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It’s natural to want to share great products and services you discover and use. With the Voluum referral program, you not only gain satisfaction from sharing but you can make money on top of your affiliate programs or blog income.

What is Referral Marketing?

Referral marketing is one of the most trusted forms of advertisement. Referral programs are designed to incentivize existing clients to refer their friends to buy a product, use a service, sign up for some form of subscription etc. They usually go with commissions or other incentives for participants. Among the most common benefits for brand ambassadors, you can find monetary and non-monetary rewards, such as a free month of subscription, free samples of the product, the percentage of the sales or freebies and extras.

The Core of Sharing

One of the studies run by the New York Times Consumer Insight Group identified five major reasons people choose to share something with others. For almost 50% of respondents, sharing is about letting other people know what the reviewer care about as well as affecting new opinions or encouraging action in others.

If you had a good experience with a particular brand, wouldn’t you want to share it with your friends that are looking for a similar service? What if, on top of that, you would be rewarded for promoting the product you love?

If you were looking for a solution to a problem you’re having and your trusted friend recommended a service that he was using, wouldn’t you give it a try?

If you were running a business, wouldn’t you look for new ways to introduce consumers to your products or services and reward your satisfied and loyal customers who are spreading the word about your brand?

Put simply, sharing is a natural mechanism for human nature. It is easy to recommend a product to others and make referrals as it is a win-win mechanism.

Voluum Referral Program Simplified

At Voluum, the referral program offers a 20% lifetime commission for each recommended user who signs up through a referral link.

Conditions of participation are simple.

You need to have a valid Voluum account. If you used to have one but at the moment you don’t and you would still like to share your past experience, simply let our Customer Success Team know and they will create a special Voluum referral account for you.

If you are a Voluum user, sign in to your account. Your referral link to recommend Voluum can be found within your account in Settings, in the Referral Program tab. Copy one of the two unique links: the first one leads to the Voluum website and the second to the Voluum registration page. Those links are needed to accurately identify and attribute leads to referral partners.

To help your network discover Voluum, you must send your unique referral link to the person receiving the recommendation. Every sign-up from these links will be permanently associated with your account. Even if a visitor to these links doesn’t make an instant purchase, they will have a 30-day cookie placed on their devices, so you may see also delayed referrals.

Your commission is made of two parts. A 20% lifetime commission and one-off bonus commissions.

The 20% commission received is calculated on the new customer’s recurring charges, depending on the plan user subscribes to. A user, that subscribed to Premium plan you will bring you 20% out of $1,499, which gives $105 per month. The commission is available for the lifetime for each invoice generated per each referred customer, which means that if a user stays with Voluum for the next 12 months on Premium, in total, you will get $1,260 ($105 x 12 month) for one recommendation.

The one-off bonuses are calculated each month based on the total number of new clients you refer. To keep things simple, you only get one bonus and it applies across plans so the more clients you refer in one month, the higher your bonus. For example, If you refer 3 Annual Entry plan clients (total value $1764) and 5 monthly Basic plan clients (total value $1120) in one month, you have a total of 8 new referrals. This gives you a 10% bonus on every client’s plan ( $2884 x 10% = $288,4).

The commissions that you earn can reimburse part of or even your entire subscription. If you’re not subscribed to any paid plan at the moment, or if your referrals are higher than your monthly subscription, you can also withdraw the money, by logging a ticket with our support and requesting to pay out. Don’t forget to send us the invoice!

You can find all the conditions in the Terms and Conditions or Voluum Referral Program page.

Share the experience

There are multiple ways you can share your Voluum referral link. You can do it by simply sending an email to a friend, posting your experience on Facebook, tweeting out a case study link to your followers, or building an onboarding series of blog posts. No matter what resources you may need to create your own content, we are at your disposal. So, just let our support team know and we will be there to help you and answer questions.

Picking the right channels may be crucial for your success, so grab these 5, the most popular methods used by others, and get inspired!

1. EmailEmail is one of the most personal ‘online’ ways to promote a product to friends. If you can find people in your contacts list who may be looking for the solution you promote or who may not be aware of the benefits that the product brings, put them on your mailing list. Keep the email simple and before you emphasize the motivation to purchase, describe the pros and cons of the product you’re using. Don’t spam your recipients with multiple emails. Send 1 short email per user then try to follow up.

Instead of dozens of emails in a row, try some long-term actions. As an example, instead of a one-off email directly promoting the product to your recipients, use your email signature as a promotion space. Set the link in your footer and promote the product while replying to the messages you receive on a daily basis.

2. Share on social media – Don’t forget about the power of social channels. This is the easiest way to spread the world with your referral link. You can not only easily find a huge audience there but also provide your recipients with the option to re-share your link. Don’t focus only on your Facebook profile. If you are a part of any Groups or forums, these are also great places to go to share your experience (and referral link).

3. Create a case study – Share the experience, not the product. Even though sharing is caring, describing the product or service may not be enough for your audience. Highlighting what’s included in the subscription you promote is way less powerful than bringing the theory to life. Building a case study that highlights the impact of the product on your life to show others how they can project your success in their lives.

4. Go offline – Word of mouth is still king. Going offline followed by online activities will bring better results than just online promo. Ask your friend who may be looking for the right solution about his needs. Understand which elements are the most important for the potential new user and use them in your online communication.

5. Add a banner or link to your website – Apart from one-time posts or email series, there are some long-term actions that you can take. Put a banner or link on your website and increase your reach by exposing your visitors to the product you promote. You never know who may be in need of getting a decent tracker!

You can also contribute to creating content on our channels and take a crucial role in brand communication. Use your content to not only promote the product but also increase your online brand visibility. As a Voluum referral partner, you can create a guest post on our blog or simply get your testimonial posted by us. We will share it with our audience for a wider reach.

Interested? Let your Customer Success Manager know and we will take it from there.

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