Redefining Performance Marketing, Again

Robert Gryn Voluum

What initially started off as a tool that was built for my own use, turned into a powerful solution that revolutionized the performance marketing industry. That solution is Voluum, and we’re taking it to yet another level.

Our Story

Just over five years ago, I was still an active performance marketer, buying media to turn a profit in an effort to bootstrap my company. There was no Voluum back then, and with the antiquated tools that were available, it was a real struggle, to say the least. Slow redirects, reports that wouldn’t load, deleting data on unscalable solutions, crashing servers. These were normal problems not long ago.

So to solve these problems, and the problems of thousands of other performance marketers, we set out to build Voluum.

July 2013, Affiliate Summit East in Philadelphia was when I presented the first version of Voluum to the world. Little did I know, five years later our tool, built by just a few people, would become the most comprehensive solution for digital and performance marketers that is now maintained and built by a seasoned 200-person company, Codewise.

When I look at the relentless work that we’ve put into Voluum over the years, I cannot help but feel proud of how we pioneered a new landscape in this competitive industry with the help of our loyal users. Innovation driven by our customers’ needs has always been our highest priority. The voice of thousands of digital marketers that use Voluum every day was the key to our success. Our clients have helped us greatly to understand which new innovations and features we should focus on developing.

What Voluum Is Today?

Today, I’m proud to announce the release of game-changing new features and add-ons which further enrich our solution, empowering thousands of digital marketers to reach higher goals and to increase the profitability of their businesses.

  • Traffic Distribution AI – real-time machine learning that automatically optimizes your landing pages & offers and their best combination to increase your ROI in a way that is manually not achievable
  • Direct Tracking Pixel – Track Facebook, Google Ads and any other source including organic traffic without the redirect and without the risk of being flagged
  • Collaboration Tools – from workspaces to multi-users and shared reports, a full suite of features enabling cross-team collaboration and campaign management
  • SSL for Custom Domains – secured tracking links that increase the performance of your campaigns

Now our customers can flexibly adjust their plans to suit their current needs and scale cost-efficiently as their business grows.

  • The new Customizable Usage Parameters include a number of events, users, custom and dedicated domains, and data history.
  • The new Services include a wide variety of resources ranging from Onboarding, to Technical Support, Campaign Optimization, and Account Management, tiered from standard to VIP treatment.

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