The Differences Between Ads in Digital Marketing pt.1 (Display, Email)

The Differences Between Ads in Digital Marketing pt.1 (Display, Email)

Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing. If you’re reading this article, it must mean you’re at the very beginning of your online advertising path. Whether you’re a publisher – looking to monetize your website or an app – or an advertiser – eager to invest in the promotion of your product or service – the Internet carries a plethora of marketing opportunities.

The traditional platforms of advertising are very costly, and their recipients usually aren’t your target. Let’s take radio as an example. Not only will you pay a fortune for just a few seconds of airtime but also there is a chance no one will care about it. Well, unless you’re selling something that taxi drivers may be interested in.

Let’s establish one thing for starters – to reach the right target group, you practically must choose online advertising over traditional ads. The question is: which kind of digital ad fits you most and if you’re looking to monetize, rather than advertise, which kind will bring you most profit without negatively affecting the user experience? Let this article set you on the right track.

Display Ad

Display Ads

In most instances, display ads are all the banners you can find embedded in a website. Those banner ads may have different dimensions and formats. They can be a wide picture linking to the webpage of your choice, a small, animated square, or even a video. The variety of formats and combinations is quite impressive.

Usually, the bigger the banner, the higher the price. So the advertiser’s decision regarding the size needs to be made based on the budget. Publishers need to remember that offering plenty of ad space is a quick way to monetize, but also to repulse the website’s or app’s users.

Banner ads can be somewhat effective in building brand awareness, but truth be told, they leave a lot to be desired in terms of conversion. The phenomenon called banner blindness makes the value of banner ad format fall each year, especially with the emergence of more efficient solutions.

Web-users simply ignore banners and their lookalikes, because there are so many of them, and they became used to the fact that such graphic objects, which don’t bring relevant content, simply exist on websites.

There is a chance that some will see your logo on the banner and later it will make a difference, eventually leading to a conversion. But the chances of somebody actually interacting with your banner ad are so slim, that you would be better off by not buying the ad at all if conversions were your main aim. You’re simply too likely to spend more money on impressions before one would convert into a sale than you would make from this one conversion.

So, summing up, display ads are recommended to the marketers whose brands need more recognition. Otherwise, they’re not worthwhile. For publishers, they’re not too good either, as they aren’t highly profitable and make your website less clear.

Email Ad

Email Ads

This kind of advertising, part of email marketing, is technically speaking free of charge (unless you’re paying for services of a third-party company to send out batch emails). This takes the publisher side out of the equation. The ad recipient’s e-mail service provider serves as the publisher in this case.

E-mail ads are the emails containing a commercial message, notifying about current promos, including special offers and so on. They can be aimed at the subscribers of your service/product or people who have never even heard about your company.

Since it’s basically free, it can be profitable, but the conversion rate is low, and people don’t appreciate being bugged with content they don’t want to see in a personal setting, so rather than boosting your brand, you might be digging yourself a hole. That’s why it is of utmost importance to deliver well-designed and exciting content.

What Are The Alternatives?

In part one of this article, as you probably noticed by now, we’ve mentioned the traditional ad formats of online advertising. Both email and display ads are extremely popular, but their efficiency leaves a lot to be desired. What’s out there to choose from, if you’re in need of cost-effective advertising solutions? Head over to part two of this article to find out! 

Key Takeaways:

  • To reach the right target group, online advertising is the only option.
  • Display ad format can be effective for building brand awareness, but they aren’t likely to convert directly.
  • Email Ads are the emails containing a commercial message, notifying about current promos, special offers, etc.
  • The conversion rate of email Ads is low.
  • While sending email ads, you should be careful about the content.


Are you curious about Pop and Native Ad Formats

that could help you to achieve success?

Look at part 2 now!

  1. Thanks for such a relevant information. This blog will really help every digital marketer at beginner level. But what I suggest is that at the very first beginning understand what do you want to do or what your client needs in digital marketing for their business. And then explain to them what strategies you are going to apply for their business. Always do satisfy your client and always be very transparent to your client.
    some digital marketing tricks I suggest:- 1. social content will get more importance 2. mobile optimization is more important 3. Voice search function also gaining prominence 4. Content aggregation will become bigger and better 5. Local SEO is now a necessity

  2. I am currently looking into digital marketing, but I wasn’t sure how to start out. I have always seen the ads on the different websites and wondered how they got there. I thought everything would cost the same because it was all the same. That isn’t the case at all given that bigger is higher in price! This is some nice stuff to know before going into digital display media marketing.

  3. This will definitely help every digital makerter at the beginning.

    Display advertising comes in several forms, including banner ads, rich media and more. Unlike text-based ads, display advertising relies on elements such as images, audio and video to communicate an advertising message.

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    I have gone through the article and I find it is very informative. it is expressing the right comparison between the different types of ads. A person can run number of ads on the internet and reach the targeted customer. Different types of ads have different impact on different types of business. There is not fixed impact on the business. It depends on the type of business and the result they want from the ad. So, it varies with the circumstances. Display ad will be useful to the extent of brand awareness not for getting the conversion rate.

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