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From $50K to $3M – How to Scale Native Ads

Native ads can get tricky… but if you’re leveraging the right tools, you could be making millions – just ask 6H, the native performance marketing agency! Voluum Tracker and Taboola have been the backbone of 6H scaling from $50K a month to over $3 Million.

This free webinar is for you if you want to know about:

  • effective media buying strategies
  • native ads optimization
  • techniques features and functionalities to make your life easier
  • lander split-testing strategies
Plus, as an agency, 6H will share 2 success stories from their clients in the lead gen & ecommerce industries.

About Our Hosts

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Nadim Kuttab

Co-founder & CEO of 6H Agency

As a media buyer, I’ve launched thousands of campaigns, spending 8-figures on native while scaling aggressively. I co-founded 6H Agency with the goal of becoming the largest native ad agency in the world and currently hold a double digit share of the German market. I will break down the steps for success on Taboola thanks to Voluum, giving performance marketers a strong alternative to Google and Facebook.

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Kamila Luksza-Szpyt

Head of Marketing at Voluum

During my last 5 years with Voluum, I’ve seen native ads rise to the forefront of advertising. To make use of it, you need the right tools and strategies. I’d like to show you how you can utilize Voluum to understand your data, automate your campaigns and leverage optimization features to succeed.

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Andrey Kravchenko

Advertiser Team Lead at Taboola

I’ve been supporting the Eastern Europe and Israel teams at Taboola as a manager, sales consultant and an expert on native for 4 years now. Tune in to hear industry insight on the latest best policy practices, most converting geos/verticals, and creative recession-proof marketing approaches.

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