Codewise Joins the WEF Anti-Corruption Community Meeting in Geneva

Milosz Demczuk at the WEF PACI meeting

On October 17, Codewise’s Executive Chairman and CEO Dr. John Malatesta and Chief Compliance Officer Milosz Demczuk took part in the Bi-Annual Community Meeting hosted by the World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) in Geneva, Switzerland.

What is WEF PACI?

WEF PACI is a world-leading public-private platform in the global anti-corruption arena. PACI signatories include some of the world’s most prominent companies and organizations, such as PwC, Microsoft, Mastercard, Coca Cola, Total, Unilever and many others. Codewise joined PACI as an official member earlier this year. With approximately 90 member companies from different sectors across the globe, PACI serves as the world’s principal business voice on anti-corruption and transparency.

The Bi-Annual Community PACI meeting last week was largely focused on the topic of designing technological solutions to combat corruption. PACI participants engaged in a conversation on how technology can address one of the major challenges of the modern economy. As one of the leading developers of AI-based solutions and one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe, Codewise is happy to keep on sharing its expertise and knowledge to help fight all forms of corruption, including digital fraud.

The Codewise Role

Dr. Malatesta and Demczuk opined that the ultimate solution for digital fraud is a blockchain-based digital ecosystem, a distributed ledger of online interactions that brings together all actors of the digital ecosystem onto one open platform, creating the conditions for full transparency.

Dr John Malatesta at the WEF PACI meeting

Codewise is committed to working with like-minded companies on putting an end to the spread of corruption, both in the physical world and the digital space. We are grateful to the World Economic Forum for establishing the Partnering Against Corruption Initiative to combat this global challenge and look forward to further contributing to this prominent cause.

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