Why Use Voluum and Outbrain Together? How To Start The Money-Generating Engine?

Most digital marketers know that effective tracking, optimization, and campaign management are as important as a reliable stream of traffic. Luckily for them, Voluum and Outbrain both excel in their respective fields. This makes Voluum a perfect addendum to Outbrain, and Outbrain a prime traffic source for Voluum users.

Combining the capabilities of both platforms can bring numerous benefits to marketers, leading to more effective campaigns and higher returns on investment (ROI).

Brief Overview of Voluum and Outbrain

Voluum and Outbrain are common ingredients of many successful campaigns. Here’s a breakdown of what makes each platform great.


Voluum is an advanced ad tracking platform that allows digital marketers to track, analyze, and optimize their advertising campaigns efficiently. It offers real-time reporting, extensive reports, bulletproof tracking and automated features to improve campaign performance. Voluum is widely known for its user-friendly interface and a wide range of features that cater to the needs of both affiliate marketers and media buyers.


Outbrain is one of the leading native advertising networks in the industry. It specializes in content discovery and distribution, helping marketers reach their target audience with engaging and relevant content. Outbrain’s platform is designed to drive high-quality traffic to websites, promoting brand visibility and enhancing audience engagement.

Key Benefits of Using Voluum and Outbrain Together

As you can see, Voluum and Outbrain look like natural partners. Here’s a breakdown of all benefits that using Voluum and Outbrain in your campaign funnels may bring:

Full Integration and Control

The full integration between Voluum and Outbrain allows marketers to have complete control over their Outbrain campaigns within the Voluum platform. This integration ensures seamless synchronization of campaign costs, publishers, sections, and ads, providing a comprehensive overview of campaign performance.

Enhanced Reporting and Optimization

Voluum’s extensive reporting and optimization options complement Outbrain’s native ad campaigns, enabling marketers to analyze data and make data-driven decisions effectively. The combination of both platforms empowers marketers with actionable insights to fine-tune their campaigns for maximum ROI.

Bid Management and Campaign Control

With the integration, marketers can easily adjust bids for Outbrain campaigns directly from the Voluum dashboard. This centralized control streamlines the campaign management process and saves marketers the hassle of jumping between various browser tabs.

Automated Rules and Alerts

Voluum offers a powerful automation module that is tightly integrated with Outbrain campaigns. Marketers can set up automatic rules and alerts in Voluum to launch set actions when set parameters of Outbrain campaigns are met. For example, pausing campaigns with low conversions or adjusting bids based on ROI performance.

Traffic Distribution AI

Voluum’s Traffic Distribution AI feature can be used to automatically redistribute Outbrain traffic to the best-performing offers, landing pages, and paths or automatically A/B test these elements. This optimization tactic ensures that the best performing components of the campaign receive the most traffic, increasing payout.

Anti-Fraud Protection

Voluum’s Anti-Fraud Kit can be applied to Outbrain campaigns to detect suspicious visits or clicks. This helps maintain the integrity of the campaign data and ensures that the performance metrics accurately represent genuine audience engagement. Additionally, it helps to protect your offers and by extension, your reputation in an affiliate network.

Customizable Alerts and Whitelists/Blacklists

Using Voluum’s whitelists or blacklists, marketers can control where their ads are displayed, ensuring ads are shown on high-quality websites while avoiding low-quality sites.

Voluum helps to get the best out of Outbrain

The integration of Voluum and Outbrain offers digital marketers a powerful toolkit to optimize their native ad campaigns, gain valuable insights, and automate their campaigns’ run.

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