Best 14 Free & Practical Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

best free affiliate marketing podcasts

Whether you want to get introduced to the industry, up your existing game, or hear some new strategies to broaden your perspective – affiliate marketing podcasts can be the perfect way to do that.

Podcasts are a hassle-free way to broaden your horizon independent of time and place. 

You can consume them in bed, while showering or in the car and all of that for free. Pretty neat, right?

However, when you type “affiliate marketing podcasts” into a browser (on google, spotify or wherever) you’re going to get a looooot of results. Lots of nice little podcast icons with a flashy title, smiling host and nice description. 

But once you get into the details, you’ll find that this one only actually has four 10 minute episodes published or that one was super popular but ended in 2019, even before corona. 

In the ever-changing, developing world of online performance marketing, it’s essential to stay current. The only way to get conversions is to show users fresh, new content with effective strategies. 

So, stick to the list I’ve compiled and you’ll have hours of listening from podcasts that are still producing content, free, valuable and up-to-date.

affiliate marketing podcast

Why Digital Marketing Podcasts?

Podcasts are great first of all because they’re available for free. Not a lot of invaluable resources can claim that.  And that’s certainly a pretty big benefit, especially considering the source of the podcast has so much actionable knowledge about performance marketing.

But there are a lot of other benefits to podcasts – as opposed to blogs, videos, or other formats.

Podcasts allow you to not stare at your phone / laptop / tablet. Cut down your screen-time. And I don’t know about you but that’s a huge bonus. We spend so much time looking into the depths of the internet, straining our eyes that a break from all that is pretty welcome.

What’s more, you just put your headphones in and continue your day! During your workout, chores or commute you can be extra productive. I know, I know… this is evident. Podcasts weren’t invented yesterday. But multitasking when we can (efficiently!) is the key to any entrepreneur’s business approach. So take advantage of the possibility when you can.

Podcasts also make information easy to consume and personalized. You can hear first-hand how someone was able to implement a given content marketing strategy, passive income stream, or affiliate program

And the best part is: by listening to a variety of podcasts, you can learn the ins and outs of what makes a good one… in case you want to make one in the future! They are incredibly easy, cheap and time-efficient to make and produce so you should always stay open to the idea. Especially if you are considering making your own affiliate program.

Top 14 Podcasts

Below I’ve gathered the top 15 podcasts related to affiliate marketing that I myself like to listen to on the way to work, after… or sometimes during 😉 

I’ve included all the classic affiliate marketing guys with their podcasts in this list, in case you’re new to the field and haven’t heard of them yet. However, I also have some fresher faces that have not yet been plastered all over every affiliate blog 🙂 

What’s more, there are some podcasts here which are not 100% affiliate focused… some deal with other aspects of digital marketing such as social media, paid campaigns, and niches. And another bonus: there are some affiliate marketing podcasts straight from some of the biggest companies and traffic sources in the industry. 

Two or three of these podcasts may have already been discontinued, but I still considered their content valuable. After all, not all advice has to be 100% up-to-date, some stuff is evergreen as we know.

1. Smart Passive Income

smart passive income podcast

Weekly interviews, strategy, and advice for building your online business the smart way.

Host:Patt Flynn
Average Length:20 – 50 minutes
Frequency:~ 2 per week
Social Media:Youtube, Twitter
Available on:Apple, Spotify

Pat Flynn reveals all of his online business and blogging strategies, income sources and marketing tips and tricks, so you can be ahead of the curve with your online business or blog. He’s a marketing podcast staple, so be sure to give a few of his episodes a listen.

2. The Authority Hacker Podcast

the authority hacker podcast

2 online marketing veterans and entrepreneurs share their experience running authority sites and blogs day in and day out.

Host:Gael Bretton and Mark Webster
Average Length:45 – 50 minutes
Social Media:YouTube, Facebook, Twitter 
Available on:Apple, Spotify, Soundcloud, Google

Hosted by both of the Authority Hacker founders Gael Bretton and Mark Webster. These guys are a powerhouse duo in the affiliate marketing industry. You’ve probably run into their blog which always has great, curated content that is regularly updated, so their podcast is no different.

Packed full of cutting-edge, battle-tested strategies that are actually actionable for the average site owner. Of course, they have their own famous course so get ready for some plugs for that.

3. The Blogging Millionaire

the blogging millionaire

Brandon teaches the latest traffic building and income boosting growth hacks to take your blog to the next level. His SEO tactics get him 5 million monthly visitors from over 100,000 first-page Google rankings.

Host:Brandon Gaille
Average Length:10 – 15 minutes
Frequency:~ Biweekly
Social Media:Facebook, Twitter
Available on:Apple, Google, Spotify, Amazon music

This podcast’s ultra-short format (compared to others) makes it a rather digestible option if it’s what you prefer. Based in Texas, Brandon’s focus is mainly on SEO (search engine optimization) so if that’s a content marketing strategy you’re interested in, certainly give it a listen.

Just as a warning, this is another podcast connected to an affiliate marketing course with a hefty price tag.4. The Paid Search Podcast

Google AdWords experts and Google Partners Chris and Jason talk pay per click, Google Ads, online marketing, and how to advertise your business effectively. This podcast helps business owners, digital marketing agency employees, and pay per click freelancers make the most of their Google AdWords budgets. New episodes come out every Monday, and ask us your AdWords questions.

Host:Chris Schaeffer and Jason Rothman
Average Length:45 – 50 minutes
Social Media:Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Available on:iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify

Paid campaigns are an essential aspect of affiliate marketing and digital marketing in general. Organic marketing efforts can usually only get you so far. These guys will tell you the ins and outs of their PPC strategy.

And one super important aspect they’ll point out: the value of analytics and tracking. And that of course is where an affiliate marketing software like Voluum comes in handy. Without knowing where your money’s going, you have no strategy at all. And solutions like Google Analytics aren’t enough for those who promote third-party offers.

5. Niche Pursuits Podcast

So, what in the world is a “Niche Pursuit?”

Well, I created this blog originally as a way to discuss the various niche business ideas I was trying out.  I wanted a way to share what I was learning by experimenting with all these different ideas, or “niche pursuits”.

I created my very first website in 2006, but since that time I’ve launched dozens of different online businesses.

After trying, failing, and sometimes succeeding with my “crazy” online business ideas, I finally found enough success in 2011 to quit my full-time job as a Business Banker.

–Spencer Haws

Host:Jared Bauman / Spencer Haws / Colin Linett
Average Length:50 – 60 minutes
Social Media:Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter
Available on:Apple, Spotify

Spencer Haws is another affiliate marketing veteran that you should probably check out if you haven’t yet. He’s been in the industry since 2006! That’s pretty long for the digital marketing realm. He also tends to focus on SEO strategies along with email marketing and other organic forms.

6. Awin Talks: Affiliate Marketing Insights

Our podcasts delve into key topics in the affiliate marketing industry, discussing with clients, industry representatives and Awin staff. This podcast features interviews with a wide variety of prominent figures from across the world of affiliate marketing as well as discussion on all the latest industry trends and developments.

Host:Rob Davinson (Content Analyst), Craig Foster (Data Analyst), Kevin Edwards (Global Client Strategy Director).
Average Length:25 – 40 minutes
Social Media:Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
Available on:Apple, Spotify

AWIN is a 20+ year old media company in the affiliate marketing industry. They connect businesses with customers internationally focusing on following verticals: retail, telecommunications, travel and finance. If you’re active in these verticals, give them a listen. 

However, they only have one episode a month typically. 

7. Above and Beyond Affiliate Marketing 

Above and Beyond Affiliate Marketing is about helping affiliate marketers/entrepreneurs discover their essential skills and to overcome barriers. Help them get their message out to the world. Understanding what affiliate marketing is and how to build a business around it. Plus amazing helpful hints, tips, and useful resources. 

Host:Jason Reiland
Average Length:10 – 20 minutes
Frequency:~ Weekly (irregular) 
Social Media:Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube
Available on:Apple, Spotify, Google, Breaker, Pocket Casts

This one is a bit under-the-radar and produces content rather irregularly. However, given its shorter format too, it could be a good alternative to the big players in the industry. 

8. Affiliated: ClickBank’s Official Affiliate Marketing Podcast

clickbank podcast

Join us as we dive deep into the the world of e-commerce and affiliate marketing where we cover everything from super-affiliate acquisition to 8-figure scaling strategies. Learn from the brightest minds in the industry as we interview CEOs, Founders, entrepreneurs, and super affiliates so you can find new ways to scale your business.

Host:Thomas McMahon and Kyle Kostechka
Average Length:30 – 50 minutes
Social Media:Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
Available on:Spotify, Apple, Google

We are all familiar with ClickBank. That’s why their podcast is recommended listening – especially if you are part of their affiliate program and promoting offers found on their site.

Not only is ClickBank an industry staple, it’s also integrated through API connection with Voluum’s Automizer. This way, working with their platform in Voluum couldn’t be easier – just read Colin Djis, super affiliate’s story: ClickBank + Colin Djis + Voluum.

9. PropellerAds On-Air

Affiliate marketing news, trends, and gossip from celebrity experts.

Host:Renz Gonzales
Average Length:40 – 50 minutes
Frequency:~ monthly
Social Media:Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, VK
Available on:Spotify, Apple

Word of warning: this podcast was rather short-lived and doesn’t have that many episodes. However, importantly, it was produced post-Covid era so it takes into account the most important digital and social transformations of the past few years.

Also, this podcast is included because it’s from one of the major traffic sources, namely for push ads. And the best part? This traffic source is also integrated with Automizer via API! Automate your campaigns and control them all in one place.

10. Affiliate Marketing & Side Hustles on the Doug.Show

the doug show affiliate marketing

Doug Cunnington — A project manager turned affiliate marketer, blogger, and YouTuber.

The Doug Show is where I’ll talk to other marketers and experts, share success stories, talk about making the leap from corporate worker bee to entrepreneur. It’s hard being a freckled, bald man so that’s bound to come up too.

Host:Doug Cunnington
Average Length:30 – 50 minutes
Frequency:Twice per week
Social Media:YouTube
Available on:Spotify, Apple, Google, Stitcher

This guy is a fresher face in the arena who’s posting lots of content regularly. That’s great news for affiliate marketers. Another bonus? Doug focuses on Amazon Associates.

He talks about the best strategies for the Amazon affiliate program: where to put your Amazon links, making Amazon affiliate sites, and the products with worthwhile commissions. Like most others, he also covers SEO as well.

11. The Side Hustle Show

the side hustle show

The Side Hustle Show is a top-rated podcast featuring the ideas, actions, and results you need to start and grow a successful business.

Put a little hustle in your earbuds as I extract the actionable tips and business strategies from successful entrepreneurs.

Each week you’ll get new business ideas, side hustle opportunities, and high-value content to help you make extra money and make the most of your time.

Host:Nick Loper
Average Length:40 – 55 minutes
Social Media:Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
Available on:Spotify, Apple

The Side Hustle Show is the podcast for part-time entrepreneurs who are looking for actionable tips and strategies on how to turn their side hustle dreams into reality. 

It’s another long standing staple that’s consistently producing quality content in the form of conversational chats every week. Nick Loper is all over the affiliate industry so I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve run into him. 

12. Marketing Scoop Podcast

Your weekly source of case-based stories about marketing growth from local to global brands like Google, Vodafone, SAP, IKEA, Uber, and many more. Join Laura Morelli as she interviews the people behind successful, integrated marketing campaigns, and discuss the latest news, tools, strategies, and techniques that’ll give your digital marketing the edge.

Host:David Bain, Judith Lewis, and Laura Morelli
Average Length:20 – 30 minutes
Frequency:Weekly (last episode August 2020)
Social Media:Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest
Available on:Spotify, Apple, Google, Overcast, Stitcher

This is another now-defunct podcast – but from an industry giant. SEMrush of course is well known to all digital marketers. So, even though their content may not be entirely recent, they still had time to talk about the pandemic conditions. And like I said, as a digital powerhouse, their podcast content is invaluable.

13. Social Media Marketing Podcast

social media podcast

Social Media Examiner offers two weekly audio podcasts and a weekly live video talk show to help boost your marketing skills and keep you up-to-date with the ever-changing world of social media.

Whether you’re hungry for in-depth expert advice or want to keep up with the social media news of the week, you’ll discover knowledge you need to make your business grow.

Host:Michael Stelzner
Average Length:45 minutes 
Social Media:Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
Available on:Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon, RSS

Social Media is an indispensable tool for organic marketing efforts. If you want a consistent stream of passive income or affiliate program, social media platforms will be essential. 

14. The Affiliate Guy Daily

the affiliate guy podcast

The Affiliate Guy Podcast is your source for affiliate marketing news, tips, and strategies to take your online business to the next level. Expert interviews, behind-the-scenes looks at our own affiliate promotions, and actionable advice in each and every episode.

Host:Matt McWilliams
Average Length:20 – 30 minutes
Social Media:Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Clubhouse
Available on:Spotify, Apple, Google, Stitcher

The Affiliate Guy is from Matt McWilliams, another one of the industry leading experts, super affiliate with his own wide range of products and platforms. So expect some plugs for business entrepreneurs to scale their profits.

learning from affiliate marketing podcasts

Listening & learning is great… but what about action?

There’s only one way to truly boost your business, affiliate programs, paid advertising, content marketing, affiliate sites… and everything else. The key is data.

The data you get from tracking all your digital marketing efforts will allow you to improve upon weak spots. Gain actionable insights from in-depth, real-time reports. A podcast is nice to listen to on your way to work – but it won’t make you money.

Only tracking with an advertising software like Voluum Tracker will get you there.

Try Voluum free today!

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