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Ringba, Everflow & Voluum Team-Up to Bring 20% EPC Increase in Legal Niche

  • EPC 20%

If you’re having legal troubles or seeking legal advice, or compensation, AffiMedia operates various brands that offer help in that matter. You might be familiar with, a brand owned & operated by AffiMedia.

Besides that, they have offers in different verticals where they use the same solution as presented in this case study.

AffiMedia uses a variety of traffic types to reach out to prospective claimants. The problem in such a case is, as always, optimization.

What AffiMedia struggled with was optimizing existing flows without having too much manual work involved, as well as combining all metrics from various platforms in one source of truth.

The complexity rises when you consider that AffiMedia works with Ringba, a phone tracking service, and Everflow, a partner management platform.

AffiMedia discovered Voluum roughly 2 years ago, and put it in the center of everything, as a campaign management & optimization platform.


AffiMedia is an ad agency that uses Social, Native, SMS & email traffic, along with partner traffic, to advertise offers from the legal niche. The company uses Ringba as a phone tracking service and Everflow to manage its partners.


The challenge was to test landers and offers in the same campaign and on the same traffic, instead of creating separate campaigns for testing. Additionally, the challenge was in getting all data in one place for better analysis & optimization.


Use Voluum to record conversion data from Ringba and pass it to Everflow, and to A/B test offers and landers.

Voluum feature

Anti-Fraud Kit / Automation / Collaboration Tools / Conversion tracking / Integrations / Reports & Analytics / Rule-Based paths / Traffic Distribution AI


20% increase in earnings per click plus an additional 2 hours of work per day saved.

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The challenges of the legal niche

People in need of legal help or involved in mass tort cases are disturbed, fragile, and the last thing they want to see is the wrong offer. They seek comfort, confidence, and advertisers need to make sure that they deliver that.

AffiMedia, an ad agency that deals with customers involved in mass tort cases or seeking legal advice, wanted to optimize their campaigns for the best experience and, obviously, highest profitability. This was a challenge, as they had a lot of moving parts to consider.

Firstly, AffiMedia relies not only on paid Social, Native, SMS & email traffic, but also on partners. Those partners need to be managed & monitored.

Secondly, the company needs to track phone calls, as they are an essential part of their business case.

To tackle these issues, they started using specialized platforms – Everflow for partner management and Ringba for phone call tracking. And those platforms needed to be accounted for in their search for the best way to optimize campaigns.

Voluum was the first and only tracked the company considered. 

How everything works together

Voluum sits in the middle of the whole setup: it records phone calls from Ringba as conversions and then it passes profitability data to Everflow.

Having all that data allows Voluum to unleash its optimization superpowers: testing landing pages and offers on the same traffic and with the same settings, so the results are comparable. AffiMedia was able to optimize campaigns for its paid channels and for partner traffic.

Voluum can not only randomly rotate pages and offers, it can also employ machine learning to do so in the most profitable way – automatically. The powerful reporting engine allows advertisers to tailor data to their liking. In the case of AffiMedia, they set up a custom column with Ringba PPC to track additional revenue to their partners.

With multiple partners, campaigns, offers and pages, Voluum was the only way to keep everything afloat and profitable. Its flexible nature means that the platform can be easily connected with other solutions – such as Everflow and Ringba in this case.

“We were able to increase the overall EPC quite a lot after massive on our legal flows. And Voluum helped us doing this easily and get insights in the CTR’s of our pages and funnels, and made it a breeze to optimize accordingly.”

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