Davos 2019: a Great Step Toward Improving the State of the Digital World

This week, Codewise’s leadership team has landed in Davos, where the world’s most influential businesspeople and public leaders gather to discuss the pressing issues facing the world today at the World Economic Forum. The Codewise team arrived in Davos in pursuit of a critical mission: to help solve the many challenges that plague the Ad industry and hinder its further evolution.

This trip is a logical continuation of the relentless, hard work our team was doing for the whole 2018, and is a great way to begin 2019 with a strong commitment to improving the state of the Digital world. This dedication has already been demonstrated on numerous occasions, such as at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit, through WEF’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative and at the European Parliament for the European Internet Forum.

Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister and Codewise CEO and President
Dr. John Malatesta at the World Economic Forum in Davos

Ad Fraud is taking its toll

Digital ad fraud is a massive issue that affects multiple segments of the global economy, such as the Internet industry, the Media industry, and largest advertisers. It affects advertisers and ad platforms alike.

According to the most conservative estimates (Juniper Research), tens of billions of dollars are stolen by ad fraudsters every year worldwide. To make things worse, in its ugliest forms ad fraud harms the democratic process through election manipulation and meddling.

Advertisers’ budgets and payouts are literally getting eaten alive, with a mindblowing $19 B lost over the year on Ad Fraud.

Our Part In The Fight Against Ad Fraud

At Davos 2019 we have witnessed a great determination to weed out unethical practices and bad actors while increasing our industry’s transparency and security. Now, after numerous meetings with the leaders of some of the world’s largest tech companies, most prominent policymakers, largest advertisers and key regulators, we are about to head home. Empowered with experience and inspiration, knowing that the world has made another big step towards eliminating fraud from the global Digital ecosystem.

The world’s leading media cover the World Economic Forum. Dr. John Malatesta spoke with BBC about the latest trends in Adtech and the personal recipe for success.

Once again, Codewise is providing its full support, including some of the world’s most sophisticated AI technology, advanced Ad Fraud detection algorithms, and subject matter expertise, to the advertisers, publishers, and ad platforms striving to achieve this ambitious yet realistic goal.

As we believe that the solution to digital fraud lies in a balanced mix of smart policies and advanced technologies, our experts, like many other bright minds in the industry, are working on these new-generation technologies and products. Just this Tuesday, January 22, we released our brand-new Anti-Fraud Kit for free to all Voluum Customers.

Anti-Fraud Kit lets advertisers detect invalid traffic and protect their viewability, performance, and reputation. Through a holistic set of anti-fraud metrics, ranging from fast clickers and unrecognized devices to library robots, marketers can now detect which publishers are selling suspicious visits and clicks and stop buying from them. We are thrilled and honored to be named the first company in the Adtech industry to provide a powerful weapon against fraudulent publishers as part of a management solution.

Our Key Takeaway from Davos 2019

We realize that our industry is still at the beginning of a long and laborious battle against ad fraud, but we will not relent until this global issue is successfully tackled.

We are sure that the agreements, consensuses, and commitments made in Davos this week will deliver their results not only throughout 2019, but for many years to come. Here’s to a new, fraud-free, and happier Digital world, clean as the pristine snow of the Swiss Alps!

Dr. John Malatesta in Davos
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