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Voluum was born out of the necessity of having an ad tracker but came to be something much more versatile. In its core, Voluum is an information tracking and management system for online marketing campaigns. As such, it can be used in many different scenarios.

So what if I told you  that Voluum can provide a framework for building your very own partnership network?

After a short setup, Voluum can act as a fully functional smart link and analytics system to manage traffic from your partners, separately from your affiliate work.

Who is this article for?

Voluum-based partnership network suits best people who work with partners or influencers, deal with significant amounts of traffic, yet are below pricey custom-build solutions. 

The simplest cases can be served with our $99/mo pricing plan, the universal solution that covers most needs costs 279$/mo. We can also deal with highly customized cases that work with 8-10 figure traffic volume.

No matter if you already know Voluum, track affiliate traffic with it, and want to have a small partnership program on the side, or if you are a media buying agency that is looking for an API-accessible traffic management engine to connect their own front-end to –  Voluum will do the job.

Parnership network build on Voluum is already working well according to our satisfied customers of various sizes.

I just wanted to spread the word as we see a growing interest among our customers in this topic in the last 6 months.

Why Voluum?

Voluum has an established reputation of being the most reliable marketing tracker. 

👉 It is used by Unilever, a Fortune 500 company.

👉 It has 100% uptime since 2015.

Despite its many features, Voluum still can be set up and operated with just a few clicks. That’s all you need to create detailed performance reports for each of your partners that have over 30 data variables that Voluum fetches on its own.

Voluum already can:

    • Track millions of clicks and create advanced reports with grouping or drill-down options.
    • Manage workflow between you and your partners by creating workspaces for each scenario/partner.
    • Handle traffic from few or many partners.
    • Show you if you have any bot traffic and help you eradicate it.
    • Provide an API access to connect with third party platform and customize setup.
    • Record conversions using postback, pixel, or API.
    • Alert you when set conditions are met.
    • Share live data with external users without them having to sign in to Voluum with reports that have your logotype (white label, optional).
    • …and more.

All the pieces are already here.

So, why not Voluum?

How does it all work?

We have a few setups possible depending on your business case, but the most common one boils down to three steps:

  1. You add your offers to Voluum.
  2. You add your partners as sources of traffic to Voluum.
  3. You create a campaign in Voluum to generate smart links and set up conversion tracking.

Your partners then put the Voluum-generated smart links under the ads or inside their own tracking system.

That is it. From now on, you can see the traffic coming one way, and conversions going the other way.

The best thing is that Voluum is a cloud-based solution, so you don’t have to worry about things such as servers or hosting.

The detailed explanation on how to set up Voluum as an affiliate network can be found in our knowledge base

What can you do with data?

Imagine that one of your partners, James Brown, had 35k conversions on desktop alone in May. His report would look like this:

Do you want to let the rest of your partners know how well he’s doing? You can generate a link to the special report and share this link with others.

It sure will keep your partners motivated and make it easier for you to manage them and set their individual targets!

They know you see the same numbers, so both sides are aware of how things are going.

You can also request a white-label solution for this report, so your brand will be visible for your partners without them even knowing that Voluum is behind this.

Do you want to know how much you paid your partners last week?

Or, better yet, how much did you earn because of them?

There are so many patterns hidden in data. Maybe some of your partners work better in a specific GEO, while others can make only one-offer type work? 

Uncover these patterns to work more efficiently. Or simply keep track of how big commission you have to pay to your partners. 

There Is More to Voluum Than Just Reports

Voluum is a feature-rich platform designed to deal with typical problems that arise when you manage online marketing campaigns.

Having a very custom case? Let’s get in touch for a free consultation with our expert – we’ll do our best to deliver a solution you’ll love.

Bots are not a problem

There is the sophisticated fraud that is on the verge of passing the Turing test. Not much can be done with this one. But the majority of bots behave in a characteristic manner.

❌ They click very fast and very often.

❌ They come from known data centers.

❌ They don’t introduce themselves properly.

Voluum knows all their tricks and marks such traffic as suspicious.

Performance drops are not a problem

Whenever you think about something important happening with your network, it’s always something bad. Your partner’s performance drops dramatically or the whole traffic stops. You never think about the good stuff.

Voluum can warn you when both of these occasions occur. You can set personalized alerts to receive by email or on your mobile.

Performance  drops? You can react.

Traffic stops? You already know what to do.

Scaling up is not a problem

We have already mentioned Voluum’s robust infrastructure, right? But that’s not much of a consolation when your business grows and you have to click all over the interface.

Voluum’s API actually allows you to do even more than that via its interface. You can even build only the front-end of your custom data management platform and let Voluum be the back-end of it.

Affiliate Network Voluum

If I got you interested, but you still have some questions, let’s discuss the answers. Just book your 20 min free consultation.

No case is too specific for us.

If you already use Voluum as an ad tracker, but want to expand your business to running your own network, let me invite you again to our knowledge base.

Already decided? Please join in!

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