Best Courses to Master Facebook Ads (now Meta Ads)

If you’re looking for some cool courses to help you master Facebook Ads (now Meta Ads) in no time, you came to the right place. Because today’s post is all about that. 

By the way, if you’re interested in something beyond Facebook advertising, I wrote a whole separate article about the best sources & courses for mastering digital marketing, make sure you scan through it! Or check out our recent post about the hot alternatives to Facebook Ads

But yeah, back to Facebook. Before I feed you a hand-picked list of the best Facebook Ads (Meta Ads) courses available online in 2023, let me ask you one thing. 

Do you even know why everyone’s going after the big blue F? 

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Why Facebook (Meta) Ads

What you probably know is that Facebook is big. 2+ billion monthly active users big, to be more accurate. 

But that’s just that. Everyone knows that. In fact, I can’t even link that data to a specific source anymore because it reached the point of becoming general knowledge. Everyone is on Facebook and that’s why marketers can’t let it go past them. 

At the same time, lately Facebook compliance team has been acting up when it comes to affiliate offers, its advertising cost is far from the lowest, and there are many other sources of native traffic you could use instead with less headaches. All those are perfectly legit concerns. And yet, here we are talking about Facebook Ads (now Meta Ads) like the only panacea to poorly converting campaigns. 

So before you start wondering is it all really worth the hustle, let’s have a look at some data regarding Facebook and its advertising potential. 


Facebook users are some of the oldest on the Internet. In fact, users aged 65+ are the fastest-growing group on Facebook, while the platform’s popularity among Gen-X-ers has dropped (roughly 50% of teenagers still using Facebook actively these days). 

Moreover, most of Facebook MAUs are from the outside of the USA, with Asian-Pacific users comprising almost 42% of its entire audience. 

Facebook is very popular with people from high-income households (74% of US adults with incomes $75.000+ have said to use Facebook). 

And, lastly, the platform is more popular with women (75%) than men (63%) (Source).

So, I guess, you could say that the average Facebook user in 2023 looks like a rich middle-aged Asian woman. But who’s generalizing? 

If you want more info regarding the typical Facebook users, or better yet, Facebook users who have clicked on your own Facebook Ads (now Meta Ads) campaign – get an ad tracker, like Voluum. It can gather all the granular data, like geo, device type, and more for each separate user, for you to target your ads more effectively. 

So, as I’ve just said, it’s not all about the demographic differences. 

Facebook Ads (Meta Ads) Statistics 

Facebook is a social media platform which is mainly experienced from mobile devices. This is exactly why almost 94% of all Facebook Ad revenue comes from mobile.

Here’s some good news for you: as of 2023, the average CPC is $0.88 and is decreasing.

At the same time, the overall Facebook Ad impressions have increased almost 37% the same year. 

This basically means that you’re now paying less to earn more. Cool beans! 

So I guess it’s time to talk about actually learning how to make big bucks with Facebook Ads (now Meta Ads). Let’s go!

Best Facebook Ads (Meta Ads) Courses

Now, I’m being a realist here, so chances are this is not the first Facebook Ads article you’ve come across in your search for a perfect class. I get it. No hard feelings.

But I want to save your time and mine, so instead of listing dozens of Udemy courses, I’m gonna focus on the cream of the crop of available educational materials. And to make things extra special, I’ll try to narrow my list down to one course per platform (unless I absolutely have to break this rule). 

Discover Online Marketing Courses for Facebook and Instagram (Facebook Blueprint)

If you want to learn Facebook Ads (now Meta Ads) – why not learn from the platform itself? Facebook Blueprint is a completely free source of materials that aims at helping you grow your business marketing skillset. You can select among a wide variety of available courses, but some of them open and close depending on the demand, so don’t get discouraged if the course you were hoping for will not be available at hand. 

As a part of Facebook Blueprint program, you are choosing among several different product-specific courses, rather than a single complete overview. As such, you can select a particular part of Facebook Ads (e.g. Ads Manager, Business Manager, Ad auctions, etc.) or dive deeper with more result-oriented categories (e.g. targeting, lead generation, ad formats, ad management, etc).   

Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Guide 2020 (Udemy)

Before you decide a course rated 4.5 out of 5 is not worthy of your attention, think about this: it has 25.000+ reviews from more than 200 thousand students from all over the world. I hope I don’t have to tell you how many people that actually is.

This Course Envy’s program is brand new (updated February 2023), takes roughly 12 hours to complete, and focuses on crucial Facebook Ads elements like: 

  • Overview of Facebook Ads Manager & Facebook Business Manager;
  • Sales funnel awareness, retargeting, and conversion;
  • Mass posting; 
  • Facebook Pixel & other forms of tracking your ads’ performance;
  • Key Facebook ad strategies….

… and more! 

A quick disclaimer. 

If you are planning on tracking your Facebook Ads (now Meta Ads) – and you really should be, but more on that later – try using external tracking software, like Voluum. Voluum tracking pixels are just better that Facebook’s they rely on 1st party cookies and provide more accurate measurements.

If you go with Voluum, you won’t be limited in your advertising to one platform (OK, two, if we count Instagram) and you’ll be able to optimize your ads straight from the tracker. Neat, right? 

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Advertising on Facebook (for Beginners) (LinkedIn Learning)

A thing about LinkedIn Learning is that most of the time it’s not cheap. But you can occasionally grab a real deal by matching your skillset to the sphere you’re interested in. Another important feature is that LinkedIn will automatically modify your skills and certificates upon a course completion. So if you want a proven demonstration of your Facebook Ads (now Meta Ads) mastery – this is one way to go. 

As aimed at beginners, this course will provide you with some general knowledge like: 

  • How Facebook Ads (Meta Ads) work;
  • How to create and launch a successful Facebook ad;
  • How to interpret your advertising data;
  • What some of the best practices for getting started in the field are.

If you’re looking for something more specific, LinkedIn Learning is also offering an Advanced version of this course. This one focuses on more complicated parts of Facebook Ads, such as:

  • Business Manager;
  • Practical Ads and campaign management strategies;
  • Facebook Pixel;
  • Custom Audiences;
  • And some proven advanced advertising techniques. 

Creating Effective Paid Ads on Facebook (CreativeLive)

You may have heard of CreativeLive, you may have not. I, for example, haven’t. But being the diligent writer that I am, I went on and did profound research on the topic. And let me tell you, if you already know a thing or two about advertising on Facebook but struggle with creating an effective ad that will actually stand out from the competition and convert – this is the course for you! 

Instead of focusing on the boring instrumentality behind Facebook Ads (Meta Ads), Billy Gene teaches you how to create a compelling experience for your customer. As you could guess from the platform’s name, this course is much more about creativity, which is why a decent chunk of lessons is dedicated to:

  • Identifying ideal customer experience;
  • Creating a landing page;
  • Working on ad creatives;
  • Establishing sales relationship;
  • Developing upselling and retargeting formulas,

And more! 

I wouldn’t treat this course as the ultimate solution to all your Facebook Ads (now Meta Ads) struggles, but it can definitely be a powerful addition to help you take your creative marketing side to a new level. 

Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Guide 2022 (SkillShare)

If you were looking for a free opportunity to work with one of Facebook Ads (now Meta Ads) experts – this is your lucky chance. Justin O’Brien specialized in Facebook Ads marketing and is offering his knowledge for free in these 48 lessons (11 hours long). With this course, you can work directly with Justin, ask him questions, and even complete class projects. 

You will be learning all Facebook Ads (Meta Ads) practical essentials, like: 

  • Facebook Ads Funnels;
  • How to apply each marketing objective correctly;
  • Creating a successful business page on Facebook;
  • How to scale, split test, and analyze Facebook ads…

… and much more!

On top of that, Justin also talks about similarities in Facebook and Instagram advertising, so if you’re paying enough attention, you can kill both birds with one stone. 

WordStream’s PPC University Facebook Ads course

Wordstream has plenty of resources for PPC marketing, social media in general and Facebook-oriented courses. It’s a course hosted by various influencers that discuss a wide variety of topics: from writing compelling content to optimal ad delivery.

This course (or should I say: a bundle of courses) is great even if you have already dabbled in Facebook advertising a bit. Most advertisers don’t know all the tricks that allow them to leverage Facebook’s myriads of options to their advantage. They haven’t testem them. But you know who did? The influencers from Wordstream’s course!

Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Guide 2023

If popularity is a good indicator of quality, then you should be confident in the quality of this course. With over 100,000 students, it is one of the more popular ones. Run by a successful entrepreneur, this course is the collection of practical tips that will help you master Facebook advertising.

Although it is not cheap and there are some free alternatives on this list, the Mastery Guide has a lot of arguments for the investment: in is constantly updated to match any changes in Facebook, it offers the support of the course’s host and it is designed to be a comprehensive guide to setting up a successful online business.

Get more from Facebook Ads (now Meta Ads) with Voluum Tracker

Facebook is a very powerful marketing tool. That’s precisely why so many advertisers want to run their campaigns exactly there and what brought you to this blog post in the first place. The only problem with Facebook is that it’s just that. One platform. And any professional digital marketer can tell you that you need far more than that to become successful.

Chances are you already have an account at one of the affiliate networks, have tried your luck with a couple of ad networks, or even subscribed to a DSP. Can you imagine the headache you’d have to live with every single day now that you’ll add Facebook Ads to the mix? Endless spreadsheet, constant worry, no sleep, and failed conversions. 

That’s why you need an ad tracker 

Imagine having all your campaigns, regardless of the traffic source, easily stored, overviewed, and managed from one platform. Not every tracker can cope with that. Fortunately, Voluum can! 

With Voluum, you get instant control over your entire advertising. You can set rules to pause of activate your campaigns whenever anything changes in your performance; you can trust our AI to do the tedious optimization work for you; and with Facebook you don’t even have to set much up – thanks to our integration most of the job is already done! 

You can read more about setting up a truly successful Facebook Ads (Meta Ads) campaign here, but you know what they say: seeing is believing. If you’re still not certain if opting in for an ad tracker is right for you and your business – check out our extensive article on the importance of tracking. And, yeah, if you do decide to give ad tracking a chance – you already know what’s the number one industry player 😉 

Sign up to Voluum and experience the full power of digital advertising!

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