10 Hot Facebook Ads Alternatives for Affiliate

Social media advertising is most marketers’ go-to strategy these days. And for a good reason too! Its reach is impressive –  90.4% of Millennials are active daily social media users, but also this type of advertising has proven to be highly profitable – social media advertising is an $8.4 billion market. That’s a lot of money!  

Currently, the digital-ads market is ruled by the duopoly of tech giants – Google (with 62,8% of the market) and Facebook (37,2%) (eMarketer). No one thinks about Facebook ads alternatives. Most of the experienced advertisers as well as complete beginners jump straight to one of those two when choosing a traffic source for their next ad campaign. 

However, over the past few years, there’s been a visible tendency for both Facebook and Google ads to get more expensive and less effective. It’s far from ideal for marketers. 

While Google remains the main search engine among the absolute majority of the Internet users and if your go-to strategy is paid advertising – there’s not much you can do about Google Ads, Facebook is just a very pointy tip of the iceberg called Social Media Advertising. Don’t get me wrong – Facebook is terrific in what they do, it’s just that there’s so much more to the world of digital ads! 

So today we’re looking into the top 10 alternatives to Facebook Ads for you to experiment with in 2021:

  1. Instagram Ads
  2. YouTube Adsi 
  3. Twitter Ads
  4. LinkedIn Ads 
  5. TikTok Ads
  6. Pinterest Ads 
  7. Reddit Ads
  8. RevContent 
  9. Outbrain
  10. Taboola 

If it seems like most of the platforms on the list are social in nature – there’s no mistake. After all, the main purpose of Facebook Ads is to deliver native advertising by social media. But there are also a couple of surprise entries that may catch you off guard. 

We’re going to look into each platform’s advertising variety, effectiveness, target audience, proficiency level, and cost. But also, since most of Voluum readers are related to affiliate marketing one way or another, I’ll provide essential info regarding each network’s views on third-party advertising. 

But first, let me tell you a bit about Voluum, tracking, and how it can make all your advertising problems disappear. 

Manage all you advertising in one platform with an Ad Tracker

Think of ad tracking as a helping hand to all your advertising efforts. There are many of them out there, but only one can address every affiliate need. Why? It’s pretty simple, really. You see, Voluum has been created by affiliate for affiliates to help them optimize their work.

Voluum is a market-leading tracking software. It lets you track, manage, and optimize all your campaigns from one platform. It’s pretty awesome, because it saves a ton of time and money by defending your traffic from malicious bots, automatically reacting to any changes in your campaigns’ performance, and more. 

So why do you need an ad tracker for Facebook Ads or any other form of advertising? Well, two reasons. First, because with a professional tracker like Voluum, you won’t need to jump between the platforms and stay buried in spreadsheets to keep track of all the data. You’ll have one intuitive dashboard for that. And, secondly, our software team is constantly working on integrating new sources of traffic with Voluum, so you could literally automate your campaigns in one click

Sounds cool? Wait till you see it in action! Or better yet, don’t wait and go check it out right away. And now, let’s move on to the main topic of the article: the best Facebook Ads alternatives for all  affiliate marketers out there!

Social Ads Beyond Facebook

I tried to include as many Facebook ads alternatives as possible, because, let’s be honest, we all love Facebook ads because we all are on Facebook. The same remains true for other forms of paid social ads. They are familiar. And also, they are native, they are more effective than not, some of them are more expensive than others, and lately most platforms have supported affiliate marketers one way or another 

Instagram Ads

Instagram is now owned by Facebook so you may see its appearance on this list as cheating. But alas. Instagram ad spend is 23% higher and both the target audience and main content format is dramatically different. True, running Instagram Ads requires you having a Facebook Business account already, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do both or create Facebook profile just to get access to Instagram’s goodies. 

Types of ads supported: Stories, phono in-feed, video in-feed, carousel, collection, explore
Target audience: Global reach, 18-34 y.o., 51.2% to 48.8% female to male ratio. 
Advertising cost: CPC $0.50-1.00 up to $3.00
Affiliate-marketing friendly: Yes  
Proficiency level required: Medium
Ads’ effectiveness: High

I’ve already discussed all the pros and cons of Instagram ads as Facebook Ads alternative as well as a simple Voluum tracking setup in a separate article in all the details. Let me just quickly tell you that thanks to Voluum Automizer, running ads on Instagram can be easier than every before. Make sure you give it a look before closing this tap! More on Automizer later on 😉 

YouTube Ads

YouTube is owned by Google – the largest search engine worldwide, and, interestingly enough, it is the second largest search engine in the world itself. In fact, today it is the preferred form of social media marketing, suck it, Facebook! All of this due to one very simple reason: video ads are on the rise! 

Here’s the gist you need to know right now:

Types of ads supported: Non-skippable video, skippable instream, discovery, display, overlay
Target audience: Global reach, 15-55 y.o., mobile users 
Advertising cost: CPV $0.010-$0.030
Affiliate-marketing friendly: Yes  
Proficiency level required: Low for Display / High for Video 
Ads’ effectiveness: High

As a cool bonus, you can also advertise on YouTube with Voluum. I’ve covered YouTube advertising in all the details not so long ago in a separate article, so make sure you check it out if you haven’t already! 

Twitter Ads

Twitter is perfect for advertisers for one very simple reason – it implies link sharing. In particular, link clicks account for 92% of all user interactions on this platform. If the ad copy is compelling enough and the link is presentable – you’ve got yourself a click from even an unsuspecting user! Simple as that.

Types of ads supported: Promoted tweets, promoted accounts, promoted trends, promoted moments, automated ads
Target audience: USA, Japan, UK, Saudi Arabia, Brazil; 23-34 y.o., male
Advertising cost: $0.50-2.00 (promoted tweets); $2-4 (promoted accounts); $200.000/day (promoted trends) 
Affiliate-marketing friendly: Yes  
Proficiency level required: High
Ads’ effectiveness: Medium

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is an great Facebook Ads alternative for serious businesses. Not only was it voted the most trusted network in 2019, but also more than 46% of all social media traffic to company websites comes directly from LinkedIn. For you, as an advertiser, it means two things. First, LinkedIn ads are very effective. Second, they are also very difficult and expensive to launch. Now let’s have a better look at what you’d be working with here: 

Types of ads supported: Carousel, conversation, dynamic, job, lead gen forms, message ads, single image, single job, text ads, video
Target audience: 25-49 y.o.; 43% to 57% female to male ratio, US, Europe, Asia Pacific; mobile 
Advertising cost: CPC $2.00-5.00
Affiliate-marketing friendly: Yes  
Proficiency level required: High
Ads’ effectiveness: High

TikTok Ads

TikTok already has more downloads in app stores than Facebook and Instagram, making it one of the most popular apps on the market today and a serious Facebook ads alternative. Another important thing here is that TikTok is a video-centered platform, just like YouTube, making it a valid competitor to Google’s adversary. 

If you’re curious about all the details regarding TikTok advertising, make sure to check out my other article on the topic. It tells you all there is to know about accessing this platform’s full advertising potential thanks to a simple Voluum setup. And for now, let’s have a look at what the platform has to offer in a nutshell: 

Types of ads supported: in-feed video, brand takeover, TopView, branded lenses, hashtag challenges 
Target audience: 16-24/25-34 y.o.; India, USA, Turkey, Russia; 2:1 female to male ratio
Advertising cost: $10/impression (in-feed), $50.000/day (brand takeover), $150.000/week (hashtag challenge).  
Affiliate-marketing friendly: Yes  
Proficiency level required: Medium
Ads’ effectiveness: High

Pinterest Ads 

Somewhat a social network, somewhat a search engine, Pinterest is something we all have used at least once. It rates among 10 of the most relevant brands in the United States and is considered to be the third-largest social network there. Advertising with Pinterest is almost as easy as with Twitter, because users are used to click on the links attached to the main pin. However, here you need to put some extra effort while designing the creatives – once joining the Pinterest race, you eventually end up chasing the saves.

Types of ads supported: Standard, video, shopping, carousel, collections
Target audience: 18-29 / 35-49 y.o; 70% female; suburban US areas
Advertising cost: CPC $0.10-1.50
Affiliate-marketing friendly: Yes  
Proficiency level required: High
Ads’ effectiveness: High

Reddit Ads

Not quite a social network, yet definitely the most social platform on the list, Reddit receives more than 21 billion monthly views with more than 430 MAUs. What’s interesting about Reddit advertising is a dramatic gap in male and female audience. While girls are saving Pinterest boards, boys are reading subreddits. I’d say, if you’re advertising a male-centered product, Reddit should be your go-to Facebook ads alternative. Here’s some more detail for you to gorge on:

Types of ads supported: Promoted link, promoted text, display
Target audience: 18-29 y.o.; USA; 49% to 69% female to male ratio in the USA
Advertising cost: CPM $0.75 (self-serve), $5 (sponsored links)
Affiliate-marketing friendly: Yes  
Proficiency level required: Medium 
Ads’ effectiveness: Medium 

Non-social Facebook Ads Alternative

Don’t forget that affiliate campaigns thrive outside of social media too! There are dozens of promising traffic sources that offer display and push advertising for less experienced and established affiliates. Everyone needs to start somewhere and it doesn’t have to be social media. Here are the for-the-win traffic sources you could try to use for your native advertising. 


Revcontent specializes in content marketing. With them affiliate marketers from all over the world can have their ads displayed on premium websites to grow audience, create brand loyalty, and increase revenue. 

Types of ads supported: sponsored social, in-feed native, native search, in-ad native, promo listings
Publishers supported: Lost Angeles Times, CBS Interactive, The Miami Herald, Nasdaq, Tommy Chongs & more.
Advertising cost: CPM $0.10-0.30
Affiliate-marketing friendly: Yes  
Proficiency level required: Medium 
Ads’ effectiveness: High 


Affiliate marketers of all sizes love Oubrain. And it’s not an ad – it’s a fact. You will find dozens of courses teaching you how to build a fortune with this ad network alone, and – with the right strategy, a bit of luck, and a powerful ad tracker by your side – you actually could do just that. The platforms offers its advertisers more than 290 billion monthly discoveries on premium websites. Frankly, if you were looking for a perfect place to start with native advertising – your search is over.  

Types of ads supported: native smart ads, video smart ads
Publishers supported: CNN, BBC, El Pais, and more.
Advertising cost: min campaign budget: $10/day or $300/mo; CPC $0.03. 
Affiliate-marketing friendly: Yes  
Proficiency level required: Medium 
Ads’ effectiveness: High 


Taboola is a world leading native discovery platform. What it means for you, as an advertiser, is the possibility to reach premium publishers and for your offers to be visible to over one billion relevant users across the world. It’s a powerful platform dedicated to helping you with building brand awareness and lead generation.

Types of ads supported: Native & Social, video, product
Publishers supported: The Weather Channel, NBC, CBS News, USA Today & more.
Advertising cost: starts at $10/day
Affiliate-marketing friendly: Yes  
Proficiency level required: Medium 
Ads’ effectiveness: High 

Discover full integration with ad networks with Voluum & VoluumDSP

Outbrain, Taboola, Revcontent, and many other premium native ad networks are fully integrated with Voluum Ad Tracker. This makes tham even more attractive Facebook ads alternative. Why? Let me quickly explain.

Voluum Automizer to the rescue

Atomizer is a power tool which basically does all the hard work for you. It gathers the data on your campaigns’ performance, analyzes it, and adjusts your campaigns accordingly. With it you can create auto-rules, auto-update costs, change bids, and much more from a single platform. And thanks to a full integration with aforementioned traffic sources, you can do all that in one click!

Voluum advertising banner here (a bright one) 

Voluum DSP for the win

If you’ve been advertising online for some time now, you must have come across some demand-side platforms. Instead of searching for the perfect ad network you can access the best of them in one place. Thanks to DSPs advertisers can buy ad space for all their ads from many different sources. 

Our friends from Voluum DSP explain it better in their own blog – make sure you give it a read at some point, it’s a goldmine of native-ad knowledge! And don’t waste any more of your time, sign up to Voluum DSP, and find your own favorite Facebook Ads alternative today! 

Just give it a try. And with Voluum you can achieve even more, as we cooperate with the most popular traffic sources in the world to make sure you advertise only high-quality convertible offers! 

Get Voluum now and see for yourself!

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