Affiliate marketing gambling: Top 10 programs & industry insights

affiliate marketing gambling

Guess what? Turns out you don’t have to be a high-roller, poker ace, lottery king to make money off the gambling market. Affiliate marketing gambling is the perfect way to reap profits without the risk of gambling it all away!

Of course, like any business venture, there is some risk involved – but the money you make certainly doesn’t depend on a slot machine. Your online gambling affiliate business depends on how you invest your time, money and attention. 

And the best way to start is with a solid knowledge base… which is what I’m here to offer 😉 That, and a winning affiliate gambling program! And we’ve got 10 of the best online casino affiliates programs here, so you’re definitely in the right place! 

Online casinos & gambling industry

There is essentially not a corner of the Earth where gambling and betting games do not exist in some way shape or form. And like most things today, gambling has flourished online. From casino game apps to video poker games, sports betting, to crypto casino games – there’s something out there for anyone looking to test their luck.

The global online gambling market is worth billions of dollars – around 262 billion USD to be more exact. The gambling affiliate marketing industry usually hits its highs during sports betting seasons as these are some of the most popular and mainstream online ways to gamble. Though the holiday season usually forces a dip as people spend their money elsewhere, the gambling market continues to stream billions. 

Making gambling one of the most reliable and lucrative verticals out there.

affiliate marketing gambling

And how has the coronavirus impacted the online gambling industry? Though it did leave an initial dent in profits in 2020, in the long run the pandemic sped up the digitization process. What’s more, plenty of casinos and tourist spots were forced to close or atleast limit participation due to pandemic restrictions – pushing more people to satisfy their gambling urges online. 

What’s more, the popularizing bitcoin casino brand has enabled people to pay with cryptocurrencies on poker sites and in gambling games making the industry even more innovative. Also, poker sites and online casino services have managed to create much more secure gaming environments. 

Affiliate marketing and the online gambling market

So how does affiliate marketing fit into this billion dollar industry? That’s what every affiliate marketer wants to know of course 😉 Because even though most of us might not be high-rolling gamblers, card players or bookies, affiliate marketers know there’s a way to get a slice of those profits…

Affiliate gambling payouts

There are three main models for online casino affiliates to make their money:

  • CPA: cost per action. Affiliate marketers get paid every time they manage to convince a user to complete a certain action like visit their website.
  • CPL: cost per lead. Get paid every time a user fills out a form on the affiliate website, providing some set of contact information.
  • Revshare: revenue share. Affiliate marketes make a share of the revenue the user generates for the company. However, revenue generated for the given gambling company means a negative balance for the user. If the user makes money, that can mean money taken away from you…

Negative carryover: unfortunately with the revshare model, you can also lose money if one of your users makes a lot of money. Your balance can be depleted by very ‘successful’ clients. Of course, as we all know, this isn’t necessarily the most common or possible fate for most casino-goers. 

Thus, it shouldn’t be an automatic turn off but something to consider. For example, some gambling affiliate programs wipe your negative balance every month while others don’t. This is certainly something to consider when choosing an affiliate program.

One of the great parts of the affiliate gambling sector is that with experience comes insider deals through affiliate programs, closer connections to casinos, and best of all, better commission rates

gambling casino affiliates

Essential affiliate marketing gambling tools

Like any affiliate marketing venture, tracking is essential. Without tracking every aspect of your campaigns, you won’t know what parts are actually working and which are wasteful. An affiliate marketing software like Voluum is not only one of the best tracking tools, but also helps you optimize and automate your gambling affiliate campaigns. 

And Voluum is where you’ll be able to track your traffic to find the highest-converting pockets and best sources. But we’ll get more into specific traffic details in a moment.

Before we do, we should talk about another potentially indispensable affiliate platform: a DSP (demand side platform).

A DSP allows digital marketers to buy and manage multiple sources of traffic in one platform. For example, you may have 4 traffic sources for only gambling offers, such as: Mopub, RevContent, MGID, and Pubnative. These 4 traffic sources on their own will give you access to geos from the US, CA to LATAM, APAC and parts of Africa as well. Average CPM ranges from $0.15 to $0.6, depending on the source and geo of course.

Online casino users: finding traffic

Finding traffic for your casino offers doesn’t have to be very hard. There is a certain set of demographics to easily identify gamblers and once you find a good source, you’ll often have returning customers.

First of all, the most typical set of online gamblers is composed of males, aged 25 to 45 who are economically relatively well-off. Online gambling geo-wise is also most prevalent in english-speaking countries while the sports-betting industry is strongest in Europe. 

This is where a traffic source like Zeropark can help: with their premium pop traffic and targeting options, you can easily convert gambling affiliate marketing users – and at a good price.

Also, your trusted Voluum Tracker will be essential here to target, manage, track and optimize your campaign to find the best-performing sources.

Legal issues & compliance

One of the most difficult parts of affiliate marketing gambling however is compliance! The gambling vertical is riddled with regulations, and not all of them are so straightforward. Some of the main policies you should be 100% clear with: Ad Exchange compliance policy, Traffic Source compliance for gambling affiliate marketing, the DSP compliance if you use one, and the regulations surrounding online gambling and casino games in the given Geo and even specific Region. 

In fact, a lot of gambling platforms don’t even operate in certain geos and parts of the world. Don’t make the mistake of spending money on a campaign promoting an offer that won’t even work for your users! Pay close attention to where your offers are valid and allowed.

If you violate any compliance policies, you risk not only your campaign getting shut down, but also your account getting blocked and even losing your profits. Needless to say: that would be bad. So do yourself the favor and thoroughly research and adhere to gambling affiliate marketing programs rules and regulations.

Be a casino affiliate expert…

If you’re confused on any of the basics of affiliate marketing, or have lingering questions that weren’t answered in this brief overview, download our free Ebook or, sign up to our free Affiliate Academy with video lessons, reading materials, quizzes and more! 

casino affiliate marketing programs

Top 10 Gambling affiliate programs

We’ve selected the top ten affiliate gambling programs. They’re listed in alphabetical order so no preference in terms of ranking. 

Some of these gambling brands are widely known and others are very specific to the gambling niche. Gambling offers vary based on affiliate networks. However, the online gambling world is certain to provide some decent monthly commission payouts if you play your cards right 😉

The most important things to consider among these casino affiliate programs are your experience and time available to invest and optimize campaigns. These affiliate marketing programs offer some pretty high commissions for affiliates, you just have to be wary of the terms and conditions.


7StarsPartners is a home of sports and casino offers. It attracted over 5,000 affiliates already and if you decide to join them, you may benefit from up to 45% or even 60% commission rate on the revshare model for casino offers (30% – 45% on sports offers).

Commission structureRevshare
Commission amountUp to 45 – 6-%
Negative carryoverNo


This online casino, sports betting & online poker platform offers plenty of games for users as well as CPA deals for affiliates. Though the CPA model is just about the second most common model for gambling affiliate payouts, it still is not that common as revshare is so much more prevalent. With 888, you have a clear CPA payout structure available.

Commission structureCPA & Revshare
Commission amountUp to $200 Up to 40%
Negative carryoverYes

Bet 365

The UK-based sports betting company is one of the most well-known gambling websites in the world. Both European and US visitors are welcome here and they can visit Bet 365 for online casinos and play online games. They have a great, functional mobile platform which is great for both mobile and desktop campaigns.

Commission structureRevshare
Commission amount30% 
Negative carryoverYes

Bitcoin Penguin

At Bitcoin Penguin you can pay with… cryptocurrencies, surprise! Use BTC, LTC, ETH or Doge to play casino games: casual, roulette, poker tournaments, card, and slots. Their casino affiliate programs focus on revshare and boast a pretty high percentage.

Commission structureRevshare
Commission amountUp to 50%
Negative carryoverYes


The Malta-based online casino Casumo offers a variety of games to play: video slots, jackpot games, live casino, online card games, table games and betting. 


Founded in 2014, FortuneJack is the oldest bitcoin casino out there. Bet on sports, play casino games (live ones too), dice games, and their Provably Fair games.

Commission structureRevshare
Commission amountUp to 60%
Negative carryoverNo

GG Affiliates

GG Affiliates is the advertising division of a popular esport brand. But this program offers not only esport deals. You can also find casino offers that use CPA model (sport/esport offers use revshare).

Commission structureRevshare/CPA
Commission amountUp to 60%
Negative carryoverYes


PoshFriends is an affiliate network for recognizable gambling brands, such as JoyCasino or Casino-X. The former targets CIS and Europe while the latter – Europe and Russia.

PoshFriends support many money transferring services. There’s no negative carryover and the commission rate for RevShare model is up to 35%.

Commission structureRevshare
Commission amountUp to 35%
Negative carryoverNo

William Hill

William Hill is a London-based platform mainly focused on betting. Bet on live sports events as well as football and horse racing. They also have a wide selection of casino games available including live ones.

William Hill’s variety of gambling affiliate programs is great for beginners who aren’t sure with which to go with. 

Commission structureCPA, Revshare & Hybrid
Commission amountUp to 30% revshare 
Negative carryoverYes


V.Partners is a direct advertiser of popular gambling brands such as Vulkan Vegas, ICE Casino, Verde Casino and Vulkan Bet. They work with revshare and CPA cost models. V.Partners is a compelling gambling affiliate program for international advertisers, as it accepts traffic from over 50 countries.

Commission structureCPA and Revshare
Commission amountUp to 50% revshare 
Negative carryoverYes

So take the first step to becoming a big-time casino-gambling affiliate with even bigger profits! Start your campaigns on the right foot with Voluum!

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