Top 15 Native Ad Networks

Native advertising keeps proving that it’s here to stay. The format is a powerful tool in any professional marketer’s arsenal. The article below will give you a look into the best ad networks to pair with your offers.   

Native Ads Keep Taking Over

Nowadays, native advertising should be a pivotal part of every successful marketing strategy. Native ads mimic the surroundings they appear in to be as undisruptive and discreet as possible to catch and hold a user’s attention. 

This level of familiarity ensures high engagement and accurate brand positioning. It was pretty obvious that such an agile ad format that offers so many possibilities will become the most popular way of advertising in the modern digital world.

It was already predicted in 2019, that almost two-thirds of display ads spending will go toward native ads in 2020 – and it did. According to Publift 74% of total US display ad revenue was generated by native ads in 2021.

Increasing dependency on mobile devices worldwide creates another ongoing trend – both advertisers and publishers bet on programmatic buying and mobile. Generally speaking programmatic advertising has been growing at an impressive rate in recent years. It went from 65B in 2020 to 81B last year and according to Improvado 2022 will bring it closer to 100B which means that almost 90% of all ads in the US will be bought programmatically. 

While Facebook and Google are unquestionably the biggest sharks in the pool of ad revenue generators, native advertising keeps bringing other fish to the sea that are just as effective and competitive. Top native ad networks have built their brands investing more and more in contextual targeting, brand safety, deep personalization, advanced targeting and retargeting options.  

With all that being said, we thought giving you a detailed look into the best native advertising networks and first-class options out there may come in handy. 

Taboola – Content Discovery & Native Advertising

Reach: 1.4 billion unique users per month, 10,000+ premium publishers and brands, 44.5% of the world’s Internet population reached

Traffic: tier 1 geos like US, UK, JP and FR and many more

Targeting options: location-based, device, operating systems, publisher blocking, audience (both by onboarding first-party data or using marketplace audiences directly accessible in the platform)

Top websites: NBC, MSN, USA Today, Business Insider, Bloomberg, CBS News, and Fox

Taboola has become the largest discovery and the world’s leading native advertising platform. Above all, it helps people to explore what’s interesting and new in the world of web content and enables both the publishers and advertisers to buy, sell and grow their traffic in scalable and profitable ways. 

The platform matches brands with the audiences that are most receptive to new messages, products, and services. What’s most important, it provides the websites those audiences trust the most. Taboola ad platform also offers an advanced level of monetization opportunities for publishers, mobile carriers, and other digital properties.

Taboola’s native ads can be found mainly within customized widgets on the bottom, top, or side of the website as content recommendations or within the general news feed. 

This native ad network should be chosen by those of you interested in positioning and building a strong brand through personalized native ads across premium websites. If you’re up for reaching marketing KPIs at any stage of the purchase journey, or you want to promote exclusive, white-hat offers, Taboola can get you there with the right mix of audience segmentation and broad reporting to constantly improve your native strategies. 

Having control over your ad spend and your KPIs in line is essential when starting your native adventure. Taboola’s in-house targeting options and comprehensive reporting allow the users to fully control their native advertising campaigns through determining ad spend and performance goals to editing campaign elements. Such solutions are crucial to ad campaign efficiency and marketing strategy improvements. 

Additional perks: full control through comprehensive reports on campaign performance, optimization and scalability, smart bid automatization, flexible ad creatives, data-rich recommendations

As you can see, Taboola is a great source of traffic. What is even better is the fact that they’re integrated with Voluum which means you’ll be able to combine Taboola’s power with our anti-fraud kid and automizer feature and so much more for better performance but less work. You can check it out here.

Outbrain – Recommendation Platform Powered by Native Ads 

Reach: 290M native stories delivered each month, 1.8B daily pageviews, ability to reach 1.3 billion people worldwide (from 55+ countries), 3x higher time-on-site than banners, 5x higher ad visibility than banners

Traffic: 50% of their traffic comes from Tier 1 geos like US, UK, JP, and FR

Targeting options: location-based, device type, operating system, browsers, interests, advanced audience targeting, retargeting (custom audiences)

Top websites: Hearst, CNN, Men’s Health, Sky News, BBC, The Washington Post, Le Monde

Outbrain is a leading self-serve native advertising platform. With an estimated current annual revenue of $136.7 million, the company serves over 3 trillion ads to 1.3 billion unique users, generating more than 9 billion conversions worldwide each year. 

Outbrain helps brands, agencies, and advertisers connect with one-third of the world’s consumers engaging with content on the open web. And this is exactly where this ad exchange’s strengths lay.  By teaming up with many leading niches and top publishers, Outbrain’s users can show their ads to high-quality audiences via an extensive five-star publisher network. Let’s take Sky News, for example – the website boasts of over 10 million page views per month.

Outbrain’s native widgets take the form of “in-feed” ads, search & promoted listings, video ads as well as content recommendations. They consist of an image and a headline and a brand logo, fitting perfectly into the editorial content flow. 

As an advertiser, you should consider signing up for this discovery & native advertising platform if you’re looking to create engaging content on the open web as well as deliver performance goals and expand your audiences wisely and efficiently. Outbrain will enable you to promote your brand through the biggest premium native openweb inventories on the market. What’s more, you’ll be able to achieve your marketing goals in a fraud-free web environment. 

Additional perks: smartfeed, lookalike audiences, data marketplace, bid strategy, native smartads, storytelling with native video, Outbrain carousel ads, wide range of deal packages, flexible access to Outbrain full portfolio of inventory through leading DSPs

Outbrain is another ad exchange that should be on your mandatory list to be tested, especially if you are looking for top-shelf traffic.

Outbrain also made the list of Voluum’s integrations. If you’re using Outbrain + Voluum you can automatically redistribute traffic to the best-performing offers, landing pages, and entire paths with our Traffic Distribution AI. 

MGID – Native Performance & Programmatic Advertising Platform

Reach: 850M unique visitors monthly, 32K content websites, 60% average higher CTR than display, 185B content recommendations monthly, 31650+ publishers all over the world

Traffic: Europe, the USA, Asia-Pacific and more

Targeting options: location-based, browser, browser language, devices & operating system, mobile connection

Top websites: International Business Times, MSN, The Week, Newsweek, HITC, Inquisitr

MGID is a global award-winning innovative pioneer in native advertising. The platform helps publishers retain audiences and monetize traffic. It drives performance and awareness for brands by connecting them to unique audiences at the right time and with the right content. It’s present worldwide, but it holds the largest share of traffic within the European region. Founded in 2008, the company has offices in the United States, Ukraine, Vietnam, Indonesia, Italy, and India. 

MGID’s native ad formats include smart, in-content, and sidebar widgets. As an advertiser, you can also take advantage of the native video format and create highly engaging content, or you can focus entirely on smart widgets delivering tailored messages during the user’s online journey.  

Inside the platform, you’ll be able to optimize your active campaigns as well as keep track of performance by analyzing the data regularly (daily, weekly, and monthly). Intuitive reports will provide you with insights and statistics from different targeting categories (geos, OS versions, devices, etc.). This is also where you can access selective bidding to exclude publishers and adjust CPCs for specific placements or targeting options. 

The key takeaway here is that this platform is super affiliate-friendly. While the previously mentioned native ad networks are characterized by very strict compliance policies, with MGID you can try to monetise and promote a broader range of offers Another important thing is that approximately 70% of MGID’s traffic comes from smartphones, which makes its inventory suitable for mobile advertising. 

Additional perks: selective bidding, dynamic retargeting, smart engine optimization with stats integrated with Google Analytics, dayparting/schedule for your campaigns, limits to your campaign by clicks, budget, conversion

MGID is a complex affiliate-friendly platform that offers some optimization rules to set up like auto-blocking, auto-bidding & fixed bid. However, Voluum’s Automizer  gives you something extra that helps you optimize huge amounts of traffic on a daily basis via our API integration with MGID. Real time reporting based on 30+metrics and alerts so you will immediately know what’s going on with your campaigns. 

Revcontent – Content Marketing, Native Advertising & Discovery

Reach: 180mm – 500mm daily impressions, both for Mobile and Desktop, with 0.42% – 1.52% CTR and $0.01 – $0.20 CPCs

Traffic: 50%+ premium US traffic, large audiences in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Portugal, South Africa, Germany, Brazil, France, and many more

Targeting options: location-based, site & placement, device & operating system, ZIP & DMA, brand, topic

Top websites: Forbes, Los Angeles Times, CBS Interactive, USA Today Sports, Tribune Media, Nasdaq

Revcontent is a leading content marketing platform. Specializing in content discovery, the company uses high-tech software and expert partnerships to help advertisers and publishers connect with a quality target audience and monetize their experience.  

Revcontent cooperates with brands, media publishers, affiliates, and more. The platform advertises itself as the provider of high-quality traffic. In fact, this fastest growing native advertising network rejects a vast majority of publishers for not complying with their quality standards. This makes their advertisers sure to receive the world’s leading publisher sites. Simply by taking such an aggressive approach in terms of supply and demand, Revcontent’s tier 1 publishers have seen a 117% increase (and still growing) in ECPM since Q1 2018.

Revcontent recommendation units can take the form of Native, Video & Display ads to appear in a variety of placements around the world’s leading media websites; primarily in-feed or below editorial content. Native ads can be further characterized as stacked ads, ads below content, ads in sidebar, and ad midstreams. Quite importantly, their native widgets are fully customizable, guaranteeing a seamless experience for online audiences. 

Revcontent should definitely be considered by those of you who bet on a strong brand awareness being translated into high performance from the very beginning. 

This native ad network aims to maximize user experience and engagement with higher revenue, publisher control, and audience engagement tools that provide an additional revenue stream to the publishers. What will matter to the advertisers is that Revcontent allows you to choose between the 2 bidding models: CPC – standard cost per click and vCPM – cost per 1,000 viewable impressions. 

Additional perks: granular brand-safety and content quality controls, unique first-party demand, real time reporting, premium partnerships, white-glove account management, domain & placement level transparency, built in bot & fraud prevention, push notification traffic

RevContent is a good choice for verticals such as nutrition, e-commerce, insurance, and many more.

However, many advertisers’ problem is the inability to target placements with whitelists/blacklists before a campaign starts buying traffic. This is where Voluum comes to the rescue, allowing you to target both external whitelists/blacklists and those lists of placements created in the panel thanks to a transparent view of the available inventory. Running ads will be a lot easier with us!

Adyoulike – Native Technology Platform

Reach: 50 DSPs connected, 50B impressions per month, 3000 direct premium publishers, 99.5% ad inventory directly sourced, 200M unique visitors

Traffic: rich media websites – GQ, Cosmopolitan, The Independent, The Hook

Targeting Options: OS, device, IAB categories, user’s data profiles and AI recognition of key-words and feelings in editorial contents

Top Websites: CNN, Rolling Stone, Bloomberg, Aol., The Guardian, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, ESPN, MSN, Marie Clair, The New Your Times

Adyoulike is the European leader in native advertising technology, serving over 50 billion native ad impressions per month. This particular advertising option enables brand advertisers to scale their native advertising campaigns across premium and niche publishers. Launched in 2011, Adyoulike keeps holding the position of the most sophisticated supply-side native advertising platform on the market, offering programmatic native advertising at scale. 

The first thing you get to see when you visit their website is the following notion: Native, Reinvented. And this is basically what Adyoulike is all about – scalability through engaging and seamless storytelling on the open web, powered by artificial intelligence and semantic targeting. 

Adyoulike native ad platform is compatible with all forms of native ads. You’ll find native display, native stories, native video and native social within their creative ad portfolio. The native ad network bets big on defining a semantic context for native advertising campaigns using keyword recognition and programmatic activation.  

The platform specializes in offering AI driven solutions to advertisers and publishers for monetization of the online ad space at scale. With an extensive native ad portfolio in place, the platform should be definitely considered a powerful link between you and a premium in-feed native inventory. The reporting is also here. Adyoulike allows you to track impressions, clicks, CTR, and in case of native video: video impressions, video start, and video completed time. 

Additional perks: limitless integration through js DFP, header bidding (prebid, index exchange), more than 50 DSPs connected, real time platform, transparent margins, server to server compatibility, one placement, many ad formats, maximum monetization, fraud free ecosystem, Adyoulike clipr platform to build and amplify your revenue streams through social stories on the open web

Triplelift – Programmatic Advertising Platform Reinvented

Reach: Integrated with major DSPs including AppNexus, The Trade Desk, MediaMath, Turn

Traffic: the most premium sites – including 79% of the comScore 100 – to offer a better user experience, all around the world, more than 300 billion times/month

Targeting options: Country, Os, Browser, Device, Region, Dayparting, etc.

Top websites: BuzzFeed, USA Today, CNN, eBay, BBC

The groundbreaking native, video and display ad platform came to life from the idea that ads aren’t served in the right way to the right people. The result was TripleLift, an innovative ad network focused on reinventing ads with technology.

TripleLift’s core principles of direct relationships with publishers, diversity across all advertising channels and ad design that is both eye-catching and informative was and still is its main drive. 

The proud winner of multiple industry awards, TripleLift is a great place to make your brand visible, attractive, and engaging. No matter what resources you have at your disposal, TripleLift’s advanced features can make your creatives look unique and fit perfectly no matter the context. It’s a proprietary technology called Computervision that discovers the most important parts of your creatives and crops the image in a way that it doesn’t feel out of place.

The reasons why you should trust TripleLift’s company: zero resold impressions and no low-quality sites. This makes TripleLift a safe place for such renowned brands like Toyota, Microsoft, Hilton or BestBuy. 

If you are worried about invalid traffic then rest assured, TripleLift has got you covered. By partnering with WhiteOps, it can pre-scan bids to eliminate those of suspicious origin.

Additional perks: computer vision, automatic templating, visual effects on video, stylized video scale-back.

AdUp – Native Advertising Customized

Reach: 2,467,000 views per month

Traffic: Adup’s primary traffic source is from Germany based publisher and therefore is an ideal network for advertisers and publishers who are dealing with German speaking traffic

Targeting options: Country, OS, Device, Region, Dayparting, Keyword targeting, Native Retargeting

Top websites:,,,, Trivago,,, Spiegel Online, sport1 and other from the Axel Springer portfolio

This German based, travel-oriented ad network allows you to tap into its exclusive and most converting placements. AdUp’s technology ensures that your content is always displayed correctly, no matter the context. Your ads will always fit and feel relevant.

Sprinkle this with the addition of geo-targeting and dynamic names and you get yourself a content discovery platform that delivers both on technology and supply sides.

AdUp provides you with bot-detection technologies to protect your budget and your brand. It utilizes statistical methods to find potentially fraudulent traffic. 

How does it work? AdUp uses keyword targeting to match your ads with the context of the website or with the user’s search query. This is further fuelled by AdUp’s optimization technology that can operate on semi-auto or full auto levels. The semi-automatic (assisted) optimization protects you from overspending, while the fully automatic optimization takes care of the CPC bidding for you. It adjusts your bidding strategy to reach the set CPO.

Apart from keyword targeting, AdUp allows you to manually select concrete publishers and sites for your ads. This can vastly increase your reach.

To squeeze the most of your traffic, AdUp has rich traffic retargeting options that can show other ads to visitors that have already engaged with your content.

Additional Perks: automatic or assisted campaign optimization, slim or pro traffic retargeting, direct placement

Yahoo Gemini – Native Advertising

Reach: 2 Billion Ad impressions per day, 1 Billion monthly active users, 165 Billion daily intent signals

Traffic: More than 50% of traffic comes from the US, UK, and France

Targeting options: Country, OS, Device, Region, Dayparting, etc.

Top websites: ESPN, ABC News, Apple News (in select locations), and MSN

Yahoo Gemini is an ad network that offers its users both native and search traffic. The platform gets a steady stream of over 60 billion ad impressions per month from premium owned and operated sites, as well as from its big publishing partners. 

It supports various non-intrusive ad formats that blend your ads with their surroundings for the smoothest ad experience. With just one ad set, you can advertise your brand on a mobile device, increase online sales, promote an app, and much more.

To get you started quickly, Yahoo Gemini offers an easy Google Ads data import feature, as well as an option to import ad data from Excel. Starting a new campaign is also easy. While you set up your traffic targeting options, you can see traffic estimations, so you know right away what kind of volumes can be expected.

Nativo –  The Leading Native Advertising Platform

Reach: 75% brand engagement lift, 23% lower CPA, 15% higher video view rate, 2x higher CTR

Traffic: Over 600 brands and 400 publishers

Targeting options: Country, OS, Device, Region, Dayparting, etc.

Top websites:,,,,,,

Nativo’s goal is to reinvent native advertising with tech to enable the delivery of your content into the feeds of premium publishers for a maximally engaging experience.

The way it does that is by leveraging their unique, interactive and immersive ad formats that both stand out and feel in-place when scrolling through publisher’s content.

One of Nativo’s main selling points is it’s cookie-free ad delivery technology that future-proofs your campaigns to this more privacy-centered era. Nativo boasts that even today, over 75% of their ads do not depend on cookie technology.

Ad delivery is not the only place where Nativo shines. It also provides you with an intelligent insights mechanism called Native IQ that gives you a deeper look into your campaign’s performance and evaluates you and your competitor’s content using standard engagement metrics.

And be sure that this content will be delivered swiftly: Nativo has partnered with major content delivery networks to enable the quickest load times and snappiest response.

Additional perks: Nativo Edge, Nativo IQ

Sharethrough – Human-Centric Programmatic Advertising 

Reach: 350 billion monthly impressions

Traffic: Over 12k sites and 30 plus DSP integrations

Targeting options: Country, OS, Device, Region, Dayparting, etc.

Top websites: New York Post, CNN, USA Today, Rolling Stone, Cnet, Forbes

Sharethrough’s mission is to ensure the preservation of the open Internet by providing technology for engaging and non-intrusive ads that will fund it. Being one of the bigger players in the native ads industry, Sharethrough has the right inventory and tools to deliver on its promise.

Firstly, it provides you tools to make the best ads possible. Features like headline analyzer of native ad generator enable you to craft attractive content with just a few clicks and minimal creative skills.

Then, the SmartSuite set of features will take care of the bidding strategy for you. Once you’ve made sure that your ads will appear in the right place for the right price, the TrueTemplate technology will make sure that their looks will match its context.

Sprinkle some ad enhancements on top that bring out what’s best in your ads – and you’ve got yourself a one-of-the-kind ad experience.

Additional perks: headline analyzer, ad enhancer, ad generator, ad suite

Liveintent – Organic People-Based SSP

Reach: +250M unique users monthly across over 200M devices and over 10B+ monthly impressions available to our third-party demand partners.

Traffic: 2000+premium publishers

Targeting options: audience targeting (lookalike audiences, dynamic audiences), 

Top websites: Traveler, Delish, Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Conde Nast, Meredith, Cosmopolitan, Business Insider, Reader’s Digest, NBC Universal, Sports Illustrated, TechCrunch, Esquire

LiveIntent is an organic people-based SSP, solely operating within the sphere of email communication. The network has exclusive relations with 2000+ publishers and brands most of which use LiveIntent to monetize their native and display inventory via email newsletters. As email is a logged-in environment, Liveintent claims that all their inventory is 100% responsive and predestined. 

LiveIntent oftenly defines itself as a provider of people-based marketing, serving solutions to allow marketers to be present where people are paying attention, no matter what they are engaging with. Email is believed to be one of the most engaged marketing channels, some may even say that it’s way more engaging than social. Familiarizing yourself with Liveintent’s  background, it shows that the SSP works only with the publishers who meet high content quality standards. That usually translates into high performance rates no matter the vertical. 

“We have seen marketers working in Finance, Travel, and Business services have extraordinary success, which makes sense given that Executives are twice as likely to get their news from email rather than social.  We’ve also seen Direct to Consumer brands have extraordinary success as of late on our platform, which is a direct result of the fact that email sits at the center of a marketing plan where you are focused on people, not devices”. Nelson Montouchet, Director of programmatic partnerships at Liveintent

Ok, so how does the email traffic work exactly? 

There are a few steps that need to occur before an ad is served on LiveIntent:

  1. A user needs to sign up to one of our publisher’s email newsletters (and confirm their email address)
  2. The user then has to log into their email provider
  3. Finally, the user has to open up the email and click on “download images” (if the email provider supports it).

Only then is the LiveIntent ad call made and an ad served. Such an ad serving process ensures that any fraud can be eliminated easily, it assures satisfactory engagement rates and what seems to be the most important for you the advertiser, there are no wasted impressions (As mentioned before, an ad is only served when a user opens the email). Sounds awesome, right? 

From the advertiser’s perspective, we’d definitely name 3 main advantages of exploring native email traffic: it’s entirely incremental to any inventory you can currently buy on the Web, it’s entirely fraud-free and through it you’re able to reach publisher’s best users (people who have raised their hands to receive their trusted publisher’s content). 

Where would you position programmatic buying of email traffic on the palette of digital advertising? (top markets, main challenges, etc.)

Top market is the US, where the majority of our 250M unique people reside. 

Inventory is about 65% Mobile, which makes sense when you think about it since email works across every device, channel, and platform.

Because email is a different, cookieless environment, it requires a different way of thinking about attribution. Successful marketers can’t rely on third-party ad servers like DCM for accurate reporting. They need to go back and examine post-impression conversions in their DSP. Post click conversions activity will work as expected in both the DSP & Ad server.

Additional perks: extensive knowledge base for both publishers and advertisers available online.

Adsterra – Well-known Mobile Ad Network with a Personalized Approach 

Reach: 30 billion monthly impressions, 70% of all traffic is mobile

Traffic: 18,000 + direct publishers worldwide

Top apps: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat

Adsterra is a world-renowned brand with a good reputation, recognized by many bloggers and affiliates. Their mission is to help advertisers meet their KPIs and grow ROI, while publishers get maximum eCPM with easy-to-use advanced traffic solutions.

This network offers several ad formats like video, native or push as well as social bar which is fully customizable and can take after any behavior including conversational flow. Adsterra’s top verticals include: VPNs, Utilities, Subscriptions, Sweepstakes, Dating, Gambling.

Advertisers working with Adsterra can choose between several solutions to ensure a smooth workflow like intuitive self-serve platform with automated onboarding and live-chat support or working with a personal manager.

They’re very serious about taking measures against fraudulent traffic and scams. In order to detect, prevent, and fight fraud each website and campaign is thoroughly inspected through Adsterra’s in-house security software, reliable third-party solutions, and a human review.

Additional perks: 20+ targeting filters, Traffic Estimator – their custom tool that gives you an estimate on how much traffic you’ll get based on your current campaign settings.

MoPub – In-App Monetization for App Publishers 

Reach: 1.4 billion mobile devices around the globe, 2 billion ad auctions each day, more than 550 million unique devices reached each month through 130+ partner demand-side platforms

Traffic: world’s top 50,000+ mobile apps and developers

Targeting options: Audience solutions & custom user targeting (curated Inventory Packages), Connectivity & Carrier Targeting, Additional Geo-targeting, Negative Keyword Targeting 

Top apps: Viber, Badoo, ShareIt, TextNow, IMO, CallApp, AskFm

MoPub, a Twitter company on average reaching $100 million monthly revenue, provides monetization solutions for advertisers, mobile app publishers and developers around the globe. Being a part of the Twitter family comes with many benefits including access to shared resources and an advanced infrastructure as well as data and privacy protection. MoPub as a network mediation solution and a leading mobile programmatic exchange,with years of expertise in mobile app advertising, allows publishers to maximize their ad revenue and improve their user experience. It is the leading mobile in-app RTB exchange which programmatically connects buyers to over 55,000 mobile apps on more than 1.4 billion mobile devices around the globe, conducts 2 billion ad auctions each day, and reaches more than 550 million unique devices each month. The company enables marketers, agencies, and ATDs to access this supply through 130+ partner demand-side platforms (DSPs).

When it comes to a broad range of robust ad formats, MoPub offers a scalable, measurable, and high performing opportunity for brands and performance marketers looking to extend their video strategies. This is where their mobile video format comes in. The in-app video format is fullscreen, sound-on, auto-play, and integrated into the user experience, which means users are likely to be more engaged.

Apart from video, MoPub offers banners, native ads, interstitials and rewards. 

All of the above ad formats guarantee playable and non-disruptive user experience by matching the look and feel of an app’s user interface. MoPub’s ad standardization allows advertisers to scale ad content across every app by automatically re-assembling creative components to match the app’s unique design and layout.  

Now, more about mysterious Inventory Packages, designed to address the targeting and measurement needs of buyers through power originating from a single Deal ID. To grasp on this interesting targeting opportunity, let us emphasize first that they are  powered by the big players such as Twitter, Comscore, AppAnnie and Integral Ad Science. Powerful data enables reaching the most adequate audiences. So this is all about tailored viewability, brand safety, performance, and app rating. To put it simply, inventory packages allow buyers to target specific segments of in-app mobile inventory programmatically and in real-time. Inventory Packages are curated based on shared characteristics that matter most to marketers, such as inventory type, context, performance indicators, and audience demographics, and are available to all buyers through the MoPub Demand Platform.

With fraudulent traffic being an industry-wide concern, traffic quality has been a top priority for MoPub from the beginning; the in-app monetization ad exchange relays on multi-step approach to ensure traffic quality, including publisher vetting, pre-bid threat prevention, proactive post-bid prevention monitoring, and policy enforcement leveraging Twitter’s global Policy Operations organization. 

Additional perks: PMP deals, Whitelist deals

Engageya – Native Advertising and Content Discovery Platform

Reach: over 40 billion monthly impressions

Traffic: over 4000 publishers globally

Targeting options: geo and vertical targeting, fully customizable widgets (content showing in native languages)

Top websites: Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Haberler, Haber Turk, RTA, NTV, SonDakika, Sporx, CNN Greece

EngageYa is a SaaS platform specializing in user retention and native advertising, actively focusing on Non-English territories. The platform works with premium publishers and top media houses. Today, EngageYa is the leading native ads tech company. They generate over 40 billion impressions each month across more than 4000 websites (supporting both desktop and mobile versions). 

Engageya’s native advertising platform gives advertisers unparalleled reach to target audiences in emerging local markets and new revenue opportunities by extending their brand reach to a wider and more receptive audience. By choosing this ad network you’re able to control and manage every aspect of your online campaigns to maximize ad revenue potential. The fully customizable and zero-maintenance widget creates relevant content recommendations that natively integrate on to the content of the pages. It’s not only about the nature of the native ad format, in this case it’s also about your ads appearing in the native language of the user. 

Additional Perks: risk-free payment model; only pay for positive ROI, real-time dashboard to track campaign performance (i.e. imps, clicks, etc.)

Teads – The Global Media Platform 

Reach: over 1.9 billion people every month

Traffic: ver 75% of the Comscore 300 editorial publishers globally

Targeting options: cookieless targeting, Predictive Audiences, Advanced Contextual targeting, interests and demographics 

Top websites: The Washington Post, CNN, BBC, Forbes, Huff Post, Vanity Fair, Bloomberg, Vice, Business Insider, BuzzFeed

Teads is a leading monetization platform for the open web inventory, constantly forming steadfast partnerships with the world’s most prestigious publishers, gathering over 75% of the Comscore 300 editorial publishers globally. With the strongest reputation for both in-article and editorial content monetization, Teads is the premier global monetization partner for publishers. The ad exchange enables both publishers and advertisers to leverage their marketing endeavors thanks to video, display, native and social ad formats. The platform aims at a non-disruptive ad experience placed in the middle of premium editorial content. 

What’s interesting and worth mentioning here, in the world of playful but sometimes invasive online advertising, Teads is keeping all their video ads sound-off by default. Moreover,  the promoted content itself must pass the platform’s high standards for brand safety & quality. 

As a ready-to-use tool, Teads empowers publishers to optimize their properties and monetization process through in-depth traffic monitoring, real-time reporting/analytics, and troubleshooting + optimization tools (Brand Safety, IVT, User Consent) are seamlessly integrated into UI, and incredibly easy to use. As for advertisers, the Teads Ad Manager Campaign Reporting Dashboard helps to monitor campaign’s pacing at line item level and provides enhanced performance charts and analytics. What is more, TAM allows users to generate real time reports and unify all reporting into one interface for seamless access to campaign metrics. 

It’s definitely worth mentioning that TAM has been developed as a cookieless environment, which translates into seamless targeting options such as Predictive Audiences and Advance Contextual targeting as an extension to platform’s non-intrusive personalisation. 

Additional perks: Teads Ad Manager, Site list inclusion and exclusion, possibility to test your assets within inRead publisher environment through Creative Preview, Bulk Editing of line items, Creative Bulk Uploading, Website Tier Selection – Publisher Inventory, Campaign Change, History (Audit Log), Capability to get only Incremental Traffic, Performance formats built for Traffic Acquisition, Optimization on Quality Traffic. 

When buying Teads traffic ad impressions are measured as viewable (viewable CPM = vCPM) – you pay only for the viewed impressions which guarantee that the ad has been seen by a user. This definitely increases the quality of the overall traffic. 


If you want to make the right choice for native ad platforms that suit your marketing needs, make sure to do thorough research on your own before subscribing to any platform. 

Signing up to a couple of native advertising platforms or using various traffic sources may seem a bit excessive with limited budgets when you’re just starting. That’s more the reason to remember about proper tracking. Voluum enables you to control campaigns with traffic from many sources and manage your native advertising campaigns from one UI. 

When using a tracker like ours, you can optimize for high-quality traffic tailored specifically for your performance-oriented and brand-aware campaigns. And just so you know, Users keep telling us that Voluum’s support is the best one on the market. 

Our system is easy to operate, offers customizable dashboards and custom conversions reports. From the beginning, the platform has been focusing mainly on delivering a huge variety of optimisation features, real-time reporting, giving you full transparency and complete control over your ad spend as well as numerous scaling options. 

If you want to run native ads campaigns, there is no better tracking solution than Voluum.

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