Tracking Down Success: Why 95% of Affiliates Fail But You Shouldn’t!

Converting Media: Affiliate Tracker case study

More than 95% of new affiliates fail because they can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, with the right tracking platform, planning your path to profits is easy.  

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the biggest hurdle is getting started. It might sound trivial, but with so many things to think about including offers, landing pages, websites etc. it can feel like you’re in over your head. That’s why it’s important to have all of your information in one place. 

Converting Team knew that from the very beginning, which is why they decided to invest in a tracking platform they could trust. 

About Converting Team

Starting in 2016 as a private CPA network, Converting Team has grown into an international company with more than 30 employees working round the clock to develop a network that focuses on compliance without sacrificing conversions.  

As an affiliate network, Converting Team has worked with many different verticals and affiliate offers. Recently though, they’ve been focusing their attention on finance offers in the US.

Today, most of their advertising and testing is run on Facebook, but Converting Team is also no stranger to Google, as it’s their platform of choice when it comes to their own brand advertising. 

Why Converting Team Needed a Tracker: The Challenge

We all know that the hardest part of affiliate marketing is finding the right offers to promote and coming up with the right marketing angles for campaigns. Converting Team was no different.

Depending on the offers they’re testing, Converting Team uses a wide range of target audiences. Their main goal is to find the right audience for the right offer, so that they can provide their affiliates with a head start for their campaigns. 

Not having a tracking system in place means you don’t have one source of truth for all your data. Every affiliate needs one single place where all of their profits are calculated

They knew that investing in an ad tracker was essential for running a successful affiliate business, whether you’re a one-man team or an entire affiliate network. 

Converting Team was looking for a solution that would meet several specific requirements: 

  • Simple campaign dashboard;
  • Many reporting options which help you while digging for the affiliate gold;
  • No redirect tracking – It helps to get your campaigns approved by traffic sources.

They got all that and more!

How Voluum helps Converting Team skyrocket their performance 

Converting Team relies on our platform mainly to test offers before they go live with their affiliates. Voluum also helps them to test the efficacy of landing pages so that they know which ones to recommend to their affiliates.   

Converting Team works with different traffic sources, yet most of their work is done across Facebook, Google, and native ads. 

Yet, for them, Voluum is much more than just a way to gather traffic and campaign info.

Voluum for Advertising Optimization

Tracking software doesn’t really help with marketing itself but it helps you to make better decisions, because you can view your data more easily and get effective breakdowns. Being able to see what’s working and what isn’t, enables Converting Team to optimize their campaigns for better results. 

While it’s not possible to put a precise figure on how much revenue we have generated as a result of using Voluum, we wouldn’t have been able to optimize as effectively, and optimization is everything when running campaigns  

Converting Team’s Favorite Voluum Features

Converting Team highlights several features of our tracker they are particularly satisfied with: 

  • Campaign and lander optimization: thanks to Voluum, Converting Team have been able to optimize their affiliates’ campaigns and landing pages more effectively;
  • Whitelisting/Blacklisting: this feature enables them to manage all their traffic placements smoothly; 
  • A/B testing: Voluum allows them to run tests automatically and easily to determine which of their campaign paths perform best; 
  • Rule-based traffic distribution: with customized rules, they’re able to deliver the right message to the chosen audiences, ultimately lowering costs and maximizing budget. 

Converting Team + Voluum: Love At First Sight  

Converting Team had been working with Codewise before, so when they found out that Voluum ad tracker was coming to the market, they instantly decided to give it a try.  

There was no need to use any other tracking tools, it was love at a first sight

It was the first program they tried and yet they chose to stay with us throughout the years. 

You know, sometimes you simply don’t need to play the field. 

When it’s a match – it’s a match.

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