. It can also harm your relationship with offer owners.

To protect your viewability, performance, and reputation you need to implement an effective anti-fraud solution. And that’s where Voluum Anti-Fraud Kit comes in.

Voluum Anti-Fraud Kit

The Anti-Fraud Kit is the freshest Voluum feature which enables you to identify invalid traffic in your campaigns. It analyzes in real time millions of ad clicks and looks into statistical patterns that might indicate anomalies. The results of the analysis are delivered in comprehensive reports that are seamlessly combined with performance metrics.

Through a holistic set of 10 metrics, you can now easily detect which publishers are selling suspicious visits and clicks and stop buying from them. No more money wasting on bot traffic. Additionally, the Anti-Fraud Kit empowers you with precise fraud reports and so, the undeniable evidence for charge-back procedures against fraudulent publishers.

Say goodbye to the expensive third-party invalid traffic solutions and bot traffic at the same time. If you want to learn more,  watch the recording of our webinar focused on anti-bot strategies. It’s available online for free! 

voluuum anti fraud kit

How does it work?

Anti-fraud Kit consists of several tools designed to help you in different ways of protecting your traffic:

  • Anti-Fraud Metrics

To make sure your visits, clicks, and conversions are fraud-free you need to analyze your traffic carefully. As there are various warning signs which can indicate anomalies, this feature offers you a set of predefined metrics that will help you to evaluate your traffic characteristics.

Some of the metrics include:

  • the origin of an IP address, so you can decide if it originates from a known data center,
  • time a user needs to click on an ad after viewing it, to exclude non-human traffic,
  • referrer reputation, based on various antivirus engines, website scanners, and tools,
  • the frequency of clicking a given campaign from a single IP address,  
  • the unrecognized user agent or an unsupported OS and many more.

Traffic which will meet the criteria set in the system will be flagged as suspicious clicks or suspicious visits. Learn more about all metrics in our Knowledge Base.

  • Time-To-Convert Metrics 

This one is especially useful for mobile app owners. As unusually short conversion time (app install or subscription) can indicate fraud, keeping an eye on time-to-convert metrics will allow you to identify anomalies when they occur. In Voluum, Time-To-Convert shows you two types of information:

  • Mean Time-To-Convert, so the mean time between impression and installation, i. e. how much time, on average, a visitor considers your offer before converting.
  • Time-To-Convert ranges, showing the number of conversions that have occurred: below the Low Time-To-Convert (TTC), between the Low and the High TTC, and above the High (TTC) set thresholds.

Look for patterns and once you determine them, you can blacklist specific IPs and publishers. Additionally, the advanced metrics will let you find out more about your audiences. Knowing how much time it takes an average user to convert will help you in tailoring your marketing message.

  • Traffic Log

If you suspect that your traffic might be invalid, you need the highest levels of data granularity to analyze your campaigns. Traffic Log feature allows you to get raw data about every visit that has occurred in your campaign. It generates a CSV file with any type of data you might need such as Client Domain, IP, ISP, User Agent, OS Version, Browser version, Device ID, Visit Timestamp and 20+ more.

  • IP / UA Filtering 

As most fraudsters drive multiple conversions from the same IP or a very similar one, you can block them to limit their reach. With IP / UA Filtering, you will be able to filter unwanted traffic from certain IP addresses and ranges or block certain user agent names.

To learn more about the feature, check out our YouTube tutorial:

Are you ready to say goodbye to bot traffic?

Save costs and time by having everything connected with your advertising efforts in one place: Voluum.  

Click here to learn more about Voluum Anti-Fraud Kit!


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